Old School New Body Review

By Holly / March 10, 2017

Old School New Body

There are different training and workout programs that have emerged in the market to help people get into shape at home.  One of these is the Old School New Body training system.  It’s helpful for both novices and the more experienced fitness buffs.  This system recommends a workout program based on your fitness goals and ideal physique and it comes together with a suggested dietary plan.

Who are the founders?

Created by Steve and Becky Holman, this system is guaranteed to produce results.  This couple embodies the optimal fitness lifestyle.  Steve is an expert in the fitness industry, having been the editor in chief of Iron Man magazine and published several books on nutrition and weight training.  Becky, meanwhile, was already in her 40s when she started taking her fitness regimen more seriously and she used this system she and Steve jointly developed to successfully lose weight.  Inspired by the fitness principles of Vince Gironda, a well-known celebrity trainer who used old school techniques, Steven and Becky established their Old School New Body system.

Who is this program best for?

This system was specifically made to fit the lifestyle and needs of older people, from 35 years old and over.  Since this system utilizes standard and easy to follow yet effective methods, it has aided even seniors in losing weight and becoming fit.  In addition to that, however, younger people may also use this program as its safe to use for anyone.

What is their F4X training system? 

With this system, you won’t have to spend many hours working out.  You can achieve optimal results with shorter but more intense workout sessions.  Making use mostly of basic weight training equipment like dumbbells and barbells, you can easily follow this program whether you’re at a gym or at home.

The program uses the Focus-4 Exercise (F4X) and the length and intensity of these workouts will depend on the fitness stage you are currently in.  There are three fitness stages, namely F4X Lean, F4X Shape and F4X Build with each stage being a prerequisite for the next.  You may stop at the initial stage, which is the F4X Lean, once you’ve shed your excess pounds, or you could work on moving to the next stage, getting toned and gaining muscle in F4X Shape.  The last stage, F4X Build, is for those who are interested in bodybuilding.

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What are their exercises or workouts? 

A combination of weight training and cardio exercises are used in this system.  The exercises are composed of upright rows, to target the arms and shoulders, bent-over rows to include the back, inclines or bench presses, for the chest and squats, the muscles for your thighs.  Around thrice a week, you should be doing these exercise routines and then on every other day, you will be engaging in cardio training.  Suggested activities may be swimming, cycling, running or jogging.

You may also customize and adapt this program to your specific needs or if you have any medical conditions.  These exercises are the core of this system and they only differ in the performance and variation depending on your stage or level.  Deadlifts and machine rows, for example, are part of the higher stages.

What is the F4X Diet program? 

The recommended nutrition and diet for this program is meant to educate you on what you should know about proteins, calories, and essential nutrients as well as serving sizes and suggested meal plans.  There are many tips and advice from this program so that you can make healthier choices without depriving yourself.

What’s great about this system?

First of all, this system helps you be more efficient and make better use of your time since you don’t have to spend hours and hours doing cardio work or performing as many exercises as you can.  This program is also one of the easiest to follow and is a good match for any gender or age.  Nutrition-wise, you can still eat fats because, except for sugar, what’s best for our bodies is a variety of foods in the right portions.  The best thing about this system, however, is that at the end of the day, it actually produces the results you want.


The Old School New Body fitness system is an excellent way for older people to get back in shape.  At the same time, it can also be used to great effect by younger people.  The classic proven principles for training your body are used here.  Aside from a healthy diet, four standard exercises are done in different ways to achieve your target, whether it’s to lose weight, tone your body to a lean physique or gain muscle.

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