15 Simple Ways To Maintain Weight Loss

15 ways to maintain weight loss


There are all types of fad diets floating around. You hear about friends and family trying this one, and then another one a year later once they regained all of that weight lost, but have you seen anyone successfully maintain their goal weight once they have reached it?

It is easy to become comfortable with your progress once you have reached a point of significant change, where your friends start to notice your weight loss and you feel your jeans slouching around your waist. (See our post on how to lose thigh fat).

That’s when it’s important to stay on track to avoid falling back into old habits and going in reverse in terms of advancement instead of forward.

Around that same time frame that you really begin to feel leaner, to lose fat, and fit in your clothes differently is when you start getting bored of eating lean chicken and steamed broccoli. You forget how much you want it. But there is no need to feel discouraged when there are all sorts of ways to maintain your weight loss results.

Cutting out sugar of your diet for 3 months is not the same as adapting to a healthier lifestyle.

Lucky for your pocketbook, changing unhealthy living to being positive about what you put into your body and very thoughtful when making eating choices as opposed to hopping on a fad diet bandwagon is much cheaper! Actually, it is free!

No subscriptions. No payments for meetings and weigh-ins. Just better quality food to see a better quality you.

There is no price tag to put on having a healthy physical and mental being – you only get one shot! You don’t get another body when you ruin the only one you have.

Here are the 15 realistic habits that should be carried out on an everyday basis in order to lose weight and maintain the results.

1. Do not deem certain foods as "off limits".

What is the first thing that comes to mind when somebody tells you to not do something? To do it!

It’s our natural thought process as human beings, and by telling yourself that you cannot under any circumstances consume a particular food, you will only crave it more. Though many diets instruct you to cut out whole food groups altogether, the key is not elimination, but rather being in control of portioning your food appropriately.

You should be sure to fill your diet with whole foods, like meat, seafood, vegetables, fruits, nuts and limit things like wheat, grains, and sugars. So remember, moderation, not elimination!

2. Develop routines and make it your lifestyle.

Creating temporary habits can contribute to losing weight, but it cannot be maintained! The second you eat a cookie or reintroduce white bread into your life, you will see those pounds you said goodbye to come right back onto your thighs.

That being said, new routines do not form overnight. It comes with goal setting and implementing new things into your daily life, one step at a time. After enforcing those new habits into your everyday routine, it will just become part of your lifestyle, no questions asked. Your friends will know to not ask you to grab frozen yogurt after work because you have to hit the gym. They won’t expect you to party all night because you are making sure you get your sleep to absorb all possible health benefits!

21 days is a good time period in which you allow yourself to discover physical results. 3 weeks is the amount of time it takes to form a new habit, so if you find yourself feeling frustrated after a week from not seeing immediate results, stick through it and reach that 21-day goal to truly establish your new routine.

Too much too soon and you may find yourself burnt out and discouraged!

3. Eat cleaner foods.
Have you heard the phrase “clean eating” thrown around a bunch recently?

Processed foods are loaded with hidden chemicals and sugars, disguised in words that none of us will ever be able to decipher unless you are a nutritionist or doctor! By eating wholesome, clean foods, meaning minimally processed foods such as meat, vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts and seeds, you will relieve your body of all the extra work it has to do to fight the toxins coming into your system.

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Next time you go to the grocery store, try shopping only on the outskirts –skip the middle isles and stick to the eggs, produce and meats.

4. Be held accountable.

Would you make the same decisions as you would if you knew you had to report it to someone else right after? Grabbing that chocolate bar from the pantry may not be such a great idea, in that case. Starting to get on a better healthy lifestyle routine is always better when you have support. Not just emotional or mental support from people routing for your success, but people who are right there next to you as you aim towards the finish line.

Having partners in the weight loss journey is not the only way to be held accountable –it takes much more self control, but you can keep yourself accountable. How? The scale. It sounds daunting, and can easily be overdone if you step foot on what can be your best friend or worst enemy, but is a physical way for you to see your progress, or how to move forward from backwards steps.

5. Practice portion control.
Your body does not need as much as you think it does. Commercial food is dressed up in extra sugars, fats, processed ingredients, and so much more you will never know about. Your body needs sustenance to maintain a consistent and healthy energy level, body weight, and immune system.

Snacking every 30 minutes does not speed up your metabolism as much as it adds empty calories to your daily calorie intake. If you put it in sample thinking, less going into your body means less going through and less being absorbed as fat.

Stick to whole foods, like proteins, vegetables and healthy fats, and you can eat much more without eating foods coated in things that turn out to be horrific to your health and weight loss regimen.

6. Track your food.

Similar to being held accountable by a friend, keeping track of what you eat for each meal every day gives you the same type of mindfulness about what you are putting into your body. This is proven to be one of the most powerful tools for weight loss. It may take extra effort to sit down and write out everything you’ve eaten for the day, but those few minutes give you those extra inches off your waistline. The benefit endlessly outweighs the inconvenience.

You will also see it written out in front of you what you have consumed, and for the next day when you are making the choice between healthy meal options or ones that your doctor would not vouch for, then you will make the better choice.

This is a great method for when you are starting up on your weight loss goals.

7. Exercise.

Peanut butter to jelly. Eggs to beacon. That is eating healthy to exercise.

You cannot have one without the other if you truly want to transform your body and shed some serious poundage. Exercise is most likely the easiest thing to put off without hesitation. Being too tired after work or not an early riser is what everybody wants to use as an excuse, even top athletes some days!

But your body desires movement. Once you are on that treadmill, or taking a walk outside, your body will thank you because it is made to move, not to be idle and still. We hurt ourselves by sitting in front of computer screens day after day and never exercising.

Exercising consistently speeds up the weight loss process by light years. That being said, consistent exercise does not necessarily mean to exercise everyday. In fact, working out that often can actually be detrimental to your health since you are not allowing your muscles time to recover from physical activity.

If going to the gym is a problem, there are plenty of exercises you can do in your home. Build up your strength and confidence without paying any monthly gym fees.

Push yourself until it’s uncomfortable, not until it is pain. Get your heart rate up and in result, you will see your pants sized go down.

8. Eat every few hours.

On most fad diets, you feel like you are being starved. How are you supposed to eat less when you feel like you cannot fill up? Seems like an oxymoron, and a vicious cycle which can lead you feeling very defeated in just a few days.

Being hungry makes us feel distracted, crabby, and even fatigued with some headache side effects. Instead of eating 3 large meals throughout the day, it is encouraged to eat smaller meals multiple times. There are plenty of healthy snacks that will actually benefit you in your weight loss.

If you let yourself get to the point when you are ravenously hungry, you will eat whatever is put in front of you or whatever you can get your hands on first. The hungrier you are, the less self control is there.

If you can manage to eat more often and plan your meals ahead of time, you will consistently make good choices and be rewarded with your achievement of weight loss goals.

9. Find healthy substitutions for favorite foods.
You don’t want to sacrifice the foods that you look forward to most. It is a huge weight loss myth that you have to give up your favorite foods. In fact, you need to continue to eat things that make you happy on occasion to pursue your weight loss goals.

Getting bored can be harmful to your motivation, and feeling deprived is not helpful to your level of satisfaction and happiness. For working so hard, it is okay to treat yourself on occasion.

Everything is appropriate in moderation, as they say, and this will be the key to your weight loss maintenance, as opposed to looking and feeling great for a few short months and falling back into the hole you worked so hard to get out of.

10. Stay hydrated.
Another wellness myth is that you need to drink 8 glasses a day to be hydrated. In reality, once your urine is clear that is a signifier that your body is happy with how much water you have consumed.

If you often get headaches and feel like your energy drains quickly, you are most likely not getting yourself enough water to drink.

A secret that helps out lots of people is to buy a favorite water bottle. You will want to carry it around and refill it, which will help you stay hydrated and keep your energy level up.

It’s the little things in life!

11. Plan ahead.

You most likely thought the people you see on social media planning their meals way ahead of time were crazy, but now you understand. It takes a lot of time to make sure you are properly nourishing your body!

By meal planning, and preparing meals and snacks way ahead of time, you will be able to easier stay on track and still get to eat delicious things, instead of panicking and calling broccoli a meal since that’s all there was in your fridge.

Look up recipes days ahead and you will see you are still able to eat delicious meals and enjoy food.

12. Cut yourself off.

If you think about it, why would your body need more fuel before it is going to rest for hours? That’s not even considering the fact that late night choices do not tend to be good ones.

Those are the munchies talking, and stimulate a yearning for some sweet treats or savory snacks that you simply don’t need. Mindlessly eating at night will blow all of your good work from the day, whether you exercised or stayed under the calorie count you are aiming for to lose weight.

Go to bed hungry. It’s okay to do that, and you can. It’s a mental thing and your body will thank you when your digestive organs can take a peaceful slumbering rest at night, too!

13. Get more sleep.
Picture a day you have been beyond drained, from a late night of studying or long hours in the office. Once you are going to eat a meal, do you really care what it is?

Along with being hungry, being sleepy also destroys your self -control and disintegrates your motivation. You aren’t thinking about how good you want to look for swimsuit season or how much healthier your heart will be if you don’t go get a greasy cheeseburger for lunch since you were too tired to bring lunch into work.

8 hours of sleep is the goal, but if you can start with getting 6 you will feel a huge difference in your discipline and energy level.

14. Cook at home.
Believe it or not, there are other fun things to do with friends than grab dinner or frozen yogurt!

If you cook your own food, you see exactly which ingredients will be going into your body. Even at restaurants that have “healthy” choices, their salads may end up having more calories than their burgers after all the parading of items they pile on top of the lettuce that is no where to be seen.

Cooking at home gives you the say in what you choose to consume, and will let you see how much less decadence your food needs to make your mind and body happy.

15. It is never over.

That sounds like bad news. It isn’t! You are doing yourself a huge favor. You are adding years onto your life, giving joy to your love ones and those who depend on you. You are going to feel better about your appearance, which in result with enhance your confidence in every role you play in life. Don’t diet –adapt.

Weight loss is a journey and a process. You have a start date, but you never have an end date. Trial and error will happen, along with disappointment and falling back into old habits and temptation. But what matters is who you will grow into as you get back on track to be who you’ve always wanted to be.

Keep moving forward and you will be one of those who keep off that 20-30 pounds they have always yearned to be history in their life.


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