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INSANITY Base Kit – DVD Workout Review

The workout program Insanity is exactly what it sounds like: absolute madness. If you’ve tried a plethora of workout regimes before and they didn’t work for you, then this may be a great option for you, however, if P90X was too tough for you, Insanity will be worse and that’s a fact.

What’s Insanity?

Created by Shaun T, a fitness guru, he has created a “beach body” product that will help you achieve your goals before summertime. You may have also heard of “beach body” from your P90X regime.

One of the reasons Insanity has been proven to be more difficult than others is because they offer results much quicker than other programs. Instead of a 90-day program like most, Insanity presents the same amount of explosive action in an entire month shorter – 60 days. Imagine packing down a month extra of cardio down into two months; insanity, right?

Their secret is maximum interval training that allows you to compact what is supposed to be a longer workout, into a much shorter interval. While getting results quicker sounds GREAT, at what expense is it costing your body?

If you push yourself too hard, especially in such a short time, you could be damaging muscles and your heart. If you’re out of shape and looking to get in shape, Insanity is a bit too much to be dipping your toes in.

What comes with the Insanity package?

While there isn’t any workout equipment that comes with, there are 10 action packed DVDs that target every area of your body. You do not need to invest in anything extra once you’ve purchased the package.

1. Fitness test – This portion of the DVD set will allow you to find out what level you are performing at to cater the rest of your workout. Insanity is most definitely not meant for everyone!

2. Plyometric cardio circuit - Much like P90X’s plyometric workout, this is meant to burn fat with intensive cardio to the lower region.

3. Cardio and power resistance - Switching it up, this applies a cardio workout directly to your upper body.

4. Cardio and max recovery - This workout is meant to be at the end of the first week of Insanity where it applies an easier cardio workout.

5. Pure cardio and abs - This kicks up the intensity a notch!

6. Cardio abs - This is to help you tighten up for that six-pack you’ve always wanted.

7. Core cardio and balance - This DVD finishes off the first month with educational techniques for breathing and balance, which can help with strengthening your core.

8. Max interval circuit - An introduction to max interval training, the more intense aspect of the workout.

9. Max interval plyo - Shortened for plyometrics, your body will practically be crying during this portion of the exercises.

10. Max cardio conditioning and abs - More work for your abs and lots of cardio! As if you didn’t get enough already, right?!

There are also plenty of other bonuses that are included when you buy the full Insanity package that includes a nutrition plan, a calendar for dates and body goals, a fitness guide that explains in depth each DVD and the workouts as well as online tools which can always come in handy. The best part is? You don’t have to pay any extra for these after you’ve purchased your DVD set from them.

What the first week and month is like:

The first week is definitely going to be the hardest week and the second might as well, but as you go on, you get used to the intensity and the feeling of having more energy from day to day. The key to success in this workout is following your nutritional guide and keeping up with the workouts; if you don’t, you’re wasting your time and no one else’s. You paid for the workout set, so you aren’t wasting their time!

Even in the second week, adjusting is inevitable, but as you progress throughout the month, it will get a tad easier, but just when you’re able to get used to the workouts, month two comes along!

The second month:

The second month is even more intense than the first as you’re introduced to the maximum interval training. It’s going to be a bit more of a shock, so if you’re still not getting used to the first month, you may want to keep doing that until you’re ready to step your game up. Remember, even though it’s a sixty-day program, it’s important to listen to your body and when it’s ready. Just because a piece of paper says you should be doing it at this time, doesn’t mean you’re physically ready!

What is the food like?

The nutrition plan doesn’t force you to put these plans or meals into your daily life, but it does offer the best nutritional advice you can take for yourself and your body during its two-month extreme workout plan. There are a range of items on this list including snacks, meals, smoothies and other drinks as well as healthy and ingredient conscious brands.

In conclusion

The workouts are enough to help sculpt and shape your body as well as help you lose weight, that’s for sure. However, the second month of working out may not be a month you touch. If you think P90X day one is bad, then this is not your workout plan. Sticking with month one throughout the two-month period may suffice for your body and daily life, though.

If you want to pack on more muscle than lose weight, then you want to stick to the proper DVD’s in the set but make sure you also have a lot of protein on hand to help you build muscle within the two months.

Overall, it’s an extensive workout that promises (and delivers) within the two months it states, you just have to be dedicated and not slack off, or else your body won’t be ready for the insanity that is month two.

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