Top 25 Running Bloggers to Follow

    By Holly / December 19, 2015


    Love to run? Thinking about getting into running? You’re not alone as running is FANTASTIC for fitness, health and weight loss and that’s why we decided to scour the internet for the best running bloggers to place in our list of the top running bloggers to follow right now!

    The list is in no particular order (all the bloggers are great) and as you’ll see, we’ve selected an interesting article from each blogger that we feel is valuable to read (or listen to in some cases). There is some seriously AMAZING information on these blogs so take a moment to click through, bookmark their sites and follow them on social media!

    Let’s take a look at the list!

    Top 25 Running Bloggers To Follow


    Peter Larson

    1. Runblogger

    Peter is an avid runner and has a great professional background. He gives running advice, shoe reviews and even the newest running apps.

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    running blogger

    2. Coach Jay Johnson

    Coach Jay gives useful information and guides about running. His podcast episodes and videos inspire a lot of runners to improve.

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    Jason Fitzgerald

    3. StrengthRunning

    Jason is the author of the book 101 Simple Ways to be a Better Runner and is a USATF certified coach. There are a lot of various articles about coaching, weight loss, barefoot running, training workouts and programs and injury prevention.

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    Steve Magness

    4. Science of Running

    Steve currently coaches the Head Cross Country at University of Houston. He has almost 300 articles about putting science into running.

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    running blogger

    5. Jeff Galloway’s Blog

    Jeff is a world renowned ultra marathoner who will show you how to do the run-walk method. It has been proven effective for a lot of people who do not want to get injured when running for long periods of time.

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    Jason Saltmarsh

    6. SaltMarsh Running

    Jason started the saltmarsh running. You can find a lot of running product reviews as well as book reviews. You will also see a lot of articles about workouts, diet, recovery, what to wear in different weather conditions and how to run efficiently in a marathon.

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    running blog

    7. Hungry Runner Girl

    Janae talks about running and most especially food. She posts about 2 articles a day about her gears and her life so you will never run out of things to read on her blog.

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    Brian Martin

    8. Running Technique Tips

    Brian created the website in 2011 to help runners avoid injuries and improve their technique. He also shares advice and information about running gear, drills, philosophies and strength training.

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    Reid Coolsaet

    9. Float On

    Reid shows you his running journey while he travels to different parts of the world to run marathons. When you go through his blog, you will get some tips on how to improve your performance.

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    Dr. Nicholas Campitelli10. Dr. Nick’s Running Blog

    Dr. Nicholas specializes on surgery and podiatric medicine. His blog is filled with articles about running shoe reviews, training programs, prevention and injury treatment.

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    Disney running bloggers11. We Run Disney

    Christine and Pam, the mother daughter running tandem talks about Disney Races and the latest news surrounding it. They also have a lot of advice and race recaps that is beneficial in case you want to run your first Disney race.

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    Website Name
    PeterRunbloggerBiologist, runner, writer-editor
    Coach JayCoach Jay JohnsonRunning coach, speaker, writer
    Jason FitzgeraldStrengthRunningMarathoner, USATF-certified coach, author
    Steve MagnessScience of RunningPerformance Coach, lecturer, author
    Jeff GallowayJeff Galloway’s BlogRunning coach, author, consultant, & US Olympian (1972)
    JasonSaltMarsh RunningDistant running coach, marathon runner
    JanaeHungry Runner GirlHigh School Health, Physical Ed teacher, loves to run
    Brian MartinRunning Technique TipsWriter, provides running tips & advice
    ReidFloat OnDistance runner
    Dr. Nicholas CampitelliDr. Nick’s Running BlogPodiatrist, lecturer, distance runner
    Christine and PamWe Run DisneyMother and daughter with marathon belts to their name
    AdamThe Boring RunnerRunner, part-time blogger
    JenRunning with the GirlsRunner
    MattThe Runner DadIT guy, runner, father, dad
    DaniWeight Off my ShouldersWeight watcher, blogger
    BeccaFrom Snickers to MarathonMarathon runner, strongwoman
    MattNo Meat AthleteMarathon runner, vegetarian cook, blogger
    ScottA Trail Runner’s BlogTechnology entrepreneur, trail runner, triathlon athlete
    Justin OwingsBirthday ShoesShoe review writer, shoe retailer
    Jaymie PizarroThe Bull RunnerCertified health coach, speaker, marathon runner, product endorser
    JenRunners TrialsBlogger, runner
    BenBen Does LifeWalker, runner, author
    Gia AlvarezRun Gia RunRunning coach, marathon runner, philanthropist
    Sweaty EmilySweat Once a DayRetired triathlete, runner
    Amanda C. BrooksRun to the FinishVegetarian, blogger, runner

    running elite blogger12. The Boring Runner

    Adam calls himself the boring runner but his posts doesn’t even come close to that. He had an injury which inhibits him to run for a while but his posts are still present.

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    Running Blogger13. Running with the Girls

    Jen will show you how she loves the great outdoors and not just about her running career. You will find product reviews, healthy recipes and sometimes, contest for her followers.

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    Matt Orlando14. The Runner Dad

    Matt talks about different topics related to being a parent and running. He also posts gear reviews and contests for inspirational purposes.

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    Ultra marathoner15. Weight Off my Shoulders

    Dani from Boston has run 7 marathons and is not struggling to lose weight anymore. Her blog is always updated and her personality can be seen from her posts.

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    Weight loss story16. From Snickers to Marathon

    As Becca explains, her blog is about “The diary of a couch potato turned marathon runner, weight lifter and general fitness fanatic”, which is exactly why this is a must-follow blog > If you’re feeling like you’re floundering and need to get in shape, follow the lead of someone who has already taken action!

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    Matt Frazier17. No Meat Athlete

    Matt talks about how vegetables help you lose weight and at the same time you give you the power to conquer your chosen running distance. This blog is not only for vegetarians because he also shares articles about managing energy, workouts and diets.

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    trail running blog18. A Trail Runner’s Blog

    Scott started running in 2011. He has a great blog where he showcases all of his adventures on the trail.

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    Justin Owing19. Birthday Shoes

    Justin is dedicated to minimalist running or barefoot running which can be seen in this blog. You will see ultramarathon, trail running and shoe reviews in his blog.

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    The Bull Runner20. The Bull Runner

    Jaymie is a runner who has joined many short and long distances and has trained with a lot of good coaches. She shares plenty of advice and tips about nutrition and food.

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    weight loss site21. Runners Trials

    Jen will share you stories about how to stay fit and run through pregnancy. She also talks about her plans of balancing motherhood and postpartum training.

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    running blogger22. Ben Does Life

    Ben serves an inspiration for those people who want to lose weight. He has already lost 120lbs and has succeed towards climbing out of depression. He has completed a lot of marathons and is doing triathlons now.

    Must Read: An Email.


    Gia Alvarez 23. Run Gia Run

    Gia knows how to push herself hard as well as other people in her online coaching. She details her trail adventures and runs on her blog.

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    runner blogger24. Sweat Once a Day

    Emily has completed 19 marathons and few 50kms. She talks about her race experiences and training recaps on her blog.

    Must Read: Off Seasoning


    run to the finish25. Run to the Finish

    Amanda will help you get your goals faster by showing how to eat healthy, give fitness tips and encourage you to become your best self. She will also show how her life is driven by her passion to be healthy.

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    Found an interesting running blog?

    Well don’t just sit there, go visit them! 🙂

    Thanks for reading, we hope you’ve found some new running bloggers to follow in 2017 and beyond. If this article has been helpful, please take a moment to share!


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