How to Get Rid of Love Handles for Men

By Holly / September 24, 2016

The accumulation of belly fats, fondly called “love handles”, are common among aging adults and people living a sedentary lifestyle. Both men and women develop love handles over the years of unburned calories, stress, and absence of physical activities. Fortunately, men can get rid of love handles faster than their counterparts because the hormone testosterone allows the body to produce more muscles than fats. With proper health interventions, you can eliminate love handles without resorting to crash diets or too much workout.

1. Mind your calorie intake

Because of aging, stored fats from calories are difficult to convert into energy. You will need to reduce overall calorie intake to about 500 calories a day to lose 1 to 2 pounds weekly. Calorie counting seems taxing at first; you just need to read the nutritional labels at the back of each product carton.

2. Avoid processed food

Burgers, fries, sodas and everything that is preserved has high calorie count. These types of food contain sweeteners and artificial preservatives that are difficult to digest and expelled and are usually stored in the large intestines.

3. Develop a green vegetable diet

It is not the ultimate diet rule but starchy vegetables aids better digestion. Source your energy from berries and citrus fruits. Reduce your carbohydrate intake with high-fiber grains and protein-rich food such as saltwater, lean meat, and nuts.

4. Do not consume lots of sweets

Sweet treats like chocolates, candies, and other desserts give a sudden boost of energy. But over time, your body will crave for it much like an addiction. Excess sugar in the body would only turn into stored fats in the belly, arms, and legs. You are also at risk of developing diabetes if it runs in the family.

5. Drink as much water as you need

There is no ideal amount of water to drink in a day. Consume as much as you need depending on your physical activities. If you perspire a lot or urinate more frequently, you have to replace the lost electrolytes in the body by drinking water and other fluids. Water helps the muscle expand and allows better digestion and excretion. Drinking water before meals prevents you from eating too much. Consume a glass in the morning before breakfast to help boost your stamina.

6. Exercise

Multitude of studies have proved that any form of exercise has huge benefits to the body. It does not matter whether you enroll in a gym or do exercises at home. You can even just walk or jog in the morning or do occasional long distance runs. It is important to keep an active lifestyle to maintain sufficient supply of oxygenated blood in all parts of the body.

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7. Focus on core strengthening exercises

To eliminate love handles, do abdominal crunches to tone your muscles and reduce your waistline. There are variations of ab crunches you do can do depending on your target area. The most difficult love handles to trim for men are located on the sides and back. Develop a routine where you increase the number of repetitions.

Refer to the sample exercises below:

  • Reverse crunches. Raise your legs in the air with slight bend on the knees. Pull your knees inward until you feel your core muscles contracting.
  • Planking. Lie face down on a mat and then slowly raise your body against the floor. Maintain this position with your forearms serving as your balance beam. You can do variations with only one forearm resting on the floor and the other on your back. Side planks are also effective in getting rid of love handles for men.
  • Swimmer’ style. This exercise tones the lower back and oblique muscles. Position yourself on the floor like a swimmer. Flex your stomach muscles while raising the right and left arms alternately on each side. Slightly raise your leg at the back until you feel a burning sensation on the stomach.

8. Sleep and rise early

Avoid sleeping late at night because it will only urge you to eat midnight snacks. The body digests food and absorbs nutrients better when you are asleep. Late night sleeping disrupts biological functions that can affect your mood, energy levels, and stamina. Waking up early also prevents you from feeling sluggish throughout the day

9. Do not stress yourself

Stay away from stressors from work, relationships, and peer issues. When you feel lonely, sad, or angry, you are most vulnerable to subconsciously divert your attention to food. Love handles are commonly associated among couples, but people who have gone through terrible breakups may experience the same. Manage your emotions effectively so you won’t end up binge eating or oversleeping.

10. Improve your digestion

For poor digestion, eat food rich in good microbiotics like yogurt. These living organisms help break down food into nutrients. It also aids in regular bowel movement and the prevention of constipation and other digestive problems.

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