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Guide to Essential Oils for Cold Sores (+The 4 Best Oils To Use)

A cold sore is a type of blister that forms on the lips or anywhere inside the mouth. Also known as a fever blister, people can start feeling it under their skin within 24 to 48 hours before it appears. A cold sore is small, but can be extremely painful. The blister will break open and release a clear fluid, and then scab over. It usually clears up in days, but there are ways to address the condition for faster healing.

You can either allow the cold sores to heal on their own or apply over-the-counter medications. Essential oils also work great in treating these blisters as they can penetrate deep into the cell membrane and attack the virus. This guide will give you a list of powerful essential oils that can help those cold sores go away in no time.

Essential Oils Best for Cold Sores


Peppermint oil contains antiviral properties that can help treat a cold sore. It also works as a painkiller and alleviate discomfort during healing. Apply the oil directly to the affected area/s every few hours. It is most effective when applied during the early stages of the blisters, so make sure to use it as soon as you feel a symptom.

Tea Tree Oil

This essential oil has anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties. Simply apply small amounts to the area as soon as you feel the early signs for maximum results. You can either apply it directly or combine it with a carrier oil. Rub the oil into the affected area as frequently as possible.


Geranium is another powerful oil that can help treat cold sores. Simply apply a drop on a cotton bud, and apply directly onto the affected area/s. Like the other oils, this one works best when used during the early stages of the cold sore. Repeat the process every few hours until the blisters subside.


Lavender is one of the most popular essential oils because of the long list of benefits it offers. This oil contains antiviral properties that help provide relief and speed up the healing process. Applying lavender oil on your cold sores can take out the discomfort while allowing the area to heal.


You can blend essential oils for more benefits. Choose from the list above and combine them for maximum results. You can even massage the mixture on your neck and face. Make sure, however, to dilute the essential oils in carrier oil, like jojoba, coconut, or sweet almond.


Cold sores happen to everyone. If you are currently suffering from this problem, you can use the essential oils mentioned above for natural healing. These oils can help speed up the healing process, while reducing the pain – thanks to their pain-killing properties.

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