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There are a lot of diet programs available in the market today. A lot of these products come as herbal pills that promises to help you lose weight by either losing fluid, losing mass, or losing your appetite. Yet some diet programs ask you to confine yourself to juicing. Of course nothing beats a good diet and exercise, but if you’re short on time, there are alternatives that can get you off to a fast start to results.

9 Popular Cleanse Programs

Wild Rose Detox

This cleansing program involves various foods and juices made up of vegetables and fruits. It works more like a clean-eating program than just a pure cleanse.

BluePrint Cleanse

The BluePrint cleanse offers three program levels: renovation, foundation, or excavation. It targets beginners, intermediate users, and advanced users. The drinks vary on your chosen program, with the higher levels involving more greens.

Colon Cleanse

The Colon Cleanse offers two programs: one is taken through teas, supplements, and laxatives to flush out the toxins; while the other focuses on irrigation, which pumps water through your rectum.

Dr. Oz’s 48-Hour Cleanse

This doctor’s quick cleanse targets your kidneys, liver, and colon by offering juices and healthy meals. Instead of downing the juice, Dr. Oz lets you munch on raw vegetables to complete the cleansing program. You will also be advised to take Epsom salt baths and Dandelion tea.

The Clean Program

The Clean Program is a three-week process that takes you on a meal-replacement shakes diet. You will be required to down flavored shakes twice a day, and consume the approved supplemenmts. You can eat solid foods, but only if they are included in the approved list.

The Candida Cleanse

The Candida Cleanse is created to address the overgrowth of fungus and yeast in your system. You will be choosing one of the two diet options: a seven 14-day diet that requires you to eat only raw or steamed vegetables, and take a detox drink daily; and the 3-to-7-day colon cleanse diet where you only consume vegetable broths, detox drinks, and an optional colon irrigation.

Juju Cleanse

The Juju Cleanse is a short program that you can complete in one or three days. The company supplies the juices, and you are not allowed to make them yourself. They do, however, promise variety to keep you motivated.

David Kirsch 48-Hour Supercharged Cleanse

The David Kirsch Supercharged Cleanse is a 48-hour program that involves take down several glasses of juices. These drinks are made of ingredients like acai berry, Vitamin B-12s, milk thistle, cranberry extract, and so much more. The program promises to jumpstart your metabolism and cleanse your entire system.

The Master Cleanse

The Master Cleanse is one of the most popular cleansing program. It involves drinking up to 12 glasses of juice every day, including lemon juice, maple syrup, water, and cayenne pepper lemonade. You will also be required to consume daily laxatives. This program promises to cleanse your body and help you lose weight.

The above-mentioned cleanses are all very popular, however the Go Cleanse diet also has many positive reviews. Let’s take a look…

Go Cleanse Review

Go Cleanse is one such product that lets you keep your diet and still lose weight. The premise is that it’s not your diet, it’s not the lack of exercise, but certain parasites, toxins and excess waste in your colon may be causing your demise. You can apply the term, “What does your gut feel?” to this scenario.

What is the Go Cleanse Diet?

It is a pill supplement that is to be taken 1 or 2 times a day, depending on the way your gut feels, and lets you flush excess waste and flush out any possible toxins or parasites in your colon. Not everyone may agree on this magic pill theory however. With that, we have read up a few reviews to dig deeper into the capacity of this product.

Simply cleaning up the colon without cleaning up your diet won’t work. And with good reason. This supplement— and take note of the word supplement as a key word— is simply not enough for you to lose weight. You still have to improve on your diet. Eat healthy.

Again, what is Go Cleanse?

It is a mixture of natural ingredients like Aloe vera leaf gel, ashwagandha, burdock, yellowdock and a few others ingredients. Each of these ingredients have known flushing properties that let you lose a lot of unwanted content in your colon. Healthy as it may seem, however, the fact that it suggests you give it a feel if you need one or two doses a day is unclear where to gauge its effectiveness. This is because no two body chemistries are exactly alike.

Does it Work?

There has been very little reports if alone, Go Cleanse can rid you of your weight problem. The premise does sound logical: Clean out your gut, and lose unwanted stomach contents. There are a lot of products in the market these days that work on that principle, and a lot of people try it. A lot of people see results.

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Is it safe?

One of the big concerns about considering diet pills is the possibility of any side effects that may either cause discomfort, or harm you in anyway. There is never a guarantee that the safest of substances can harm your particular system, or everyone else’s in general. Of course the manufacturer will not market these side effects, it will scare you out of buying their product.

But face it, a lot of products in the market promise a quick and simple way to lose weight only to be dead ends, a waste of money and cause more problems. Experts suggest that when trying out any supplement is not to extend its use. If it doesn’t work, then it doesn’t work. The danger of overusing detox pills is that it usually ends in discomfort for the user.

A common complaint is dropping blood pressure. One user reports dizziness to the point of not being able to focus. Another user reports having headaches that almost led to the point of passing out.

A warning on Go Cleanse Reviews

The thing with any user reviews, be they positive or negative, is that every person is different and you also don’t know what other factors were at play for the person providing the review. For example, did the person that said they lost weight easily also maintain a strict diet at th same time as doing the cleanse? Perhaps their positive result was the combination of the product and their healthy lifestyle changes.

Alternatively, did the person that reported dizziness also consume the product during a heat wave, ort not consume enough fluid for the day? It’s tough to go on user-reviews alone because of the variables in play.

So the best advice is to seek the opinion of a medical professional to be sure that it is safe for you. Although these incidents may be due to some other form of activity not suitable for a program such as this, it is best to consult a physician before ingesting any form of substances that can alter your well-being.

Is the manufacturer reliable?

The company that brings us Go Cleanse has been around for a long time, enough to build a good reputation. That means most likely, these negative reports from users may be isolated to a limited set of people who may not be compatible with this form of diet.

It is suggested that people using Go Cleanse try to pair it with a fat burning product called Leptigen. Four highly trusted ingredients for burning fats are contained in Leptigen, and it is one of the best products out there. No reported side effects and fast results were also observed.

Should you try it?

Having a clean colon isn’t really a bad thing. You simply need to take it like everything else— in moderation. Again, it is advised to use this form of weight loss only for a limited period of time. You can pair it with Leptigen, a fat burning agent. Both products have natural and trusted ingredients.

In conclusion, I would say go for it. Except for a few isolated claims, possibly taking one pill a day instead of two, with Leptigen may be the best solution to your weight loss program. Again, stop the moment your gut tells you something is wrong.

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