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These 10 Health Benefits Of Yoga Explain Why It’s The Perfect Form Of Exercise

By Holly / March 6, 2017

Yoga is a gift the ancient culture of India gifted to the rest of the world. It is an Indian find that is now practiced diligently by people of the West. It is capable to act like a magic wand for eliminating any and every stress that life grants to us. Whether it is work stress that is killing you or your domestic concerns or the children not doing well in studies, that is taking a toll on your peace, yoga is the answer to every life problems.

Yoga might not solve them obviously, but it surely will gear you up better so that such problems do not take the life out of you. Just like the saying goes, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.” Yoga automatically toughens you up for every challenge life throws at you. People practicing yoga on a regular basis are likely to be more enduring and resilient to everything they have to face as compared to people who don’t.

Read on to find out more about health benefits granted by yoga:

Health Benefits of Yoga

1. Weight Management and Weight Loss

People interested in weight loss and also the ones interested to gain or maintain their existing weight are beneficiaries of yoga. There are plenty of yogasanas and breathing exercises like pranayama that help people in losing weight. Surya namaskars are also the easiest way of weight loss put into practice by celebrities like Kareena Kapoor and Yana Gupta.

2. Boost Immune System

The immune system is greatly benefited because of yoga. Since, the internal organs are strengthened from yoga the immune system also gets sharpened.

3. Dazzling Skin

It is common knowledge that yogasanas improve blood circulation to the head and face regions. This makes the skin look lively and glowing. Acne, premature wrinkling, crow’s feet etc. which make you look tired and unpleasant all are erased out through postures belonging to yoga.

4. Stress Buster

The yogic exercises are designed in such a way that they automatically act as stress busting agents. Studies also show that yoga provides mood lifting benefits too. Yoga works out better in terms of management of stress as compared to medicines or therapy. In a few months of practicing yoga you would start noticing changes in your own personality. The way you handle stress and also how the body reacts to it changes for the better.

5. Greater Concentration

Yoga improves your concentration and also forces you to live in the present rather than think about work deadlines or the meals you need to cook later in the day. Learning mindful breathing is also easier as you are taught to focus on your breaths. Most of us are guilty of not paying attention to breathing in the correct way.  Deeper breathing is the crux of meditation taught in yogic methods. This opens a treasure trove of benefits for the entire body indirectly.

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6. Improved Digestion

The working of body’s digestion system greatly improves when one starts practicing yoga. The postures are such that the person practicing it has to twist and turn their body which contributes to a better digestion. Blood flow to the digestive system happens more efficiently thereby removing waste from the body at a better rate. Metabolism thus is improved.

7. Mental Strength and Positivity Boost

Meditation and breathing exercises help the person practicing it to be mentally strong and positive in all situations. Benefits derived from a mini-getaway to some calm place is found to be equal with that of the peace one feels while practicing yoga. Greater mental peace and decluttering of your mind is possible through yoga.

8. Physical Flexibility Increases

If you have been leading a sedentary lifestyle all thanks to your work-life, then yoga is the perfect solution to help you tone and strengthen your muscles. Mobility can be greatly increased with the help of yoga exercises, in people suffering from arthritis, joint pain and also ones suffering from back pain because of desk jobs.

9. Cardiac Health Improvements

Yoga contributes to improving your heart health too. Cardiac issues like blood pressure, cholesterol, blood glucose can be relieved with help of yoga. Any symptoms that can lead to heart issues and perhaps even heart attack can be averted through regular yoga and meditation. Since stress is released through yoga, chances of a heart attack are reduced greatly. Studies show that heart patients suffering from an irregular heart beat patterns reported reduced blood pressure after roughly 2 months of daily yoga.

10. Relieve Back Pain

Those suffering from recurring back pain because of an accident or injury they suffered in past or plainly due to stress can be in for a good news! There are a lot of beneficial yoga postures that are designed to reduce symptoms of back pain once and for all.

Yoga is the oldest self improvement technique in the world. If practiced regularly it can bestow the above mentioned benefits to the person practicing it. Other than the above written benefits, people suffering from diabetes also can practice it for maintaining their blood sugar levels. People who have recovered from debilitating diseases can start practicing yoga to gain strength and vitality as it is not a tiring activity like running or vigorous gym activity. Yoga bestows vitality and an energetic demeanor to people. Physical fitness can very efficiently be maintained with the help of yogasanas.

However, according to experts, not only is practicing yoga important, undergoing regular full body health checkups at regular intervals are a must too. So what are you waiting for, enroll yourself in a yoga class, now!

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