P90X DVD Workout – Base Kit Review

Since the winter is approaching and so are the holidays filled with yummy food, you may be wondering if you should try your hand at P90x to help stay in shape this holiday season. At the end, you won’t be feeling guilty about shoving your face with your favorite pie made from your grandma.

If you’ve done even the littlest bit of research on the program, you know the owner is Tony Horton (not to be confused with the donut place, Tim Horton’s), one who is notorious for his fitness regimes. He has been featured in numerous publications based on his fitness efforts including LA Health, ESPN, Women’s Health, People and more. It’s no joke that this man knows what he’s doing, so why shouldn’t we trust him? It’s easy to get pulled into marketing scams targeted towards a vulnerable demographic, but research and this review should give you insight on the reliability of the P90x program.

What exactly is it?

If you aren’t familiar with P90x, we’d like to start off by telling you that it’s not for everyone and most definitely not for beginners. P90x is an intensive cardio program that targets the trickiest areas, but you need to be a bit more seasoned for your heart to handle it. If you hit the gym normally for an hour or two of cardio and need something different to jumpstart your body into losing a bit more weight and gaining more muscle, than P90x may be your next best bet.

P90x’s main goal is to obtain a “beach body”, so if you’ve ever heard the phrase, “beach body ready”, it may or may not have derived from this brand. The full kit for P90x comes complete with 12 DVD’s that target different areas of your body. This includes:

01 – Chest and Back

02 – Plyometrics

03 – Shoulders and arms

04 – Yoga X

05 – Legs and back

06 – Kenpo X

07 – X Stretch

08 – Core Synergistics

09 – Chest, shoulders and triceps

10 – Back and Biceps

11 – Cardio X

12 – Ab ripper X

While most of these are self explanatory, it’s important to know what plyometrics, kenpo X and core synergistics are.

Plyometrics is a cardio routine that is absolutely explosive and more intense than your normal cardio workouts. This is the second DVD of the set and the core reason why it’s important that your body is able to handle this type of workout before starting it. An explosive routine up front allows your body to be shocked and lose weight.

The sixth DVD of the set, Kenpo X, sounds like a celestial body, but we can promise you it’s not, although it’s a tad complex like one! Kenpo X takes inspiration from plyometrics by providing you with an extremely intense cardio workout. The only difference is Kenpo uses punching, kicking, balance and core training for endurance while plyometrics touches on the basics of intensive cardio workouts.

Core synergistics sounds extremely scary, but if you’re not new to the world of working out, it’s pretty simple! The eighth DVD of the set allows your muscle groups to become targeted to the core and helps condition your body.

How long does it take to see results?

The entire length of the program is in the title! P90x is a 90-day program that should be finished in full to receive results. Three months in about the average time to safely lose 30+ pounds. Many gain muscle from this program, but some have been able to lose between 20-120 pounds. Depending on your size, your eating regime and other factors, it truly determines how much you lose. Skipping days won’t help you and binging afterwards every day definitely won’t help you gain results. In fact, you could be damaging your body more by doing so.

Are the DVD’s in order?

Sort of, but not really, depending on how you want to start. If you’re clueless going into the program, than yes, that could be your best bet, but there are other schedules that have worked for experienced p90x-ers. A successful schedule may include:

Day 1 – Chest and back, ab ripper (two DVDs)

Day 2 - Plyometrics (this one actually works out in accordance!)

Day 3 – Shoulders and arms, ab ripper (got to keep up on those abs)

Day 4 – Yoga (this one is more calm than the others, so it’s a nice break throughout the week)

Day 5 – Legs and back, ab ripper

Day 6 – Kenpo X (welcome back to explosive cardio!)

Day 7 – X stretch or a complete day off from the madness!

This example schedule above is performed for the first three weeks straight to help you get used to a crazy workout system, so your fourth week (one of three easy weeks), are less harsh on your body.

The fourth week is to focus more on your core. If you’ve ever taken part in Pilates and yoga normally, then you already know a bit about your core and how to strengthen it. If this is something you’re familiar with physically, you’re going to have an easy week! For the next seven days, you’ll be using your yoga X, core synergistics, Kenpo and stretch DVD’s on rotation. You then want to recover and head into 5-8 weeks of the same schedule as weeks 1-3. For the final week, you’re going to calm your body down by doing another week of yoga.

How does it hold up to other programs?

Programs like Insanity are much, much more difficult than the already intensive P90x. If you’re into fitness but aren’t as extreme as a bodybuilder, than Insanity definitely isn’t for you. P90x would be the better option!

But which of the three P90x programs are better?

While there are follow up programs to the successful original, the sequels are only really necessary if you’ve completed the first and are looking for another change of pace. If you love it, then you may want to try P90x2 for the second trimester of your workout and P90X3 for the next three months. You can then end off the year with the first as you started with. It’s a great way to always have a cohesive workout you know works.

What about food?

In the full P90x package, there are meal plans and whatnot for those who need that extra boost of help. We all have diet problems at some point in our lives and our nutrition is half the battle of losing weight.

The nutrition plan comes with three phases for each segment of your 90-day plan. Each plan coincides with each month. By changing up the nutrition, this helps boost your metabolism along with the workouts, aiding your body in losing weight and building muscle. The three phases include:

Phase 1 – P90X Fat Shredder

Phase 2 – P90X Energy Booster

Phase 3 – P90X Endurance Maximizer

In conclusion

Overall, the success of your plan depends on your dedication to the program. If you follow the meal plans the workout plans as such with no breaks and slip ups, you will lose your targeted goal. If you end up slipping up for a week or so, you’ll be kicked off track and you’ll only be harming your goal and mindset. There are plenty of success stories and plenty of failure stories that have thing separating them: their dedication and willingness to finish the program with their best effort.

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