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Everything You Wanted To Know About Green Tea For Weight Loss


If you are trying to decrease your body weight and have done your research, you might have encountered that green tea can help you achieve it. You might still have a lot of questions in your mind; this article can help you find it.

What is Green Tea?

Green Tea is made from a herb called Camellia Sinensis. Many people believe that green tea can help them lose weight for thousands of years and is a perfect drink for anyone who is health conscious.

Health Benefits of Green Tea

green tea for weight loss

High in Antioxidants: Green Tea has a lot of flavonoids and polyphenols, two antioxidants that is beneficial for your body. Antioxidants can keep our organs clean and blood healthy. They can fight free radicals, harmful cells that fight regular cells and are the root of cellular damage. It is also associated with aging also, several diseases.

Added Minerals: There are a lot of organic compounds in green tea that is good for anyone’s health. However, the minerals are too small to have a huge impact unless a big quantity of tea is consumed. It is best to drink high quality green tea because the mineral ratios will also be higher compared to the lower green teas that have added fluoride.

Organic Compounds to help Boost Energy Levels: Caffeine which can be found in green tea can help give you the boost that you need without the jitters that you get when you drink too much coffee. The caffeine in green tea is not that abundant as it in coffee which is a good thing for many people.

Contains L-theanine: Green tea has the amino acid called L-theanine which increases GABA activity, a neurotransmitter that has anti-anxiety effects. Dopamine can also be increased by L-theanine, it is a hormone that is connected with happiness.

Alleviates Pain: Green tea contains epigallocatechin, an anti-inflammatory that can decrease a lot of pain including ones that are caused by arthritis. It has been used by in medicine for a lot of years because of this reason. According to a research, bone density can also be increased.

Beautiful Skin: Epigallocatechin doesn’t just alleviate pain, it also has a high dose of Vitamin E. It can help reduce acne and improve your complexion. It also fights the signs of aging namely wrinkles.

Healthy Heart: Drinking at least 3 glasses everyday of green tea has been proven to decrease your cardiovascular disease by 16%. Green tea’s caffeine content eliminates unnecessary salt in your body inevitably prevents low density lipoprotein from transforming into LDL that is oxidized, a type of cholesterol that is usually the cause of heart issues.

Boosts Metabolism: You can improve your metabolism by simply drinking green tea. When you drink at least 5 green cups (250ml) of green tea daily, you will be able to burn an added 90 calories. In your mind it doesn’t sound a lot. However, it can shave 10 pounds off your body in a year.

Fights Cancer: Epigallocatechin which can be seen in green tea helps stop cancerous cells’ growth all over your body and particularly helping prevent bladder cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer and stomach cancer. A lot of people think that drinking green tea after cancer surgery can stop it from reoccurring.

Improves Exercise Endurance: Green tea contains catechins that stimulate muscles to depend on fatty acids. It just means that carbohydrates are digested slowly so longer workouts are possible for you.

Appetite Suppressant: Caffeine can suppress appetite mildly so if you consume a lot of green tea, your hunger pangs will be lessened.

Glucose Absorption: The active compounds that you can find in green tea inhibits the glucose movement in the fat cells, stopping the spiking of blood sugar level and preventing the insulin level from having any sharp increases.

Stress Busting: L-theanine which is present in green tea can give extra energy, prevents anxiety, reduce stress and keep you emotionally stable.

That’s an impressive list of benefits right?!!

Green Tea For Weight Loss

Green tea is often said to be a fantastic beverage for weight loss. But how does it work? Here are the key ways green tea can be used for weight loss, and why:

(note, we’ve removed all the scientific jargon, and just given the outcomes below)

  1. It boosts metabolism. A quicker metabolism means more fat burning, even whilst you’re at rest.
  2. It triggers the breakdown of more fat at the cellular level
  3. It increases fat burning during exercise
  4. You take on less calories when you drink tea instead of other beverages
  5. It helps fight abdominal fat – nice!

Types of Green Tea

Types of green tea

There are numerous green teas to choose from. You can buy either loose leaf tea or green tea bags. Loose leaf tea is usually high quality because it gives authentic experience and taste but it can be frustrating and messy at times to make.

Flavoured Green Tea

lemon green tea for weight loss

There are available green tea flavours that you can buy namely lemon, ginger and mint. Try incorporating tea that has caffeine in it for maximum burning power unless you do not want caffeine.

Hyson Green Tea

Source: www.shopgrosche.ca

Source: www.shopgrosche.ca

Many people do not like the taste of this tea because of its pungent and strong taste. The leaves of hyson green tea have yellowish, thick leaves and are usually twisted into thin and long shapes.

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Source: www.aliexpress.com

Source: www.aliexpress.com

Pearl tea which looks like green gunpowder pellets stays fresh the longest and is great to put in a thermos while in transit to work. The pearls unfurl when water hits them.



When you get green tea at a restaurant, you will usually get Agarwood. Make sure that whole leaves are used and avoid tea that is created from wood.


Source: theteaspot.com

Source: theteaspot.com

Dragonwell is mellow in flavour and has an airy taste. It is a popular green tea that can be found in China. At first sight, you will see that it is only leaves. However, when you put water in it, the leaves will open and a tiny bud will appear.


Source: www.organicgreen-tea.com

Source: www.organicgreen-tea.com

This powdered green tea leaves turns to bright green when water is put into the mixture.

Pi Lo Chun

Source: www.pekoetea.co.uk

Source: www.pekoetea.co.uk

A rare green tea form, Pi Lo Chun, can be known by its black leaves that look like snails. The tea is grown in orchards, and the flavours are a mixture of apricots, peaches and plums that are embedded in the leaves.


Source: thesteepery.com.au

Source: thesteepery.com.au

Hojicha is a unique type of green tea leaves because of its nutty flavour. You will notice it right away because it is unrolled and large leaves.


Source: www.hibiki-an.com

Source: www.hibiki-an.com

Sencha has an earthy and savoury taste that many people love. The leaves have smooth texture and similar to pine needles.

How to Maximize Your Consumption of Green Tea

Generally, green tea is good for you but if you want to see its benefits, you might want to drink several cups spread throughout the day. Instead of grabbing that flavoured, sugary beverage, switch to green tea and it will help you lose weight and make you feel better for the rest of the day.


  • Avoid putting other ingredients to green tea such as sugar, milk or cream so that the fat burning capacity will not be neutralized.
  • You can bring green tea bags with you or a big thermos when you travel to work. You will definitely not have time to brew the loose leaf tea when you are at work but drinking green tea for the rest of the day will help keep your metabolism and energy going.
  • If you feel hot because of the summer weather, you can put ice to your green tea and make it an iced tea. Bring it with you during your travels so that you will not be tempted to reach a sugary drink.
  • Start the morning with drinking fresh green tea instead of coffee, milk or your regular tea.
  • Drink a cold cup of green tea before dinner will fill your stomach consequently reducing your overall food consumption.
  • Avoid taking green tea pills.
  • Drink warm green tea at night to limit your overeating
  • Do not overstep: Japanese green tea should be steeped for only 2 minutes, while Chinese green tea should be three to five minutes only.

Summing Up

Being fit and changing your lifestyle is a long term process. Try drinking up to 6 cups of any green tea daily so that you can start feeling good and healthy about your body.

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I knew that green tea has a lot of benefits but I didn’t know that it is that good. Amazing!


I’m a huge fan of Green tea of which I have been drinking for many many years, I for years drank green tea tea bags from my local supermarket, for my birthday a friend got me as a gift of different loose green teas, well I never, what a gift it turned out to be, I now only drink loose green tea as the taste is chalk and cheese compared to tea bags and whats great is I have found a company who have many different green tea of which I have tried most, take a look here they have yet to let me down, http://www.tea-and-coffee.com/… – I truly think 3 ups of green tea every days works wonders on your body.

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