How To Lose 7 Pounds In 5 Days (3 Step Process)

An above-average weight female will burn around 2500 calories per day just with everyday incidental exercise and the body using calories for living and breathing.

The basic formula for fat loos is to lose 1 pound of fat, you need to burn 3500 calories.

Knowing this, the diet below keeps you at around 800 calories per day (a 1700 calorie per day deficit, which helps to burn around 2.5 pounds of fat in 5 days alone).

In addition to the 2 pounds of weight loss through diet, we’re going to burn an additional 1000 calories per day with low-intensity exercise (or more if you like). That’s another 5000 calories gone, which will deliver another 1.5 pounds of fat loss over 5 days.

We’re at 4 pounds, and the remaining 3 pounds will come from losing water weight.

Let’s look at how to lose 7 pounds in 5 days.

Step 1: Diet

Have protein-packed meals

Protein helps boost your metabolism. It also helps suppress appetite, and keep you feeling full for longer. Protein feeds your muscles, as well, which is why it helps rev up your metabolism. Try eating an egg sandwich for breakfast, some yummy tuna vegetable salad for lunch, and then turkey sausage with vegetables for dinner. For your egg sandwich, try spreading a bit of light cream cheese for added protein and taste.

Eat vegetables every day

Vegetables are high in fiber, especially the greens. They help fill you up without giving you too much calories. However, you might want to consume five servings of vegetables a day to boost your metabolism. You can have two servings for lunch and dinner, and another for your afternoon snack. Stick to ones that you enjoy eating, unless – of course – you are the adventurous type who is willing to experiment.

Drink plenty of water

Water offers plenty of health benefits. It helps your skin look younger and glowing, while your body loses the unwanted pounds. To keep you from overeating, drink two glasses of water before every meal. It will fill you up and you will eat less. Aim to drink at least two liters of water a day, but you will need more when you sweat a lot to prevent dehydration.

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Indulge once a day

You only have five days, but it does not mean you cannot indulge a bit. Enjoy a small treat, about 50 calories or less, once a day. It can be part of a meal, or as a snack.

This will help you avoid binge eating, while trying to lose weight quickly. It can be a small glass of wine, a tiny piece of dark chocolate, or a small froyo with fresh fruits. You must make sure, though, that you stick to 50 calories and not go beyond that.

Stick to 800 calories or less per day

A key to losing so much weight quickly is sticking to a low calorie daily meal plan. It’s only for 5 days – you can do it! Not sure what 800 calories per day looks like? No problems, read our 800 calorie per day meal plan!

Step 2: Exercise

Dance to your favorite songs

Choose four upbeat dance songs that you really like. Play them during the day and dance until you drop. You can wear a fitness band to help you know how much calories you were able to burn. For some high-intensity dancing, you can burn up to 50 calories per song.

Dancing not your thing?

Walk (or something higher intensity if you like) for 60-90 minutes per day

The higher the intensity the better but even a 60 minute walk is better than nothing! Some great options for exercise include swimming, cycling, jogging, resistance training at the gym, doing a step class, running along the beach, bushwalking or even playing at a park with the kids. Bottom line is – for 5 days, move as much a as possible and it doesn’t matter if you break 60  minutes of exercise into a 20 minute morning, lunch and evening stroll. Just move! 🙂

Step 3: Losing Water Weight

Although water is needed by our body, too much water that stays in the body adds to our weight and makes us feel bloated and unhealthy. Plus, it adds weight! Aside from daily physical activity and eating the right kind of food in proper proportions, there are some steps you can take to help you lose weight very quickly. Read about them with our guide to losing water weight!

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