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How to Get Rid of Armpit Fat (10 Steps With Pictures)

By Holly / September 21, 2016

The armpit is one of the most heavily-photoshopped area of a model’s body. The discoloration, and unwanted lines and bulges are a no-no for commercial photos. Most people believe that these models and celebrities are too perfect, but what they do not know is that these famous personalities are not exempted from physical imperfections. Unless you are genetically blessed to have ultra pretty armpits, having the fat and lines on these areas is perfectly normal.

You can either embrace these imperfections, or do something to improve your appearance – particularly on your armpits. Eliminating armpit fat is possible through a healthy diet and regular exercise. There is no need to invest in fancy equipment to get rid of arm fat, which is good news. The best way to say goodbye to armpit fat is through proper nutrition and fat-burning exercises. This article will break down these tips in detail, and also provide some arm toning workouts, so read on.

How To Get Rid of Armpit Fat

1. Limit Your Sugar and Saturated Fat Consumption

Reduce shugar intake to lose 15 pounds in 2 weeks

Foods high in sugar are more likely to have a high fat content. These food items will make your fat loss goal extremely difficult. You will want to reduce, or eliminate, these foods from your daily diet. These include sodas, pastries, cakes, and candies. Cooking oil, dairy products, and margarine butter are high in saturated fat.

The goal is to ditch the junk food because they do nothing to your body but load it up with empty calories and health-risking components. Stick to the good food choices that contain healthy fat, like avocados, whole grains, olive oil, berries, and more. Doing so will allow you to consume less calories every day, helping you lose more fat each week.

2. Embrace the Power of Water

splash of water

Water is the best thirst-quencher. It does not only feel refreshing, but it also contains zero calories. Since you want to lose the fat around your armpits, you will want to say goodbye to sodas, sports drinks, and canned fruit juices. These beverages are extremely high in sugar content, and are packed with calories. Water is cheap and healthy, and can keep you well-hydrated throughout the day. You can infuse lemon or mint leaves if you dislike the taste of water.

3. Start Burning Calories through Exercise


Weight training and cardiovascular exercises are effective at burning calories and toning the muscles. It is ideal to include a cardio activity for about 30 minutes every day, and some strength training twice a week. Your progress will be faster when you hire a fitness trainer as this person will design a program that matches your fitness level and goals. Devote time to fitness if you want to lose the armpit fat. You only need less than an hour every day to complete a quality workout.

4. Do Your Push-Ups

lose 20 pounds in 2 months

Push-ups are not only for mean. It is, in fact, one of the best – and most effective – exercises to tone your upper body. It gives you the opportunity to tone your shoulders, arms, back, and armpit fat. Aim to complete 20 to 40 push-ups per day. If you cannot do the standard push-up, you can always do knee or wall push-ups. You can do this for three to four times a week for best results.

5. Find Activities that You will Enjoy

Finding time for exercise on a weight loss program

Fitness is not just about the pain and sweat. It is fun, too. You have to find a physical activity that you will love in order to keep yourself motivated. You can either choose an activity that allows you to do things alone or with a group. Hiking is one of the best options for outdoor-ish persons. Biking is another activity that you can do indoors or outdoors, while dancing will keep you grooving without noticing that you are burning fat.

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6. Monitor Your Calorie Intake

Preparing meals early is a great way to stick to a healthy diet

While keeping a food journal is effective for fat loss, today’s technology now allows everybody to use their smartphones to monitor their calorie-intake. You can simply download a reliable food diary app, where you can input anything that you put inside your mouth. These applications are mostly free, and they do a fantastic work in keeping you on track.

7. Do Tricep Dips

Flabby arms can feel embarrassing and uncomfortable, especially in summer when it's nice to wear t-shirts and dresses. But don't worry, there are simple exercises you can do at home to tone those arms and reduce arm jiggle for good!

The triceps are extremely difficult to tone, but you can make this possible through consistency and hard work. Tricep dips can help build muscles on the area by relying on them to support your body weight as you dip. You can use a bench or an exercise machine. Make sure to practice good form to prevent injuries. Perform three sets of 10 repetitions.

8. Maintain Good Posture


Maintaining a good posture will make you look taller and slimmer. It will also keep your bones and muscles strong. Hunching or slouching can affect your posture, and can produce folded skin on certain body areas, such as the underarms. Keep your shoulders and neck upright, and avoid hunching over when standing, sitting, or walking. It is very easy to hunch your shoulders when doing office work, so make sure to be constantly aware of your posture.

9. Wear the Right Clothes

How to Get a Smaller Waist

Wearing tight clothes can draw attention to certain body areas that you may not want. Make sure to pick clothes that fit well around the armpit and arms. If you are conscious about our armpit area, then avoid clothes with stretchy or elastic material near that region. You also have to take extra caution when looking for dresses, especially those that cut near the armpit and pull the skin around the area and make them bunch together.

10. Make Better Food Choices


Use healthy alternatives to your favorite foods. When you crave for non-nutritious foods, you may want to consider replacing it with a healthier alternative. You can research for tips online, or consult a nutritionist. Instead of the regular spaghetti, you can make one made of squash. You can also replace ice cream with a frozen fruit for a quick fix. There are so many healthy and delicious options out there that you can consider.


Fat loss involves a challenging process. While it may take some time before you can achieve a more toned arms, consistency and dedication will make this possible. Follow the tips above, and you will surely say goodbye to armpit fat in no time.

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