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How to Get Motivated to Lose Weight: 10 Actionable Steps To Get You Moving

Losing weight is challenging. It requires discipline, commitment, and tons of determination. You have to stay motivated throughout your weight loss journey to see significant results.

The process becomes manageable once you start realizing how fun it is to be fitter, healthier, and stronger every day. Losing weight does not mean starvation. In fact, this article has the best tips for you to stay motivated as you attempt to hit your fitness goals. Read on.

How To Get Motivated To Lose Weight

get motivated for weight loss

Prepare for the challenge mentally and emotionally

Weight loss involves a lot of factors. While cutting on calories and doing regular exercise are crucial, your outlook can make or break your journey. The key is to adopt the ideal attitude before you follow any weight loss plan. If you are serious about slimming down, you will have to think long-term. The reason why a lot of people who lost a lot of weight fast regained the pounds back faster is because they only saw the shortcuts.

It helps to prepare yourself mentally and emotionally to take on the big step. You can begin motivating yourself by determining your goals and writing down all the reasons why you want to slim down. Omit all the reasons that involve other people because you have to do this for yourself, and not for what others will think. Review the list as often as you can to keep you motivated throughout.

Choose attainable goals

How to Get Motivated and Stay Motivated to Lose Weight

Your goals should be realistic. It is impossible to lose 10 pounds in one day, even after a tough workout session. Most dieters expect a lot from themselves, with some wanting to look bikini-ready in just a few days. These people will lose the motivation later on and quit the game.

You have to understand that the results vary from person to person because everybody’s different. It will take time before you can healthily achieve your desired fitness level. The number on the weighing scale should not be your top priority. Your success will be evident in the figures beyond your weight, such as body fat and measurements. Be patient and do not be harsh on yourself.

Have a morning mantra

A morning mantra can help a lot in your weight loss journey. These words will prepare your mind for the tasks and goals ahead to keep you going and going. Write and read your motivational mantra every single day.

Tell yourself how far you have gone, what you will achieve today, and why you are doing this. Doing so will give you that extra boost, and make you feel great about yourself throughout the day. You can even tell your mantra-of-the-day to your trusted friends and relatives. Who knows? You might convince them to start a fitness journey, as well.

Commit to your priorities

Start your day by listing down your priorities and commit to them. Set your goal for the day. It can be an hour of exercising in a gym or cooking a healthy meal for you or your family. Decide which days of the month are workout days and write down the exercises that you have to do.

You can buy healthy foods from your local grocery store once a week, and on the same day, as much as possible. Plan ahead for any obstacles that you might experience, like a weekend getaway or a birthday celebration. You can consider your workout days as your me-times, too.

Let go of your bad habits

There is a saying that you cannot out-exercise a bad diet. If you want to reap significant results, then you will want to let go of your unhealthy habits. This means you will have to say goodbye to your favorite chips, fast food chains, sodas, chocolates, and other junk. The transition is challenging and overwhelming, but all you need is two to three months of clean eating and you will eventually get used to it. You will be surprised with how much you can lose in a short span of time, just because you got rid of your bad habits.

Determine your potential obstacles

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Anger and sadness can trigger a person’s cravings. A lot of women succumb to overeating due to stress. Losing weight requires discipline when it comes to food options and portions. A diary can help you determine what may be causing you to overeat occasionally.

Evaluate these triggers, so you can come up with ways to combat binge eating and handle your stress better. The fear of change is another obstacle that you have to face. Change is essential to improving your overall fitness and health, so you have to keep your eyes on your goals.

Celebrate every small progress

Progress is progress, whether big or small. When you reward yourself, it will reinforce a positive behavior, but it has to be meaningful. Treat yourself whenever you reach a milestone in your journey. It has to be something that will help you stay motivated. This can either be a nice massage or a new pair of running shoes. You can also enjoy a rest day where you do not have to exercise at all as a reward for conquering a tough week.

Visualize success

Visualizing success means you are mentally preparing yourself to meet success. You can do this every day to stay motivated. Close your eyes and picture yourself fitter and healthier. Does it make you feel energized and confident? Visualize every day and be proud of your achievements.

Have a cheat day

A cheat day means you can give yourself a chance to grab a bite of your favorite junk food. However, you have to control the portions and avoid going way beyond your daily calorie target. A cheat day will help you avoid binging, and feeling deprived.

Forgive yourself

There will be times when you do not feel like working out or eating clean. You have to understand and accept that it will happen on some days or you will end up berating yourself. Blaming yourself and feeling extremely guilty for skipping a supposedly healthy day will not keep you motivated. In fact, it may even trigger you to binge eat as your stress levels will increase at this point. Focus on how you can stay pro-active and what you can do to get back on track to get rid of the negative thoughts.

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