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How to Get Rid of Side Fat (12 Steps To Lose It)

By Holly / September 21, 2016

Too much fat stored on the tummy increases your risk of getting heart disease. Outside of that, it’s a region of fat that many view as unsightly and want gone!

Hip-bone fat and love handles are not only an aesthetic issue, but they also pose health risks. Fortunately, you can get rid of love handles and side fat through regular exercise and a healthy diet.

What Causes Love Handles?

The fat around your hips and tummy are the result of visceral fat. This type of fat is different from the fat that sits on your legs, lower hips, and arms. Visceral fat is active metabolically and produces compounds that were linked to serious health issues, including cancer. You can lose this fat by eating clean and moving more. It is impossible to directly target these areas, but your tummy is one of the first body parts that reduce in size during weight loss.

How to Get Rid of Side Fat

1. Change Your Calorie-Intake

Cut down your carbohydrate intake for weight loss

One of the best ways to lose weight is to eat less than what you burn every day. Most people can start losing weight by taking out 500 to 1,000 calories per day to obtain one to two pounds of fat loss each week. Combining diet and exercise will create the deficit. However, eating fewer than 1,200 calories daily is a strategy that backfires. Your metabolism stalls during crash dieting, and you will lose a significant amount of muscle tissue.

It is important to get your average daily calorie burn using an online calculator. You will use this figure and subtract 250 to 500 calories from it for weight loss. Increasing your burning rate by adding more intensity to your exercise will make you lose more.

2. Exercise More


Doing hundreds of sit ups every day will not get rid of your love handles. You need the right exercise program that will make your body burn more than usual to help address the visceral fat. There are many forms of exercises that will raise your heart rate and switch your body to fat-burning mode.

3. Ditch the Alcohol

Drinking alcohol will make you store more fat. This beverage contains empty calories that will never benefit you. It releases cortisol that prevents the production of testosterone, and causes blood sugar swings.

This is one of the major reasons why you sometimes experience restless sleep after drinking alcohol. Since blood sugar swing is a stressor, it can contribute to fat storage. If drinking is unavoidable, limit your intake to once or twice a week.

4. Sleep More

Get a good night sleep to assist you with losing weight

You will want to sleep more if you want to lose weight. When you are sleepless or exhausted, you tend to crave for sweets and other bad carbs. This is because the increased cortisol levels will make you want unhealthy food. It will only make losing weight more difficult for you, so get more sleep.

5. Do Not Skip Meals

How to lose a lot of weight quickly

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Skipping meals should not be tolerated as doing so will only increase your cortisol levels. Make sure to eat three to four meals per day. It is important to consume food every four hours to prevent the spike of insulin in your body.

6. Have Breakfast

Eating breakfast each day is a fantastic help on a weight loss diet

This one is connected to the previous tip. Skipping breakfast is a major no-no. This will force your body to produce more stress hormones, which may result in binge eating. Make it a habit to eat something healthy and filling first thing in the morning. Besides, you have just fasted for six to eight hours during sleep, so eat up.

7. Do Your Planks

best way to tone arms-min

Get into the plank position and activate your core muscles as you maintain it for a few seconds. Your arms should be directly below your shoulders, while your butt is squeezed tight and your abs tucked into your spine. This movement works not only your core muscles, but your upper body, too. Your upper body muscles help support your position and maintain the proper form.

8. Stay Stress-Free

Stress can get you to binge eat. The increased stress levels can be due to over-working, family troubles, or any other personal problems. The body reacts to these issues by releasing cortisol, a type of hormone that causes you to eat more and gain fat around the tummy area. Take the necessary actions to relieve stress, and stay on track.

9. Drink More Water

splash of water

Dehydration is a stressor. Many people do not even realize that they are already dehydrated. It is important to hydrate yourself in order to keep your body working in top shape. Drink two to three liters of water a day, even more during hot days or when you workout. If you love drinking coffee first thing in the morning, make sure that you have consumed a glass of water beforehand. Staying hydrated will also keep your metabolism up, and your skin smooth and young-looking.

10. Skip the Fast Food

best ways to lose 10 pounds very fast

Fast food and other processed food are located with preservatives, food coloring, and sodium. These foods are packed with bad sugar, unhealthy fat, and other content that can harm your body. When you are trying to lose the love handles, it is best to avoid these food options as much as you can.

11. Load Up with Whole Grains

aaa oats-min

Fiber-rich foods will make you feel fuller. They will keep you satisfied for a longer time, and help you avoid binge eating. Whole grains are a great example of a fiber-rich food. These include quinoa, oatmeal, fruits, and vegetables.

12. Eat Healthy Proteins

aaa proteins-min

Protein feeds your muscles, organs, and skin. Consuming lean protein is essential when trying to lose the fat. Your meal should have a serving of protein, like lean beef, fish, or chicken. Sausages and bacon contain trans fat and preservatives that contribute to fat storage and cause serious health problems in the long run.

There are non-meat options that you can also consider, like eggs, legumes, tofu, and certain leafy greens. Milk is another great source of protein. Consume your protein dose before and after your workout, too, to allow for faster muscle recovery.

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