Top 50 Food Bloggers To Follow in 2016

By Holly / December 23, 2015

Here at we're all about living a healthy and balaned life. To us, this means getting enough of the right type of exercise, along with the right type of diet and whilst both fitness and diet are crucial components of overall health, eating well is the most crucial component to achieving and maintaining health.

Many fitness trainers suggest that weight loss for example is 70% the result of what you eat and 30% what you do (exercise and lifestyle). There's no doubting the importance of knowing how to eat well so with that in mind, we've compiled a list of the top 50 bloggers that you can follow in 2016 and beyond to help you eat well, and live well!

It's impossible to list the bloggers in order of 1 to 50 because they all product such amazing information. That all being said, let's take a look at...

The Top 50 Food Bloggers To Follow in 2016​


1. Sondi Bruner

There are many people, who are capable of telling us how to eat healthy, but nobody does it quiet like Sondi Bruner. This freelance writer, who hails out of Vancouver, suffers from Crohn’s disease, but has managed to eat delicious foods. She is an inspiration and can teach everyone how to revolutionize his or her meals. Her Lentil Spiked Nanaimo Bars, which are completely healthy, are totally scrumptious! Don’t get me started on the Spaghetti Pie.

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2. Heather Crosby - Yum Universe

At Yum Universe, you’ll be able to discover whole food recipes, which are plant based. Did I forget to mention that they’re totally yummy? Of course, we absolutely love her On-The-Go Jar Salads, which are totally innovative and awesomely delicious. As a lover of pumpkin, I could indulge on her Chai-Spiced Pumpkin Pie any day of the week. Follow Heather is a must, as she posts the most deliciously beautiful pictures of foods that will wet your mouth!

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3. Andie Mitchell

As an overweight child, Andi Mitchell found herself all alone, but not as a healthy adult. She is working diligently trying to form recipes that are filled with healthy ingredients. She composed a personal weight loss memoir, which is sold in bookstores. She is proud to say that she still enjoys eating, but only nourishing foods such as the delicious buffalo chicken rolls. Her strawberry banana pancakes are to die for, but be sure to leave enough room for her chewy double chocolate coconut blondies

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4. Laura Agar Wilson - Whole Heartedly Healthy

For those, who are tired of dealing with an impossible weight loss regimen, there is finally an alternative. Now, you can follow in the footsteps of Laura. This fun Englander has perfected the salted almond butter fudge! Laura is also deliciously generous, with her awesome giveaways. Not only are her foods delicious and tasty, but Laura is also a very nice and fun lady. Follow in her footsteps, enjoy her foods and you’ll burn through the calories.

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5. Joy Bauer

If you watch the Today show, which airs on NBC, you definitely know the famous Joy Bauer. As a New Yorker, Joy vigorously devotes her life to teaching individuals that suffer from many different medical diseases and disorders, how to eat healthy, in order to live a normal life. Her plan to fight arthritis has many food tips that may cure your disorder. Her weight loss program is also very helpful and you can easily join today.

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6. Angela - Oh She Glows

After recovering from an eating disorder Angela decided to devote her life to helping others that are suffering from the same disorder. For the last five years she has developed great recipes like her Vegan Caesar Salad, which is delicious and healthy. The Crispy Smashed Potatoes with Avocado Garlic Aioli is filled with potatoes and flavored with garlic powder. Angela’s followers are waiting diligently each day hoping to get a glimpse of her next healthy creation.

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7. Every Day Health

If you ever find yourself needing some reliable information about a particular disease, then you should know that the Everyday Health blog is filled with very informative data and recipes. If you are interested in detoxing your body to get rid of harmful toxins, then you should try the Warm Avocado Toast, it will melt in your mouth. The Spicy Vegetable Soup will wake up the nasal cavity and leave the salivary glands drooling and begging for more.

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9. Katie - Chocolate Covered Katie

Katie loves chocolate and it shows in her Dark Chocolate Banana Bread, which is smothered with chocolate chips. Katie knows how much your chocolate means to you, as well, so that is why she developed her new blog, just for her followers and fans. Her Chocolate Chai Tea Oatmeal is a one of a kind and where else would you find a healthy recipe, with chocolate chips? The Healthy Peanut Butter Fudge is different even for Katie.

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9. Divini Rae

Although she was raised in Tanana, Alaska, Rae has now moved on, but she still returns to the beautiful state from time to time, in order to show off her survivalist’s skills. With that, she offers some awesome treats, which are perfectly healthy and rely on Mother Nature’s blessing. I became a tremendous fan, after reading her rant against sugar, which was spot on. Of course, her helpful tips regarding cooking with coconut oil is also enormously helpful.


10. A Health Blog

If you’re looking for a healthy snack, or information regarding a health related issue, A Health Blog has got you covered. After I read the blog’s helpful uses of grapefruit, I have been using grapefruit each and every day! Of course, it doesn’t stop there! The blog is also extremely helpful for all other health related issues. In fact, they offer 7 Foods that are Capable of Helping Fight Cancer, which is absolutely terrific. Be sure to check them out today!

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11. Darya Rose - Summer Tomato

No one knows health like neuroscientist, Darya Rose, PhD. She admits to struggling with her weight and finding a diet that suited her needs. She developed the Summer Tomato for individuals just like herself. With her secrets and your wiliness, you will become a new healthy you, in no time When Is a Habit Not a Habit? The healthy Foodlist is absolutely breathtaking and will make your taste buds beg for a huge bite.

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12. David Wolfe

David is certainly a superstar, who has hosted nearly 3,000 life events, but that doesn’t stop him from creating a super awesome blog! All in all, my favorite addition to his website is without a doubt the Invasion of Cannabinoids, which certainly offers an in-depth look at this fat-soluble chemical! Oh boy, you’ve definitely got to give the sacred chocolate reverse bar a shot! Each of Wolfe’s creations is excellent, delicious and not overly difficult to make.

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13. Dr Andy & Ivy Larson - Clean Cuisine and More

At Clean Cuisine and More, you’ll be able to embark in a healthier lifestyle with the help of Ivy Larson and Andy Larson. The pair strongly believes in the power of living an anti-inflammatory lifestyle and wants you to do the same, but this isn’t all. Of course, I am an avid salad eater, which is why I love their homemade salad dressing recipes. During the holidays, you’ll want to feast on their healthy Eggnog, which is scrumptiously delicious.

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14. Robb Wolf

New York Times bestselling author, Robb Wolf has dedicated his life to helping people around the world become healthy and active. His Just Because The Label Says Paleo Doesn’t Mean It’s Healthy has assisted thousands of individuals to regain control of their life. He works alongside his wife, Nicki Violetti, whom is a CrossFit affiliate to offer seminars, health tips, and information about supplements that you should consider taking or totally avoiding. How to Keep Your Poop Where It Belongs is also very beneficial.

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15. Dr Joel Fuhrman

Joel Fuhrman is a family physician and New York Times bestseller, which has brought his expertise to his very own blog. Through his blog, it is possible to enter a healthier lifestyle, by consuming delicious foods. Want to reduce your cholesterol naturally? This is possible with Joel’s helpful reducing cholesterol article. Of course, it is Dr. Fuhrman’s helpful blog post, which offers the best foods for longevity that made me an instant fan!

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16. Dale Pinnock - The Medicinal Chef

Dale’s approach might be basic, since he relies on science for all of his delicious foods, but don’t let this fool you. All of his concoctions are delicious and tasty! While his entire website is filled with perfectly designed recipes, I supposed the Spinach and Sweet Potato Curry would likely be my favorite. If you’re looking for a convenient treat that can be carried with you to work, be sure to create some awesome Granola Bars!

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17. Ashley Koff

As a dietitian, Ashley Koff knows all about eating healthy and staying healthy. She has been on the Dr. Oz show to tell the world about her AKA (Ashley Koff Approved) If you are on a gluten free diet, you should check out the Quick, Healthy, and Gluten Free Recipes. It will change your life, but her latest news on natural products is like no other. Stick with Ashley and you will learn how to stay healthy and fit, without any issues.

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18. Anne Mauney - Fannetastic Food

Anne Mauney is an RD, or a registered dietitian and it certainly shows. She offers some awesome recipes and helpful tips for staying healthy, but eating deliciously. Anne is somewhat of a MacGyver dieter. With her helpful posts, you’ll learn how to eat healthy on a cruise! You certainly won’t find that anywhere else. If we had to pick one of her most delicious recipes, it would have to be her delicious peanut butter power cookies!

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19. Laura Klein - Organic Authority

Many individuals are turning towards organic foods, because they just don’t trust what is in their foods. Laura is a chef that focuses on organic foods. She wants everyone to enjoy their life, while eating delicious, healthy foods. Most pizza lovers thought that they could not enjoy an organic pizza recipe until they saw this one on Laura’s blog. Another heartthrob is the chocolate smoothie, which will hit the back of the throat deliciously.

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20. Kamal Patel - Examine

With Kamal Patel and the Examine blog, you’ll learn to completely revitalize your life, by changing your diet. If you’re willing to completely adjust to a new lifestyle, you should certainly check out her delicious treats. Want to be overwhelmed, by the amazing myths of the media? Be sure to check out Kamal’s blog. Of course, it is Patel’s blog post regarding detoxes, which blew us away. With this information, we no longer worry about those nasty toxins.

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Blog SiteBlogger
Important Facts
Sondi Bruner Sondi BrunnerFreelance writer, holistic nutritionist
Yum Universe Heather Crosby Vegetarian, author, blogger
Andie Mitchell Andie Mitchell Author, weight loss blogger, cook
Whole Heartedly HealthyLaura Agar Wilson Health coach, recipe developer, well-being writer
Joy BauerJoy Bauer Lecturer, nutrition & health expert, cookbook author, columnist
Oh She GlowsAngelaPlant-based food lover, former bakery owner, full-time blogger, cookbook writer
Every Day Health Amy Leading digital & communications site for healthcare companies
Chocolate Covered Katie KatieCookbook writer, chocolate lover, blogger
Divini Rae Divini Rae Blogger, nature lover, inspirational author
A Health Blog ---Nutrition & fitness blog
Summer Tomato Darya Rose Neuroscience PhD holder, foodie
David Wolfe DavidHealth, Eco, Nutrition, and Natural Beauty Expert
Clean Cuisine and More Dr Andy & Ivy Larson Husband & wife team, clean eating advocates
Robb Wolfe Robb Best-selling author, former research biochemist, Paleo advocate
Dr. Joel FuhrmanDr. Joel Family physician, New York Times best-selling author, nutrition researcher
The Medicinal Chef Dale Pinnock Combines science & nutrition with culinary expertise
Ashley Koff Ashley Registered dietitian, award-winning nutrition expert
FANNEtastic Food Anne Mauney Registered dietitian with Masters of Public Health & Nutrition, foodie, yogi, marathoner
Organic Authority Laura Klein Going green proponent
Examine.comKamal Patel Answers common nutrition & health questions
Food Politics Marion Nestle Nutrition professor at NYU & Cornell University, author
Authority Nutrition Kris Gunnars Provides health, nutrition & weight loss articles
Mark’s Daily Apple Mark Sisson Promoter of primal living, author
Mind Body Green Jason Wachob Inspirational lifestyle blogger
No Meat Athlete Matt Frazier Marathon runner, vegetarian cook, blogger
100 Days of Real Food Lisa Leake Real food blogger, hates processed food
3 Fat Chicks Suzanne, Jennifer, and Amy Barnett 3-sister team providing diet support, bloggers of nutrition, health & diet recipes
The Full Helping Gena Hamshaw Recipe developer, certified nutritionist, food writer & cookbook author
Bitchin’ Nutrition Brooke Schantz Chicago Dietetian with M.S. in Nutritional Sciences, Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics & believes in the power of food
Beth Warren Nutrition Beth Warren Provides individual or group, pediatric and adult nutrition counselling & more
360FamilyNutritionKristen Smith Registered dietitian, foodie, mom
Decidedly Nutritious LaurenYoung registered dietitian nutritionist, blogs about balance between eating real food & real science
Craving Something Healthy Anne Danahy Provides inspiration for healthier eats
Deliciously Ella Ella Cook, blogger, lover of food
Eat Drink and Be Skinny Teresa Marie Howes Nutritionist with Masters in Business, CPT from ACE, 14+ years in the weight loss industry
Eating Made Easy Amelia Winslow Nutritionist, busy mom, chef
Fit Foodie FindsLee Hersh Yoga sculpt instructor, blogger, recipe creator, photographer
Joyous Health Joy McCarthy Holistic nutritionist, author, professional nutrition speaker
Motive Nutrition Vanessa Perrone Montreal-registered dietitian nutritionist, blogger
Melissa’s Healthy Living Melissa Halas-Liang Nationally recognized nutrition educator, Certified Diabetes Educator, Registered Dietitian, wellness expert
The Nutrition Twins Tammy & Lyssie Lakatos Registered dietitians, fitness coaches
Nutrition Unplugged Janet Helm Registered dietitian, food trend tracker, nutrition journalist
Real Bite Nutrition Joanne Perez Registered dietitian, Army vet, runner, newbie cyclist, beach lover, wanna-be chef
Thinking Nutrition Tim Crowe Australian Associate Professor in Nutrition, Advanced Accredited Practising Dietitian
Kath Eats Real Food KathHealthy eater, registered dietitian from Virginia
ThinkHealthiness.comAdam Ferguson Provides health, fitness, nutrition articles + ways to help improve people’s health
Running on Real FoodDerynProvides vegan recipes, fitness & healthy tips, crossfit trainee
A Nutritionist Eats EmilyNutritionist who loves cooking & enjoys meals
Van Hari Van Hari Blogger with emphasis on healthy living

21. Marion Nestle - Food Politics

Marion Nestle is known among her followers, as a highly intelligent lady that specializes in food studies and nutrition. She works diligently trying to publish books and blogs that will help you transform your life and help you learn the ins and outs of food and nutrition. Marion believes that processed foods are decreasing in popularity. If you miss Marion’s blogs, you can always catch her during one of her lectures and the Brazilians can definitely learn a thing or two about her dietary guidelines.

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22. Kris Gunnars - Authority Nutrition

As a medical student and certified personal trainer, you can rest assured you’re getting helpful and reliable information from Kris. This guy is dedicated to providing evidence-based nutrition information and he does a heck of a job. Want to understand the real reason people get fat? Just check out Kris’s 12 graphs that show why people get fat. Want to avoid all junk foods? Be sure to explore the 15 junk foods that are disguised as junk foods.

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23. Mark Sisson - Marks Daily Apple

As a former endurance athlete, Mark Sisson knows how to remain healthy. Now, he has offered his services to everyone through his blog, Mark’s Daily Apple. Mark offers numerous healthy recipes and tips to keep you eating great, but remaining healthy. Think you might not be eating enough? Be sure to check out Mark’s 9 signs that you need to eat more fat. Want to avoid gut bacteria? This isn’t a problem. Just follow Mark’s gut bacteria advice!

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24. Jason Wachob - Mind Body Green

As founder and CEO of MindBodyGreen, Jason strived to help and inspire others. Through the blog, he is capable of doing just that. His work has been featured in numerous publications including The New York Times and Vogue Australia. Want to learn about the healthy lunches of French kids? Check out the site. Still, the most interested article on the site is the one that speaks about a trashless life! We nearly couldn't believe it at first!

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25. Matt Frazier - Mo Meat Athlete

The No Meat Athlete, Jason Wachob, loves farm life and has published his cookbook, Living the Farm Sanctuary Life, just for you. He is constantly bragging about his way of living and his healthy eating habits.

If you are looking for a healthy snack for your children, after football practice, you will be surprised by Matt’s high-energy recipes. Matt doesn’t believe in feeding children junk foods and that is why you should become a fan, you will learn a lot from this author and speaker.

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26. Lisa Leake - 100 Days of Real Food

Ever since Lisa Leake and her family of four went 100 days without eating a single ounce of processed food, they've been on a mission to seek out the real food in our world of additives, sweeteners, and preservatives. They admit it was a gradual process for them, one of slowly changing everything from what they bought to where they shopped and how they cooked. But they've learned to navigate the ins and outs of clean eating and they gladly share their hard-earned know-how so we can make the same changes - without having to live on a farm and with all the typical challenges of living in the 'real' world. You can get their handy meal plans to get started or even try out an easy green smoothie recipe for a taste of real (green) food!

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27. Suzanne, Jennifer, and Amy Barnett - 3 Fat Chicks

When the 3 Barnett sisters - Suzanne, Jennifer and Amy - started 3 Fat Chicks, they had no idea it would blossom into one of the largest free weight loss communities in the online world. They were simply looking for a way to communicate with each other and share tidbits of weight loss inspiration, like recipes and success stories. It wasn't long before other people with the same goals of losing weight began joining in on the sharing conversation. Today, the site offers a wealth of diet recipes for anyone who wants to lose weight in the healthiest way as well as simple, practical tips on eating healthy, such as this article on the best snacks to pack for the office.

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28. Gena Hamshaw - The Full Helping

If you're interested in vegan and/or a raw food lifestyle, you'll want to check out Gena Hamshaw's The Full Helping. It's a deeply personal and very helpful health and wellness blog where Gena shares easy-to-follow, delicious vegan and raw recipes as well as occasionally opens up about her views on body image, animal rights and her personal struggles with eating disorders. As someone who's been through it herself, Gena is both an inspiration and a wealth of practical tips in overcoming negative dieting and living healthy to get the life (and body) you deserve. You'll find gems on her site like why and how she chose veganism as well as valuable posts in which she brings attention to some of the downside of vegan and raw foods, like why she moved away from vegan and raw food as a beauty formula.

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29. Brooke Schantz - Bitchin' Nutrition

Brooke Schantz is on a mission with Bitchin' Nutrition - to show the world that nutrition can be fun, exciting and sexy! 'Cause a healthy lifestyle should never be boring, especially when there's so much you can do with real foods. Brooke's site is full of helpful tips like how to drink healthy at networking events as well as articles that questions commonly-held nutrition beliefs, like whether cereal really is a part of a balanced breakfast.

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30. Beth Warren - Beth Warren Nutrition

Another nutritionist turned blogger, Beth Warren is a Registered Dietitian and a New York State Certified Dietitian-Nutritionist with a private practice in Brooklyn, New York. But you don't have to be in NY to benefit from her expertise - she blogs about helpful nutrition tips like foods that help you sleep better and gives pointers on the most common nutrition mistakes.

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31. Kristen Smith - 360FamilyNutrition

Want to live painlessly as possible? You'll want to check out Kristen Smith's 360FamilyNutrition. She's all about changing the way we perceive food - and she does so by guiding you toward a healthier lifestyle in a gentle, gradual way. I love that 360FamilyNutrition doesn't believe in restricting food groups, but rather finding healthier ways to prepare our favorite foods! Want to see how? Check out this delicious chicken parmesan made with zucchini noodles - as well as all her other yummy, healthy recipes!

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32. Lauren - Decidedly Nutritious

Lauren's Decidedly Nutritious is full of nutrition hot topics (also known as “pop nutrition”), nutrition basics and adventures in her kitchen. You also get an undercover look at what it's like to be a nutritionist and sensible nutrition advise, which you can start reading about in this article about consistency, not perfection.

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33. Anne Danahy - Craving Something Healthy

Anne's Craving Something Healthy is exactly how it sounds - healthy foods that are so good, they inspire cravings. There are seriously delicious recipes on her blog but start with my favorite: a roundup of easy, healthy breakfast recipes. And of course, check out her insider advice, like how to identify a real nutritionist.

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34. Ella - Deliciously Ella

Ella is a food genius. Why? 'Cause she discovers simple ways to create incredibly healthy versions of typically unhealthy dishes, like brownies, cheesecake and pizza! She's also got an app with over a hundred easy-to-follow healthy recipes for those of you cooking on the go. There are hundreds of ridiculously yummy recipes on her site, but my favorites have got to be the cashew and vanilla butter, which is good enough to eat by the spoonful (don't!) and superfood energy balls (yum!).

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35. Teresa Marie Howes - Eat Drink and Be Skinny

Eat, drink...and be skinny? What an inviting premise. And it's exactly what Teresa delivers on her truly informative website. You'll find everything from advice on how to juice to workouts plans and even tips on healthy travel. My favorite gems from Teresa are where she answers the questions of how much protein you need on a daily basis. Oh, and her simple 3-day detox plan!

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36. Amelia Winslow - Eating Made Easy

For those of us who love food, are trying to eat healthier...but aren't too talented at cooking, Amelia's Eating Made Easy is the go-to resource. She's the perfect combination of skills: a nutrition and a chef (and a mom) and her website delivers great-tasting, healthy and easy-to-make recipes as well as some genuinely helpful eating tips. My favorites are her post showing all of us how to keep weight off for good and you definitely should check out the nutrition myths she used to believe.

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37. Lee Hersh - Fit Foodie Finds

Lee Hersh had me at 'healthy kung pao chicken'. I mean, you'll find tons and tons of healthy recipes online, but it isn't every day you stumble upon a healthy fix for one of your favorite Chinese dishes. Since Lee is also a photographer, her brilliant recipes also come with mouth-watering pictures. After your satisfying chicken dinner, don't forget to make these overnight oats for an equally healthy breakfast!

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38. Joy McCarthy - Joyous Health

Joy began her journey into joyous health when she suffered from hormonal imbalance, digestive problems and anxiety. Now she's a positively glowing Holistic Nutritionist and author of Eat and Live Well Without Dieting who's managed to heal herself from the inside out totally and completely naturally. Check out her blog for awesome lunchbox ideas and intros into natural remedies like oil pulling!

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39. Vanessa Perrone - Motive Nutrition

Vanessa is also a Dietician Nutritionist with a Masters of Science in nutrition with a focus on pediatric food allergy, vitamin D status and bone health. Wow. And that's not all - she's also the creator of beautifully delicious healthy recipes like the kale, squash and tahini salad bowl and this mind-blowing shrimp and quinoa puttanesca bowl.

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40. Melissa Halas-Liang - Melissa's Healthy Living

Melissa Halas-Liang is a nationally recognized nutrition educator, Registered Dietitian, Certified Diabetes Educator, and wellness expert who believes that good nutrition plays an essential role in all aspects of health: spiritual, physical and mental. She was also a panelist expert on Childhood Obesity for and the founder of SuperKids Nutrition, Inc. ( So if you're a mom who's passionate about feeding her children in the healthiest way possible - you'll want to follow Melissa. Her website's full of helpful gems like foods that naturally filter UV rays and 10 ways to enjoy ancient grains!

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41. Tammy & Lyssie Lakatos - The Nutrition Twins

Tammy and Lyssie are twins who are both nationally recognized registered dietitian nutritionists and personal trainers who've been featured regularly as nutrition experts on Good Morning America Health, The Discovery Health channel, Fox News Channel, NBC, Bravo, WABC-TV, WPIX-TV, CBS, The Learning Channel, FitTV, Oxygen Network, Fox & Friends and Fox 5’s Good Day New York. But you don't need to watch the tube to get access to their nutrition tips and appetizing, healthy recipes. Check out their site for quick nutritious snacks like sweet basil guacamole and detox drinks like the grapefruit and rosemary infusion!

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42. Janet Helm - Nutrition Unplugged

Janet Helm's not a twin, but she's a mother of twins - as well as a writer, registered dietitian, and a nutrition communications consultant. She's been featured on Good Morning America, Today, ABC News and CNN for her nutrition expertise. You can find her on her blog where she hands out valuable nutrition tips like why we need labels how we eat and debunks popular food myths like whether the recent coconut craze is all it's cracked out to be.

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43. Joanne Perez - Real Bite Nutrition

Joanne is a dietitian with an interesting, varied career history and range of experiences on top of her nutrition blog. She blogs about the most nutritious foods as well as broader health issues, like sleep deprivation and its effects on your body. Her posts are short, yet insightful and full of nutritious information and tips - my favorites are her post on how to make healthy choices with vending machines and her article pointing out the connection between 'zen' eating and weight loss!

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44. Tim Crowe - Thinking Nutrition

Tim Crowe is thinking nutrition in pretty much every area of life and as a result, his website is a wealth of helpful information for a wide array of health topics. He blogs about everything from weight loss to gut health and cancer. It's not just health concerns, though - you'll find awesome tips on incorporating healthy living into your everyday lifestyle, like how using chopsticks can be good for your health as well as some sobering facts on sugar.

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45. Anne Mauney - FANNEtastic Food

Anne's a Registered Dietitian (RD), marathoner, yogi, CrossFitter, and lover of the outdoors, adventure, travel, and healthy recipe creation. But my favorite thing about her is that she's very willing to admit she's not a master chef (neither am I) and sticks to simple, easy-to-make healthy recipes which are a cinch to whip up. Her blog's full of super helpful tips like when to use what oils as well as advice on how to make any recipe healthier!

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46. Kath - Kath Eats Real Food

Kath started blogging almost 10 years with one purpose in mind: to lose 30 pounds. For five years, she posted 3 times a day: breakfast, lunch and dinner. It wasn't long before these meals transformed her body and her life - and she shares them all on her website for everyone looking for healthy meals that will gradually and naturally lead to a slimmer, fitter body. On top of her mouth-watering recipes, I also love her tips on 7 tweaks you can make for weight loss and her article on how to get more probiotics in your diet!

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47. Adam Ferguson -

After facing a big health scare in his early twenties that led to major surgery, Adam's been passionate about all things health but mainly eating healthy, living fit, and using natural cures to heal yourself. I love that he pooh-poohs the notion of magic bullet solutions when it comes to health or weight loss and emphasizes taking real responsibility for your health. Especially since he's full of practical, simple tips on how to do so, like in this post of naturally diuretic foods and his myth-busting article on why detox doesn't really work.

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48. Deryn - Running on Real Food

Craving simple vegan recipes, a huge range of workout plans, DIY all-natural beauty concoctions and easy-to-practice healthy living tips? You'll want to check out Deryn's blog - you'll be greeted with gorgeous pictures of delish recipes like this protein-rich edamame mango salad and this healthy dessert of chocolate chia pudding!

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49. Emily - A Nutritionist Eats

My favorite thing about Emily's blog is its down-to-earth relationship with healthy foods. There's no preaching, no real restrictions - just delicious recipes of foods we all love made in healthful, flavorful ways. You'll want amazing recipes for pretty much every scrumptious dish you've ever craved - tacos, ziti, lasagna, and even 'dessert' drinks like butter chai latte (yum!) as well as incredibly actionable healthy living tips, like 5 ways to eat veggies for breakfast and how to shop for healthy cereal!

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50. Vani Hari - Food Babe

Of course, no list of notable nutrition bloggers would be complete without Vani Hari, aka the Food Babe. Vani was a candy addict, fast-food consumer and green veggie avoider...'til this typical American diet landed her in the hospital. Fortunately for her (and the rest of us), she used this unfortunate incident as fuel to start living a healthy life. She's devoted her energy to investigating what's really in our food and what chemicals are used to produce our food, deciphering confusing food labels, and figuring out the big business marketing tactics that jeopardize our health. Her blog is full of illuminating articles like how to choose the healthiest bread and what's actually in your tea!

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Wrapping Up

Feeew, that is quite a list. Be sure to click through to a couple new blogs right away and follow them on social media to never miss a thing! Congratulations to ​everyone included and on behalf of the new followers that come your way, THANK YOU for doing such an amazing job!


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