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How to Lose 15 Pounds in A Week (Can It Be Done?)

By Holly / April 25, 2017

Effective weight loss can and will take time but there are occasions where rapid fat loss is desired. There are ways to achieve quick weight loss results and below are 15 steps to success. People have done it before but you do need to be mindful however that losing 15 pounds in one week is a huge task and some individual’s bodies will not be capable of such rapid weight loss. There are, however, plenty of ways to drop 10 pounds in a week and if you shoot for that target you may well find yourself getting closer to 15 pounds!

Lose 15 Pounds in a Week

1. Take note of your consumption

Preparing meals early is a great way to stick to a healthy diet

Start with making a daily food journal. Simply write down everything you eat, all from the largest steak slice down to the smallest candy piece. This is not for calculating your caloric intake just yet. You just want to become aware of what and how much you eat on a daily basis. This will lay the groundwork for whatever adjustments and planning will be necessary to achieve your goal weight.

2. Keep drinking water

Increase fluid intake to hydrate

You’ve heard this before and it has to be kept being said. Water has so many health benefits but in terms of weight control, drinking lots of water will help you fight that psychological, and not actual, hunger and prevent you from eating too much.

3. Eat whole grain

Whole grain food items, despite being low in carbohydrates, have lots of fiber content which will keep you feeling fuller for longer.

4. Try healthy snacks

Get rid of junk food as these will do little to satiate your appetite. Snack on fruits or vegetables instead whenever hunger pangs strike. These won’t leave you feeling guilty about frequent snacking.

5. Eat often but in smaller amounts

This is opposed to eating fewer times in bigger portions. Modern diet recommendations advise going for six small meals instead of the traditional three big ones per day. This will keep a more balanced nutritional content in your body throughout the day. Eating for fewer times a day, especially when you skip could lead to unhealthy binging so don’t do it.

6. Closely read food labels

Some food items may indicate, for example, just 100 calories on the label when it actually means 100 calories per slice, piece, or serving. Be vigilant about checking such details on fine print as this is the only way to accurately monitor your dietary consumption, which is essential when you are trying to control it.

7. Embrace protein

Protein rich food items such as eggs or fish also help you stay fuller for longer. This is the nutrient your body cells critically need to function well. Most importantly, these do not turn into fat.

8. Eat slow

Chew your food and savor it. This will make you eat significantly less. It takes a while for the brain to realize that the stomach is full so slow your eating pace down to let it catch up and prevent overeating.

9. Stick with pure and natural fruit juices

Manufactured or concentrated fruit juices will have too much additional calories and sugars in it. Juicing a fruit too tedious? Then just eat it. Then drink water to address thirst. This should stop you from feeling unnecessarily hungry.

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10. Control your portions

You don’t really need to stop eating one type of food in favour of another for the sake of your diet. The key is to just eat less of it and balance out its portions with other food items to stay balance with your food intake.

11. Exercise

Although proper diet will have a more significant effect in weight management, you can never count the value of exercise out of it. Fat is simply unused energy we get from food so use that excess energy up. Any kind of physical activity will do be it of easy or moderate intensity. Don’t like running? Then just walk. Do it in a mall if you have to. Just don’t dine out while you are there. Make it something you enjoy so you are more likely to do it often and regularly.

12. Never go grocery shopping when hungry

ways to lose 100 pounds

You will end up buying and eating more than you should. Plan your meals in advance, make a shopping list, and abide by it no matter what. Resist the temptation of that aisle of chocolates.

13. Avoid eating while doing something else

One such example is watching TV. You won’t be able to consciously monitor how much you eat and before you know it, you will have already eaten too much. Especially since the type of food we like to eat passively as we do other tasks are often junk.

14. Distract your cravings away

Whenever you start craving for food, distract yourself by finding something else to do. Call and speak to a friend, solve a puzzle, browse Facebook. Cravings last for around 5 minutes only so by the time you are done, it will have already subsided. Actually, don’t go on Facebook. You might just end up seeing pictures of food.

15. Subscribe to a program

Having a guide to follow, or having someone else to monitor your progress and keep reminding you of your commitment will make it easier and more convenient to stay on track and motivated toward your body weight goals.

A quick Google search will direct you to even more weight loss tips. How do you then know which one is best? The most important thing you can do it to try as many of it as you can, discover what works for you, then stick to it. Be diligent about your weight loss commitments it if you want to gain fast results.

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