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How To Lose 15 Pounds In 15 Days (10 Steps For Results)

There are many reasons why a person needs to lose weight. It can be because of an upcoming event, a really nice outfit that want to wear, or simply health reasons. If you aim to lose 15 pounds in 15 days, then you are on the right page. Below are helpful tips that will help you shed the weight in no time.

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1. Limit your daily consumption to 1,200 calories

You need at least 1,200 calories for your body to function well throughout the day. Some people may need to consume more because they have a bigger built, but this amount is enough to make you drop the weight fast. You might feel sluggish and cranky during the first few days, but your body will soon adjust to your diet. However, you will have to plan your activities well during the 15-day period, because this daily calorie intake is not enough to power you for any vigorous activity.

2. Eat in small amounts, but frequently

Many experts believe that eating frequently in small amounts is better than eating three big meals in a day. They recommend that you go for six small meals, instead of the traditional three. It will help keep you feeling full throughout the day, without losing the energy you need to keep going. It will also provide a more balanced nutritional content. When you eat fewer meals in bigger portions, there is a big chance that you will binge.

3. Do regular light to moderate exercise

Intense workouts can make you feel light-headed due to the low calorie intake. Since you only have 15 days to drop 15 pounds, then you need to do light to moderate exercises daily. Stick to easy workouts to conserve energy, and have enough for the rest of the day. Recommended daily activities include swimming, walking, and jogging. A one-hour walk can burn around 200 calories, depending on the intensity and your current weight.

4. Stay hydrated with only water

You probably heard this before: drink plenty of water. Water has health benefits to offer, including weight control. Drinking a lot of water, and ditching the sugary beverages, will help you fight hunger and binge eating. Staying hydrated can also boost your metabolism and energy, as well as give you younger-looking skin.

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5. Record everything you take in

A food journal allows you to record the food you eat, and what you drink. Write down everything that you have consumed in a day, including the tiny candy you have just had. Having a food journal will make you become aware of how much and what you eat every day. It can also help you compute for your daily caloric intake. You easily can make dietary adjustments along the way, so you can reach your target weight.

6. Cook your food

Your goal is to consume 1,200 calories a day. It means the usual food and beverages that you order should be set aside for now, because they will make you exceed your daily requirement. The best way to keep yourself from going beyond 1,200 calories is to cook your own meals. This way, you will have more control over the portion size and ingredients.

7. Read the label

Some products may indicate only 100 calories on the label, when it means 100 calories per serving. You have to be vigilant when checking the details on the fine print, because this is your only way to monitor your dietary consumption. Always read the label whenever you can.

8. Ditch the sugar

Carbohydrate-rich foods include rice, pasta, cookies, bread, and cakes. They are packed with calories, and they causing bloating, so avoid them. Your diet should only contain vegetables, lean proteins, and fiber-rich fruits. It is best to consume healthy carbs to keep you feeling full, and prevent sugar crash that cause you to binge.

9. Keep yourself busy

People tend to binge whenever they are bored. Distract yourself by looking for something to do and keep yourself busy. Solve puzzles, talk to a friend, browse the Internet, and exercise. Cravings only last for five minutes, so it will have subsided by the time you are done with your activity. Of course, avoid going to places or websites that will remind you of food.

10. Subscribe to a workout program and join support groups

Having something or somebody to monitor your progress will make it easier to stay on track toward your target weight. You can hire a personal trainer, join weight loss challenges in your community, or join online support groups.

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