Why Protein is Good For Weight Loss?

By Holly / April 16, 2016

Protein does your body good, and a lot of good! And, for those of you who are trying to lose weight, it is no less than a boon. According to howtogetrid.org, a high protein diet is ideal and does wonders in helping you lose weight! So how does protein stimulate weight loss? And, how much protein should you be consuming? Read on for more information.

The Link between weight loss and protein:

It is not a new finding that pertinacious diets can help you lose those extra pounds. People tend to drop weight when they are on a high protein and low carb diet, such as Duncan and Atkin diets. When you consume less carbs, the body produces less insulin. And, it is when the insulin levels dips that the body begins to burn fat. And, this is precisely why a high protein-low crab is suggested if you want to lose weight rapidly!

The Power of Protein

Yes, protein is so power packed that the instant it leaves your plate it starts winnowing your waist line. For those of you who already did not know, most high protein food take longer to digest and metabolize which means you will be burning more calories in just processing them.

A study printed in Nutrition Metabolism, states that dieters who could make protein, 30% percent of their diet, could lose as many as 11 pounds over a 3 month time span. Their daily intake also dropped by a whopping 450 calories!

Pump It Up

So how much protein should you be eating each day? Doctors suggest that you should at least 0.5 to 1.0 grams of protein per pound of your body mass. Now, that equates to about 70 to 140 grams of protein for someone who is 140 pounds heavy. If you are very active you will need to skew on the higher end of this range and if you are trying hard to lose weight stick to the lower end. If you are both active and want to lose weight you need to aim at consuming around 130 to 135 grams of protein a day.

Doctors also claim that what is more important is that at least 30 grams of the total protein consumption should be at breakfast. This is because your body tends to be running empty after a long night’s nap, and unless you replenish it, it will start drawing on the muscle tissues.

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You will need to consume complete proteins that contain all nine amino acids in order to burn fat! Skinless white chicken, low fat dairy, seafood, and lean beef are a few of the complete proteins. Whole nuts, and grains do not contain all nine amino acids and are not complete proteins,

Vegetarians may find themselves in a sticky spot. To achieve weight loss through proteins, they can pair incomplete proteins with complete ones. Such as peanut butter and whole wheat bread for breakfast or nosh with tofu and quinoa.

4 Reasons Why Protein is Good For Weight Loss

  1. Protein is Filling – For anyone who is on a weight loss journey, being able to resist snacking is perhaps the biggest challenge. Protein helps you overcome that by making you feel fuller and for longer. Consuming protein slows down the digestion process and keeps you satiated and satisfies. This brings down your calorie intake and helps in burning fat.
  1. Regulates blood sugar Levels – Many of those on a high protein diet will tell you that they feel more energetic and less fatigued. When you pair the right high protein food with carb, it slows down the absorption of sugar into your blood stream. This helps keep your blood sugar levels regulated and wards of the craving to snack.
  1. Protein needs more energy – The energy we use to burn and digest food is termed TEF. Protein has a much higher TEF when compared to most fat and carb rich food. This means that you will be burning more calories when your body is breaking down protein into small and absorbable components.
  1. Fuels Fat Burning- when you are on a protein rich food, your body will begin to use up fat reserves. While most other diets will begin to eat up on your muscle mass. Exercising is quintessential in weight loss. And a protein rich diet combined with a well-planned exercise regimen will help you lose weight faster. Protein also helps in repairing muscles and hence is recommended that you bite into a high protein task soon after an intensive training session.

The beauty of consuming protein is that your taste buds will always be satiated. With a wide variety of proteins that you can consume, you can make your diet colorful and tasty.

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