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Having Trouble Losing Weight? Here Are 8 Reasons Why (Many Never Get Thought About)

8 reasons not losing weight

Following a fitness routine is, of course, great for your body. But sometimes, it ends up being more frustrating than benefitting, especially when you are not seeing your pounds peel off the way you had first hoped. While feeling more energized and being more healthy overall are also reasons to celebrate, it can put a damper on all your hard work when you step on the scale and nothing has changed. Most likely, it's one of the following reasons that's standing in the way of your weight loss progress.

1. Lack of water

Drinking water regularly can aid with weight loss. Drinking a glass or two before a meal helps with portion control, and eating foods that hold a lot of water (like vegetables and fruits) will satisfy you quicker, which causes you to eat less.

2. Lack of exercise

When it comes down to it, a walk is not enough for weight loss. Every day, you should walk 7,000 steps, but if you are trying to lose weight you should aim for 10,000. Kicking it up a notch will help in weight loss, but doing even more than that may be what is required for you to see your body change. Get your heart rate up and try big calorie and fat burning exercise, like circuit or interval training, or a spin class.

3. Overeating healthy foods

Healthy foods are good for you in moderation, just like anything else. Yes, dark chocolate has antioxidants in it and nuts are good for you and fill you up, but taking in too much will make your daily calorie intake sky rocket! Double check your serving sizes before you indulge on even the healthiest snack.

4. Only doing cardio

If you never do strength training and only hit the road for a morning run, your body may get accustomed to just doing cardio and not have to work as hard after a certain point. Mix up your workout routine and add in more than just cardio since weight training increases your metabolic rate, which means you'll still be burning calories after your workout!

5. Exercising on an empty stomach

You need to fuel to burn calories! Eat first to give your muscles the power and energy they need to help you lose weight.

6. Your partner isn't on the same health journey

In addition to having your partner's support in your weight loss journey, it's also important for them to be willing to do it with you. If your spouse is constantly suggesting to go out and grab some ice cream or cook a greasy meal, then you will keep going in reverse rather than forward. Communicating that you need their help in losing weight and then finding a compromise will be your best bet to stay on track.

7. Eliminating entire food groups

You can quickly find yourself in a nutritional deficiency if you cut out entire food groups. This will trigger major cravings, too. Rather than cut all of one thing, focus on portion control. Normally, it's going back for seconds that's giving you a hard time, not the pasta itself.

8. You don't sleep enough

Prioritizing exercise and putting aside time to cook healthy meals may indicate less sleep, but if you aren't sleeping enough you won't see weight loss improvement. You need energy to stay motivated, continue your exercise routine, and make good choices.
If any of these possibilities speak to you, take a stab at making a chance, and soon you should see your body getting back on board and make changes itself.

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