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9 Ways Real Women Have Lost 50 Pounds (And Why You Can Too!)

If achieving your ideal weight by losing a few pounds is not that easy, the thought of aiming to lose 50 pounds is most challenging indeed. No matter how discouraging it may seem, if shedding all those pounds are what’s needed to bring your body back to a healthy state, you need to get a move on. Here are 9 tips from women who have actually lost 50 pounds!

How To Lose 50 Pounds!

1. Vary your exercise routine

To avoid getting bored with your exercise, alternate your strength training exercises with your cardiovascular workouts. Try different types of cardio such as swimming, cycling or running. You can also join group classes such as zumba or spinning.

2. Track all your meals and snacks

Make it a habit to record all of the food you consume, whether it’s a meal, a snack, or even a single treat. It is time consuming but it’s worth it as it gives you valuable input on the type of food and amount you actually eat. Use a journal, your smartphone or online apps.

3. Consider your strength and overall fitness, not just weight loss

More than just thinking about your calories and the fat you need to lose, your ultimate goal should be to become fit and healthy. It may be slow going to lose all those pounds at first, but you will notice that over time, you are also gaining more strength and confidence.

4. Look for someone to coach, encourage and support you

Losing weight doesn’t have to be lonely. It’s easier to sustain your momentum if you have someone to inspire you and remind you of your goals. It would be best if this is also someone you can learn from, who understands your challenges and may even be on the same fitness journey as yourself.

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5. Make small changes little by little

Rather than trying to do too much all at once, take baby steps by changing your habits one by one. You’ll be more likely to fail and to eventually give up if you take on too many tasks. Every time you successfully learn a new habit, that’s when you move on to the next.

6. Reduce your calories significantly

Now that you’ve tracked your usual food intake, set a goal for the number of calories you want to deduct from your food. Create an eating plan that you can follow based on this. Remember not too make it too large an amount, however, since you still need calories for energy especially when you exercise.

7. Daily physical activity helps

Not everyone is able to work out or go to the gym everyday. But even if you can’t work out, make it a point to incorporate physical activity throughout your day. Walk during your breaks, take the stairs instead of the elevator or clean your house.

8. Don’t obsess over scale readings

The weighing scale is a great aid for you to see how much pounds you’ve lost or gained but keep your expectations realistic. You will not always see a reduction in pounds everyday. Instead, monitor your progress in other ways, like measuring your body statistics or taking photos so that you can compare these with your old ones.

9. Give yourself some time

Lastly, results will not turn up overnight so don’t be surprised and don’t lose focus even if you don’t see radical changes in a few days. Losing weight dramatically in a short period of time can even be unhealthy for some people. Slowly but surely is the key as this is easier to maintain in the long run.

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