11 Lemon Water Benefits You Can No Longer Ignore


Lemon water is a healthy way of starting your day with a cleansed body. It is easy to prepare, and has lots of health benefits to offer. It can also make you feel refreshed. Below are 11 other benefits that will surely convince you to hoard all the lemons that you will find:

You've probably seen dozens of articles about the health benefits of drinking lemon water every morning. Is it time to find out what the fuss is about?

Lemon Water Benefits

Prevents/Relieves Digestive Problems

Drinking fresh lemon water can help prevent or relieve digestive issues, such as bloating, heartburn, and intestinal gas. It also helps improve digestion, overall. Make sure to drink a glass first thing in the morning to condition your tummy.

Gives Vitamin C Boost

Another reason why drinking lemon water in the morning should be part of your daily routine is its vitamin C content. Vitamin C helps improve your immune system to keep your body healthy and protected against diseases. It is also a good source of potassium, magnesium, and calcium.

Has Antiseptic Properties

Lemons have antiseptic properties. It only means that they have a cleansing effect on your kidneys, liver, and blood. You need to keep your internal organs happy to stay energized throughout the day.

Has High Alkaline Content

Lemons have a high mineral content that alkalize your body. It only means that they can balance the pH levels inside the body, and neutralize the excess acid. Despite their citric acid content, the most important thing is the way they are metabolized during digestion.

Helps Prevent Cancer

Studies show that lemons have some anti-carcinogenic properties, thanks to their limonoid glucosides content. Drinking lemon water can help protect your body against cancer. It also seems that the lemon’s protective effect lasts much longer than many other anti-cancer compounds.

Helps Get Rid of Fat

Lemon water helps your body to produce more bile to better digest fats. It will be beneficial if you just had some fried foods, and want to help your liver clean up the mess inside. If you are feeling guilty about those bacons, burger patties, and/or sausages that you just had, then drink some lemon water first thing in the morning.

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Helps Improve Skin Condition

Lemon water is a well-known beverage for people who want better skin. This is because of the fruit’s vitamin C content. Furthermore, lemons are capable of detoxifying your body, kicking out all the toxins from your body.

Helps Cure Throat Problems

This fruit has antibacterial properties that can help cure a throat infection. You should drink a glass of warm lemon water every couple of hours for instant relief. It would be wiser if you would drink a glass of lemon water every day to prevent sore throat.

Aids in Burning Body Fat

Many studies have shown that lemon water helps in weight loss. While lemon certainly has the vitamins and nutrients to get rid of free radicals, you will still need to exercise regularly and eat a healthy diet. It is said that the citric acid in the lemons help you burn more fat.

Helps Reduce Mucus Levels

Do you have phlegm that you want to get rid of? Drink lemon water. It is said that drinking water with this citrus fruit will help reduce the amount of mucus produced in your body. Consume a glass each morning to loosen the mucus and help you expel it easier to feel better.

Freshens Breath

Drinking a glass of lemon water every morning can help reduce bad breath. The antibiotic compounds and antioxidants present in lemons may also help lessen body odor over time. If you want to start your day fresh and confident, make sure to drink a glass first thing tin the morning.


Summing Up

There are a lot of great reasons why you should start your day with a fresh slice of lemon in your glass of water. These are just 11 of the many awesome benefits that lemon water can give you. Give it a try, and you will be surprised with your body’s transformation.

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You've probably seen dozens of articles about the health benefits of drinking lemon water every morning. Is it time to find out what the fuss is about?

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