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How To Lose 7 Pounds In 7 Days (The Exact 10 Steps)

Losing seven pounds in seven days is doable. However, it will require tremendous amount of discipline and determination to achieve this goal. Here are the top 10 tips that you need to follow in order to hit your target weight:

First, the numbers… In order to lose 1 pound of fat, you need to burn off 3500 calories above what you consume. So we’re talking a 3500 calorie deficit per day, to lose 7 pounds in 7 days – in theory. However, unless you have about 3 hours per day to exercise and plan on starving yourself, the formula for burning 7 pounds quickly is going to be one part exercise, one part diet and one part lifestyle. Let’s take a look!

How To Lose 7 Pounds in 7 Days

1. Reduce your carb intake

Cut down your carbohydrate intake for weight loss

Carbs hold a hold of water weight, meaning it binds more to water than protein or fat. People tend to overeat carbs, as well. Aim to consume under 50 grams of carbs a day. This is equivalent to roughly a scoop of pasta. Since you only have a week to lose seven pounds, you have to stay consistent with your low carb diet plan to achieve your target weight.

2. Eat more lean proteins

Eat lean proteins so you will feel full for a longer time, and enjoy some energy boost. You might feel constantly hungry when you take out carbs from your diet, so eating more lean proteins will keep you feeling satiated. Good examples of lean proteins include baked or grilled chicken, tuna and other white meat fishes, legumes, beans, chickpeas, eggs, and nuts.

3. Keep snacks under 150 calories

Many companies offer low-calorie options that can help prevent overeating. However, you want to postpone your snacking for an hour or two after a big meal. This will keep you less hungry for longer, making it easier to distribute the calories. Keep your snacks below 150 calories so you can stay within your daily calorie limit.

4. Drink plenty (and only) water

Staying hydrated has plenty of health benefits. It does not only help ease hunger, but also helps boost your metabolism. People who drink a lot of water, and ditching sugary drinks, have an easier time avoiding overeating. Keep a bottle of water on hand throughout the day. When you are feeling hungry in between meals, drink water and it will help you hold on for the next meal.

5. Get moving, even after exercising

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You want to move as frequently as possible during the day to burn more calories. This includes doing household chores, walking more, or taking the stairs. Take advantage of every opportunity to burn calories. You can even do jumping jacks while watching TV, or take your dog out for a walk.


6. Avoid processed foods

How to lose a lot of weight quickly

When you only have seven days to drop seven pounds, it can help to eat whole foods and avoid processed ones. Whole foods are filling, making it easier for dieters to eat fewer calories without feeling deprived or too hungry. Aim to consume mostly whole foods, and ditch the fast food options. Eating vegetables and lean proteins can be satisfying.

7. Lift weights

strength training to help with fat loss

Exercise is one of the best ways to torch calories and boost your physical appearance. Resistance training, like weight lifting, can help you tone muscles and burn body fat. It can also help you maintain muscle strength and mass as you try to lose weight. A full-body strength training session can further take out the water weight and carb stores. Lastly, weight lifting can also help regulate your hormones.

8. Try interval training

High-intensity interval training, or HIIT, is one of today’s most popular training methods. Studies show that doing five to ten minutes of HIIT can burn as many calories as doing one hour of steady cardio. Just like weight lifting, interval training can quickly torch your body’s carb stores and boost your metabolism. You can do this type of exercise three to four times a week, with 100 percent effort. Most sprints do not last more than 30 seconds, and you will have quick rest breaks in between.

9. Sleep more

Getting more snooze time will help you lose weight. When your body is stressed, it tends to feel restless and needy for more energy. This is why people who are stressed out often overeat. You want to have at least eight hours of sleep each night to make you function well every day.

10. Weigh yourself first thing in the morning, every day

Weigh yourself every day, first thing in the morning. This is the most accurate time to know your weight. You should do this before consuming anything, even water. Step on the scale with only your underwear, and take note of your body weight. Have a small journal to record your morning body weight to monitor your progress.

The above tips will certainly help you shed some weight and in addition to the above, you will likely be able to move another pound or two from shedding water weight. We have a whole article dedicated to this and you can read it here: How To Get Rid Of Water Weight Naturally (10 Remedies With Images).

All the best shedding the pounds fast!

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