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9 Health Benefits of Bananas That Make Them The Perfect Fruit Option

By Holly / February 27, 2017

Bananas are among the most popular foods globally. This fruit is tasty and very nutritious, and people love it because it comes in a perfect portion. Bananas are also very affordable, and they mix well with other fruits to create some delicious desserts.

Although most people know that just like many other fruits they have some health benefits, most do not comprehend the actual benefits that you get from eating this fruit. Knowing some of these health benefits of bananas should be enough to convince you why you need to consume more of this fruit.

#1 They Provide the Body with a Lot of Potassium

The fact that banana is a very rich source of potassium is one of the things that makes it an excellent fruit. Potassium is one of those minerals that the body needs for proper functioning. This compound helps in blood pressure regulation and ensuring that the heart functions properly. Also, it is very effective in offsetting the effects of sodium on your blood pressure. Bananas are in general very beneficial to the heart and research by American Heart Association suggests that consuming them can reduce your risk of getting stroke by up to 20%. The potassium in bananas will also help your bones and kidneys.

#2 They Improve Digestion

Most individuals do not eat sufficient amounts of fiber in their diets, and this is why constipation is a very common problem. Bananas are a rich source of natural fibers and so consuming at least two every day will help food travel through the digestive system smoothly. Also, the dietary fiber that you get from this fruit will help improve bowel movement. Eating a couple of bananas is better and more efficient in dealing with constipation than the popular laxative. The other thing that makes plantain good for digestion is the fact that it contains an important prebiotic (fructooligosaccharides) that feeds the bacteria in the digestive tract that aid in the absorption of nutrients.

#3 They Help You Sleep

Insomnia is a prevalent sleep disorder that affects millions of people across the world, and although some conventional sleep pills can help with the condition, they are addictive and come with many side effects. And so it is always a perfect idea to try natural sleep aids and for this bananas are an excellent choice. Their effectiveness comes from the fact that they are effective in boosting the levels of natural melatonin and also because of the potassium and magnesium. Magnesium and potassium are muscle relaxants, but the fruit also contains tryptophan which is an amino acid that the brain converts to 5-HTP then to serotonin and natural melatonin which are both vital for sleep.

#4 Increasing Energy

It is common to see professional athletes eating a banana or two before and during their games. This fact shows that the fruit is very effective in boosting energy levels and if a professional athlete can rely on it, then it will also do wonders for everybody else. What makes this fruit useful in increasing energy levels is the fact that it’s natural sugar and the soluble fiber stay in balance to give you a slow and stable energy release which also makes it a perfect snack when working out. Also, you will not have to worry about this fruit spiking your blood sugar level because it has a low glycemic index.

#5 Curing Heartburn and Ulcers

Eating even one banana can offer you almost instant relief if you are struggling with heartburn. Its effectiveness comes from the fact that it balances out the stomach’s PH while also enhancing the layer of protective mucus to relieve pain. Also, the high fiber content will help to move food fast through the digestive tract to prevent any reflux. Regular banana eaters also tend to have minimal stomach ulcer issues because over time the fruit thickens the protective layer of mucus in the stomach hence preventing damages from digestion acids. Also, the fruit has some protease inhibitors that will help to destroy the bacteria that cause stomach ulcers.

#6 Improving Vision

Carrots are the super food when it comes to seeing but what most people do not know is that bananas are also very helpful to the eyes. This tasty fruit contains a significant amount of vitamin A which protects the eyes and improves both daytime and night vision. Bananas will also help to prevent Macular Degeneration which is a severe and incurable condition that blurs the central vision.

#7 Fighting Anemia

The high iron content in bananas makes them a perfect food for individuals suffering from anemia and similar ailments. Anemia is a chronic condition whose main characteristic is a continuous reduction in the quantity of hemoglobin or red blood cells in the body. Individuals suffering from this disease will tend to have incidences of fatigue, paleness, and shortness of breath. Although bananas will not cure the condition, research shows that they are very useful in fighting it since the iron aids in the production of red blood cells.

#8 Treating Skin Conditions

Although the fruit is what comes with the most health benefits the peel also has some uses with the principal among them being the treatment of different skin conditions including acne and psoriasis. By rubbing the inside part of a freshly peeled banana skin on the area with the problem, you will benefit from the healing and moisturizing properties of the fatty acid on the peel. But, it is crucial to note that in most cases it will take several weeks to see positive results from using the peels to treat skin conditions.

#9 Bananas Help to Fight Cancer

Recent studies by scientists from different parts of the world show that this fruit can help fight cancer. One research concluded that delphinidin, which is an antioxidant in the fruit, has some anti-tumor properties and so it can inhibit the growth of cancer cells. Another study on animals in Japan shows that ripe bananas will produce TNF which is a compound that increases white blood cells and hence improving the body’s ability to fight cancer. Also, the weight controlling properties of the fruit help to fight cancer.

The nine health benefits of bananas above are just a few of what you will get from the sweet fruit because there are many others. And the good thing about this fruit is that it is delicious and there are also many ways of consuming it. Instead if snacking on sugary and unhealthy foods you should try having one or two bananas and get all the health benefits that come with them.

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Jane Collins is a blogger at g9sleeptight.com, a blog dedicated to providing tips and solutions to help you have a good night’s sleep. Follow Jane on Twitter: @g9sleeptight

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