8 Ways To Lose Weight When You’re 200+ Pounds

The more weight you need to lose, the harder it is to shed those pounds. If you’re more than 200 pounds in weight, chances are you may have already tried at least one strategy to slim down and it simply did not work. This is because there are several things to consider that have contributed to your weight gain. The good news is that it is possible to lose weight and keep it off.

Here are some of the best tips to aid you in your weight loss journey.

How To Lose Weight When You’ve Got A Lot To Lose


1. Identify and deal with your emotional triggers


Without realizing it, many people have acquired a habit called emotional eating. They tend to eat whenever they’re depressed or under a lot of stress in order to feel better. First, acknowledge your feelings and the circumstances which lead you to eat impulsively then find better ways to cope such as learning stress management.

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2. Aim to improve your digestive health

When your body’s systems are out of balance, your digestion is likely out of whack as well. You need to retrain your body to process food properly so that nutrients are properly absorbed and waste is discharged smoothly. Eat more fiber, avoid processed foods and take probiotics naturally from food or from supplements.

3. Counting calories may not be effective for you at first

While counting calories works well for those aiming for fitness, for beginners who are just starting to lose weight, it may be frustrating. Counting calories are not likely to quickly bring results as your body is still suffering from an imbalance of hormones. Aim to eat healthier, not just less.

4. During the initial stages of your fitness journey, avoid strenuous exercise


Like counting calories, exercise is highly beneficial in fitness, but when you’re overweight, starting off on challenging exercise routines is not recommended. These will put excessive pressure on your joints and muscles, something they are not used to yet and could cause injuries.

5. Start with low impact exercises like walking

When you do exercise, begin with low impact exercises that won’t strain your back, knees or hips. Brisk walking or if you need something less forceful, simple walking, is one exercise that’s easy to do, safe for anybody and effective at burning calories

6. Find a diet program that produces results sooner rather than later

Losing weight in the first weeks of your eating plan is linked to continued weight loss in the next months. When you are able to see your weight loss more quickly, this encourages you to keep going and increases your chances of success.

7. Minimize your carbohydrate intake

Carbohydrates are needed by the body, though only in moderate amounts. At this point, however, eating any form of carbohydrates will only add to the distress in your system. Avoid carbohydrates or at least cut back on them significantly and then increase your intake slowly after a few weeks.

8. Eat to regulate the leptin levels in your system

Leptin, which recently earned more attention from health experts, is the hormone responsible for signaling the brain when the stomach is already full. Since your hormones are not working correctly, the body’s production of leptin is affected as well. To remedy this, aside from eating less carbs, eat more vegetables and lean protein such as beef, eggs and poultry.

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