How Almonds Help You Lose Weight & Improve Your Skin


A lot of people think that nuts will not help them lose weight. They believe that nuts, like almonds, contain too many calories. What they do not know is that these are superfoods, which can help suppress hunger and provide an energy boost.

Nuts contain vitamins, minerals, and other powerful nutrients that will make you feel full longer. They are, indeed, a great low-fat snack option. This article will tell you more about how almonds can help you lose weight, and improve your skin at the same time.

Benefits of Almonds

For Weight Loss

Most nuts share similar nutritional benefits, but almonds are particularly great for weight loss. Almonds contain monounsaturated fatty acids that you will also find in olive oil and avocado. Oleic acid is the primary of monounsaturated fat in these nuts that were associated with reduced LDL levels also known as bad cholesterol. It was also found to have the ability to reduce the risk of heart disease, and breast cancer.

Moreover, almonds contain minerals like copper, manganese, and magnesium. You will also find vitamins like niacin, riboflavin, and biotin. These nutrients contribute to your body’s energy levels, helping you feel more energetic and active. In addition, these nuts are high in vitamin E that protects your heart from free radicals.

Studies show that people who added almonds in their diet will lose more weight than those who did not include them. These nuts can definitely make you feel full longer than whole grain foods, and will make you lose weight faster. Another great thing about almonds is that they are rich in protein, which your muscles need to keep on working to blast fat and keep your system in top shape.

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For Improved Skin

Almond oil is a well-known ingredient for skin treatment. However, incorporating almonds into your daily food intake, will also make your skin looking great as ever. One of the major reasons why this is true is that almonds are rich in vitamin E. These nuts contain tocotrienols and tocopherols that make your skin healthy and glowing.

Vitamin E protects the elastin and collagen proteins that keep your skin cells protected against free radicals. These two proteins are capable of making your skin firm and young-looking. Furthermore, these nuts can be the perfect weapon to keep your hair healthy and smooth.

Eating Almonds for Better Health

You can eat almonds as a replacement to your regular snack food. Since they are high in calories, it would be wise to split your meals into smaller portions. This method will help you stay full longer and reduce your chances of submitting to binge eating. Almonds are tasty, too, and you can add it in almost any meal. For better results, add healthy fruits and vegetables to your almonds.

The key to healthy eating is to avoid bread and other white carbs that keep you from losing weight. Stick to whole grains, and load up with more protein-rich foods to boost your fat-burning rate. This way, you will lose weight and become fitter faster than ever.

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Almonds are the ideal healthy snack option and have numerous health benefits, including weight loss properties and they're also fantastic for skin. Find out why!

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