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The Perfect Pushup Review: Does It Work?

Perfect Pushup Review

The Perfect Pushup Elite is a popular chest training equipment that is currently among Amazon’s bestselling products. Its first version was introduced some years ago. The latest version, which was released in 2014, provides increased comfort and efficiency. Its design now comes with a rotated handle that makes it more comfortable for you to use.

The Perfect Pushup Elite can support up to 400 pounds or 136 kilograms of body weight. You can use it with a weight vest for additional intensity. It now has plenty of new features to offer as well.

Features and Benefits

  • The rotating handles help decrease the strain that you feel on the joints when doing pushups
  • This equipment is made from high-quality materials for added durability, making it suitable even for the heavier people
  • Its design allows you to target not only the chest muscles, but also the rest of your upper body
  • Its steel ball-bearing system offers smooth rotation
  • This tool was developed by a Navy Seal, which means it works
  • Lightweight and compact for easy storage and transport
  • Suitable for both beginner and advanced users
  • Affordable price for a strength training tool

Why Use Perfect Pushup

It is already widely known that the pushup is one of the most beneficial bodyweight workouts. This type of exercise targets nearly every part of your body. However, many people find it difficult to do them because the amount of stress placed on their wrists during the movement. This is often due to weak wrists, which you can strengthen using a hand exerciser. To address this issue, the Perfect Pushup Elite was designed with rotating padded handles to help ease the strain on the wrists as the arms can move more naturally.

The rotation feature allows your body to recruit more muscle groups during each movement. This leads to a total body workout. Another advantage of using this tool is that, compared to the normal pushups, you can go deeper. This makes your chest muscles work double time for faster and more visible results.

More About the Product

There are 22 workout videos available on the manufacturer’s website that demonstrate various exercises for better results. You can even modify the exclusive two-minute drills in the 21-day workout program according to your fitness level. These workouts are designed to encourage you to move more as you progress. Most users have reported satisfaction with this chest training tool.

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Each pushup bar is two pounds heavy, totaling four pounds. The handles feature an easy grip technology that allows the bars to serve as stand-ins for free weights. They are eight inches in diameter, and four and a half inches high. Since they are compact and lightweight, the Perfect Pushup Elite is easily portable for travel.

This product is designed to be durable and comfortable. Aside from the padded handles, you will notice that the bottom has a thick, rubber pad with a spiral pattern for added stability. A high-impact plastic was used on some parts of the equipment to make it lightweight, but the rest of it used metal.

What Users Say About It

There is no doubt that the Perfect Pushup Elite has helped people achieve a nearly complete upper body workout wherever they are. Majority of the customers have reported satisfaction as they have felt and seen impressive results after regular use. These users were able to build stronger and bigger chest muscles, as well as good development in the rest of their upper body.

What to Watch Out For

The rotating handle does its job by reducing wrist strain and increasing muscle engagement from other parts of the upper body. However, people who lack upper body strength reported experiencing difficulties in using the Perfect Pushup Elite. Some of them even thought it was impossible to use it. This can be addressed by shifting to an easier form of pushup, with your knees kneeling on the floor, instead of starting on a plank position. This will make your workout session more manageable.

The package may only have minimal exercise instructions, but you can get more workout tips through its manufacturer’s website. It has plenty of exercise videos that you can follow to maximize your workout. Some users said this tool would slide on wooden floors, even with tread pattern on the bottom. Gloves and floor mats are recommended to address this concern.

Bottom Line

The Perfect Pushup Elite can definitely give you a tough workout anywhere you go. Its special features were designed for comfort, durability, stability, and optimal performance. Make sure to watch the instructional videos, so you can effectively perform the different exercises for better results. Best of all, the Perfect Pushup Elite is affordable and well-designed to cater to most people who want a great chest workout.

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