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Guide to Essential Oils for Headache (Including Oil Blends For Headache Relief)

A headache can affect your quality of life. It can prevent you from doing the things that you normally do, including getting up from your bed. Luckily, essential oils have the properties that can provide headache relief and the benefits have already been enjoyed by many people across the globe. If you are experiencing headaches, check out this guide to know more about the healing wonders of essential oils.

Guide To Essential Oils For Headache

Different methods to consider:

There are various methods that you can consider when using the oils for your headache. You can try any or all of the following options and see what works best for you:

Direct application

Peppermint and lavender oils can be applied directly on the skin, whether combined with other oils or stand-alone. The best areas to apply them are your forehead, temples, and the back of the neck. If you plan to use peppermint oil, be extra careful when applying around the eyes as it may cause tears. You may also want to do a patch test, especially if you have sensitive skin, to check for possible irritations.

Cold compress

This is another great way to use the oils, either in combination or alone. To do it, simply:

  • Fill a bowl with cold water (you can also put ice cubes);
  • Place a few drops of essential oil on the water surface;
  • Get any absorbent cloth and fold several times before dipping it into the water to absorb the oils;
  • Squeeze out the excess water and place the cloth on the back of your neck or your forehead;
  • Repeat the process once the cloth is at room temperature


This is a good option for some types of headaches, particularly those related to the sinus. Simply apply a few drops of the recommended oil, which will be discussed later, to a handkerchief. You may also dab it on your collar or pillow. For the more severe cases, steam inhalation will provide tremendous relief. This method is also good for treating kids with headaches as it will not require direct application.


This one is suitable for the less severe headaches. Drop some oil into your diffuser and then take deep breaths. This will help you feel better enough to get through the day.

Best essential oils for headache

There are numerous essential oils out there for headaches, but the most popular are peppermint and lavender. Peppermint is a stimulant, while lavender is sedative. Other oils that you can use are:

Eucalyptus – To help clear the head

Chamomile – Relief from tension headaches

Rosemary – Relief for pain caused by mental effort

If you’re new – Experiment!

Not all oils smell and work the same. It is best to keep on experimenting with oils until you find the one that matches your pain type and scent preference.

Best Essential Oil Headache Blends For Diffusers

You can also try blending essential oils for various types of headaches. It is recommended that you experiment with the different options and see which best suits you. These are the four common types of headache and the recommended essential oil blends:

General Headache Relief

  • a drop of peppermint and three drops of lavender

Tension Headache Relief

  • one drop of chamomile and three drops of lavender

Sinus Headache Relief

  • one drop of lavender, one drop of eucalyptus, and two drops of rosemary


Headache is caused by so many factors. It can be triggered by fatigue, stress, sickness, or even nervousness. It can also be caused by lifestyle factors, including the lack of sleep, excessive drinking, and more. People suffering from headaches regularly may want to reassess their lifestyles and check for possible causes. When a headache strikes, it pays to have essential oils on hand for that quick relief. Follow the tips above, so you can buy the right oils and your body will thank you.

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