It’s Easier Than You Think To Get a Great Night’s Sleep.

    So easy in fact, I can explain how you can get a perfect night’s rest in about 5 minutes.


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    Sleep, it’s going to make you live longer and be more focused throughout the day, blah blah blah blah blah.

    We all already know the health benefits associated with sleep and what it does for our physical and mental well-being, so why can’t we seem to do it?​

    Why has it become so difficult to get a good night’s rest? Why, at a time where we are at the pinnacle of human know-how can’t we figure out how to do something that is supposed to be as instinctual as sleeping?​

    Well, it’s because all that human know-how doesn’t let us disconnect.​

    • We can’t disconnect from our phones.
    • We can’t disconnect from our televisions
    • We can’t disconnect from our computers
    • Hell, we can’t even disconnect with our own thoughts!

    And it’s literally killing us!

    So now the solution is to over medicate. Take a Xanax, take a Trazadone, take Ambien, take take take this habit forming drug that is just going to SEDATE you. But what people don’t realize about SEDATION is that IT’S NOT THE SAME AS SLEEP!

    In fact, when your body is sedated, it is never able to perform all the functions it usually does while you sleep. Your body doesn’t repair, you don’t really rest, your normal sleep hormones aren’t produced, and this can lead to some serious health issues.

    Think about it. When you go into surgery and they sedate you, do you think your body is doing the same things it would normally do while you slept? NO WAY!

    So what did Nuforma Naturals do about it?

    We Created a 100% Natural Tablet That Eases You To Sleep.

    This is going to be quick and will probably change your life forever so you have to pay attention.

    ​Remember when we talked about not being able to disconnect? Well, our product, EASY SLEEP is going to make you wireless, you will never be connected at night again. Ha! Tech jokes… Who’s with me…?

    But seriously, one of the issues we have today is that Melatonin (the almighty hormone that puts you to sleep) can only be produced by your body when it is dark out. There can be no light around or else your body will be all confused thinking it’s still day time. So your phone, your TV, your laptop, are all telling your body it is still time to be up.

    And that’s where our process starts. We have a specially formulated (still all natural) Melatonin that bypasses that light barrier and forces your body to produce Melatonin, making you feel tired in about 15-20 minutes.

    But what about my crazy thoughts that only seem to come about when I want to sleep?

    Great question. For that, we refer to science.

    Your body has two brain waves (that are relevant to this topic): Alpha waves and Gamma waves:

    • Gamma waves are involved in higher processing tasks like learning and information processing. When your Gamma waves are out of control, it leads to anxiety and stress.
    • Alpha waves bridge the gap between our conscious thinking and subconscious mind. It helps the mind calm down when necessary and promotes a feeling of deep relaxation.

    So, there is an amino acid called Gaba. What Gaba does is converts your Gamma waves into Alpha waves. We are giving you Pharmagaba. While the name sounds pharmaceutical it’s all natural. The only difference between Gaba and Pharmagaba is that Pharmagaba is wayyy more absorbable in the body.

    All that’s left now is staying asleep! Since you’ve probably screwed up your sleep cycle working odd hours, not sleeping enough, partying… You need to help rebalance your brain chemicals and regain a normal sleep cycle. And that’s exactly what Inositol (a B vitamin) and 5-HTP do. They keep you in a deep sleep (REM) when you need to be. Seriously, look up clinical studies on them. I dare you.​

    Our last ingredient doesn’t really have to do anything sleep but we decided hey why not, we have added the powerful antioxidant Goji Berry. Nothing really to explain here, it’s just a free radical, toxin killing bonus.​

    Last but not least, you need to know that we have a 100% money back guarantee. If you don’t like our product we’ll refund you. Seriously, no questions asked. That’s the kind of confidence you earn when you have helped nearly 5,000 people go to sleep naturally in your first year in business. Here are some testimonials:

    *She didn't get the memo it was dissolvable

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    You have to try this. It is going to change your life. Remember, we GUARANTEE it.

    Don’t wait any longer, you can be sleeping throughout the night right now but you have to make the first move.​

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