8 Steps To Losing 40 Pounds In 2 Months

Forty pounds may seem a lot if you have two months to lose them, but your commitment and determination will make it possible. It is never too late to make some lifestyle changes to get the body you have always wanted. Whether you have a big event coming up or you just want to enjoy a sexy body in a snap, this article has all the tips you need to lose those unwanted pounds.

Lose 40 Pounds in 2 Months

First, the numbers:

In terms of numbers, in order to lose 40 pounds in a two month period, you will lose roughly 20lbs a month, or around 4.5 pounds every week. These numbers actually break down quite a task into very manageable steps.

Converting the pounds-per-week loss into a calorie figure to shoot for, in order to lose 4.5 pounds of fat you will need to create a calorie deficit of approximately 15000 calories per week, or just 2000 calories per day – not too hard when you apply yourself!

An above-average weight female will burn something in the range of 2300 calories per day, so a basic formula to follow is to stick to a diet of around 1300 calories per day and increase activity levels by around 1000 calories per day (about 60 minutes of vigorous activity daily + some smart lifestyle decisions like taking the stairs, parking further away from your location to increase walking distance and so on). 1000 less calories consumed and 1000 extra burned is going to absolutely fire up your weight loss. Let’s look at how to do it.

Commit to your goal

The hardest part of losing weight is deciding to do it. You have probably told yourself tons of times before that you will lose weight, but it never followed through. This is because you never really meant what you said. Committing to your goal means being willing to sacrifice everything that will impede your success.

Drink plenty of water

Staying well-hydrated is critical to keeping your body healthy. It has also been found to be a great weight loss aid because of its ability to keep you feeling full in between meals and prevent the mindless snacking. You can reduce your calorie intake by drinking a glass or two of water 20 minutes before each meal. If you dislike the taste of water, simply infuse it with lime, lemon, mint leaves, or cucumber for added flavor.

Have an active lifestyle

Finding time for exercise on a weight loss program

The more active you are, the more calories you will burn. Having an active lifestyle will help you lose the weight quickly, and keep it off. It will also help you develop lean muscles as you shrink. Since you only have two months to lose 40 pounds, make sure to get at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise several days a week. You should also incorporate strength training at least three times a week to build lean muscles.

Eat heavy breakfast

Eating breakfast each day is a fantastic help on a weight loss diet

Enjoying a heavy breakfast will keep your metabolic rate high, so your body continues to burn calories throughout the day. Fueling in the morning will also help you stay energized later in the day without feeling weak. In addition, a big breakfast will keep you from mindless eating. People who skip breakfast tend to get really hungry and resort to unhealthy snacks.

Manage stress

Relaxation for stress relief

Stress is inevitable, but you can manage it. It is one of the major reasons why people gain weight. Stress triggers your body to release cortisol, a hormone responsible for fat storage. It can also cause you to overeat as food has a relaxing effect to most people. If you are the type of person who overeats when stressed, then you will want to know when to take a time off and relax.

Keep a food journal

Keeping a food journal is fantastic for weight loss programs

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People who keep track of what they consume by writing it down can lose more weight than when they do not. This is because keeping a food journal will hold you more accountable to the choices you make. It will also allow you to see patterns in your diet, so you can determine what works and what does not. Make sure to include the calories in everything you eat, as well as how you felt when you consumed each one of them.

Join a weight loss program

Guide to losing 20 pounds in 2 months and keeping it off

There are plenty of fitness communities out there that help people like you stick to their goals. Many of them organize weight loss programs that will further push people to reach their target weight. Others will even teach you how to make healthy food choices. These people will listen to your weight loss journey and motivate you to achieve your goals.

Sleep more

Get a good night sleep to assist you with losing weight

Sleep deprivation will trigger stress, which will then lead to overeating. It can increase your appetite, and affect your metabolism. Aim to get at least seven hours of sleep daily. If you must get up early for work or school, then build the habit of going to bed earlier every night to compensate.

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