Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite Reviews

The MuscleTech Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite is a powerful fat-burner and thermogenic designed to help your body melt off fat as you diet and exercise. The brand has been popular for years because of its potent ingredients that deliver impressive results. This article will give you a comprehensive review of the product and why it is worth considering. Read on.


The Hardcore Elite offers a wide range of ingredients to ensure faster metabolism and fat loss. Some supplements rely on one or two ingredients to promote fat burn, but this version of Hydroxycut will trigger thermogenesis while mobilizing triglycerides from your fat cells. You are basically buying a fat burner that contains powerful ingredients to ensure significant results. Furthermore, this supplement contains a high amount of caffeine to keep your central nervous system working and give your better focus.

What’s in it

The Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite has the following ingredients:

  • Green Coffee Extract
  • Caffeine Anhydrous
  • Yohimbe Extract (Rauwolscine and Yohimbine)
  • L-Theanine
  • Cocoa Extract (Theobromine)
  • Coleus Extract (Forskolin)

Recommended dosage

The manufacturer recommends that you take the Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite this way:

  • Day One: One capsule, once daily
  • Days Two and Three: Two capsules, once daily
  • Days Four and Five: Two capsules with meal, and another with the next meal
  • Days Seven and Beyond: Two capsules, twice daily

The gradual increase in dosage will help you assess your body’s tolerance to the many ingredients in this supplement. Many of them are stimulants in nature, can be potentially harmful to users with pre-existing heart problems. It is also strongly advised that you consume plenty of water when taking this product to avoid dehydration.


This fat-burning supplement should not be taken more than four times within the 24-hour period. Users are also advised to temporarily discontinue after eight weeks of intake. Pregnant or nursing women, as well as those with pre-existing medical conditions or people taking prescribed medications, should consult their doctor first before using the product. If you experience digestive problems, palpitations, anxiety or any other side effects related to caffeine, contact your doctor immediately.

Available serving sizes and flavors

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This Hydroxycut fat burner is available in both capsule and powder forms. These options allow you to enjoy your supplement as preferred. The capsules can be purchased in 12-, 100-, and 180-capsule containers. The powder form, meanwhile, is available in five, 12, and 30 servings.

There are also two flavors for you to choose from: Fruit Fusion and Blue Raspberry. MuscleTech did well in coming up with serving sizes for the two forms. The size options allow first timers to test the product first before investing in the larger containers.

Product review

MuscleTech’s products are guaranteed to deliver great results, and the Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite definitely deserves to carry the popular name. This supplement contains ingredients like Forskolin and green coffee extract, which are already proven to promote weight loss. Other ingredients, like theobromine and Yohimbine, will help you lose more fats when taken responsibly.

The product has generally received plenty of positive reviews from happy customers who managed to drop the weight faster than they expected. The results will vary depending on your physical activity, as well, meaning you will still need to eat right and train hard. It is important to note that this is a fat-burner, so keeping your training and nutrition in check is crucial to reap impressive results. This product basically works as the helping hand that you need in order to lose fat faster.

The powder form deserves a two thumbs up when it comes to mixability, composition, and taste. The available flavors are pleasant-tasting. You will want to drink plenty of water every day when you take Hydroxycut because the supplement contains stimulants that can make you dehydrated. Drinking an adequate amount of water will also help you avoid adverse side effects, such as light-headedness and palpitations.

Verdict: Is it worth it?

The Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite is worth the money. The fact that you can purchase a smaller serving size in both powder and capsule forms means you can try out the product without spending so much money. The manufacturer also paid attention to the essential ingredients to deliver the best possible results. This supplement will best fit athletes and bodybuilders who want to burn the excess fat, as well as those who are serious about getting fit through healthy diet and regular exercise.

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