Proform 505 CST Treadmill Review

By Holly / June 1, 2016

The 2014 ProForm 505 CST Treadmill provides a huge variety of fitness features that many fitness-inclined individuals will surely love. You get several features that promise you of achieving a well-toned body with its pre-programmed exercises.

Features include:

  • Quick Incline of built-in workouts
  • Quick Speed Controls
  • Dual-Grip Handlebars have sensors for EKG Heart Rate Monitor
  • Wide 6” viewing angle with backlit display
  • 15 built-in automated workouts
  • Interplay Music Port
  • Intermix Acoustics 2.0 Sound System
  • Weight capacity: maximum of 300 pounds
  • Dimensions: 186 pounds, 70″ L x 34″ W x 59” H; Folded dimensions: 34″ W x 39″ H
  • 25 CHP Mach Z motor with quiet operating 55″ x 20″ treadbelt
  • Warranty: 25-year warranty ( motor); lifetime warranty (frame)
  • Axial fan
  • ProShox Lite 3 Cushioning

With all these features, you’d surely look at it as one of the most ideal treadmills of all time. But how can you be sure that it functions properly according to what your body requires? Are all these specifications perfect for you and for other individuals as well? Let’s find out.

The Good

According to many users, the ProForm 505 is an all-around home treadmill that walkers and runners alike can use. It has a set of 15 built-in workout programs that you can access via Google Maps to create changes in incline that can duplicate walking or running in chosen locations.

This treadmill has navigation controls simple enough to allow for finding the automated program you desire. Therefore, if you want to burn some calories to lose weight; run or walk a particular distance or time using a certain speed, Proform 505 can design programs that can meet your goal.

You can operate this treadmill in manual mode when creating and controlling your program by selecting inclines ranging from 0% to 10%, which you can switch while on the course. With just a push of a button from the Quick Incline Control, you can either increase or decrease speed during various stages of workout by simply selecting speed level from its Quick Speed Control.

You are given the option of shifting speeds in 1 mph increments with speed settings ranging from 0 – 10 mph. This is what makes it highly preferred for joggers, runners or joggers.

It has an axial fan that works to extend motor life by cooling the motor and other internal components. Overheating is one of the most hated issues of treadmill owners as this leads to the early demise of their equipment. This problem causes you repair bills or replacement of parts that may be heavy for you to take on in the long run.

You can track your heart rate from the handgrip sensors which allows for more convenience. So, no more wristband, finger monitor or armband to wear; just step in and start the ball rolling and you will be able to monitor your body condition while exercising. And need we point out the importance of the ProShox Lite 3 Cushioning? It protects joints that can usually be aggravated by stress during workouts.

With additional feature like the Interplay music port which you can use for your MP3 or iPod, you will never know it’s time for you to stop exercising. Unless you have a vibrator alert that signals you to do so.

The Bad

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Opinions may differ from every individual so you would hear some negative comments about ProForm 505 like the noise level issue. If you are good at looking at weight capacity, you could summarize that for people who weigh nearly the weight capacity of the treadmill or weight even more, the noise sends a message that the treadmill is finding it hard to function. Working at higher speeds adds up to the problem.

Some complain about time spent for assembly, it boils down to not reading instructions that come with each package of treadmills. Of course, assembly time would differ maybe because of the level of understanding of buyers?


Most reviewers agree in saying that though the ProForm 505 is perfect for home use, it can also be used by serious athletes who constantly train for marathons would look for. However, this treadmill may not tackle the rigors of gym use because of the diverse needs and weight of different types of users. Overall, this shoots up what is required for walking, running and other things basic for average exercisers. And the price is good too!


Benefits of owning a home treadmill

Jogging and running are two of the most popular and effective cardiovascular workouts until today. They are convenient in terms of cost, location, and time. However, there are cases when running or jogging outdoors is no longer possible, with the most common reason being the poor weather condition. This is where the treadmill becomes handy. Below are the top benefits of owning a treadmill at home:

You get to burn more

The treadmill lets you increase or decrease the intensity level of your workout. Some machines have pre-programmed workouts that you can choose from for a more challenging session. Studies show that a vigorous treadmill exercise can let you burn around 700 calories in an hour. This is more calories burned than using the elliptical trainer and stair machine.

You can exercise anytime at home

You no longer need to fall in line or reserve a time slot when you want to use the treadmill, like what usually happens in gyms. You will have the freedom to train anytime you wish. There is also no more need to rush outside before the sun rises or before it becomes too dark.

You can wear whatever you want

Another good thing about having your own treadmill at home is the freedom to wear whatever you want. You no longer have to figure out what clothes to wear to look great. There will be no one to judge your comfy sweatpants.

You can exercise as much as you want

It is annoying when somebody kicks you off the treadmill in the middle of your workout because your time is up. When you have your own machine, you can choose to run or jog as much as you can.

You can achieve your body goals

Having a home treadmill gives you no excuses. You can exercise every day, anytime you want. This means you now have more control over your health and fitness.

Your sessions are always fun

There is no room for boredom when you already have a treadmill at home. You can choose to watch your favorite movies or TV shows while you workout. Some treadmills will even let you watch them right on its screen.

You will not feel intimidated

A home treadmill is perfect for individuals who always feel intimidated by the fitness equipment and people in the gym. It provides a fun way of staying in shape without feeling awkward or embarrassed. You are even free to sing out loud as you train.

These are the benefits of owning a home treadmill. Think deeply about it, and see how much it can help improve your life.

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