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Guide to Fraxel Laser Treatment

By Holly / April 13, 2016

Many women of today have tried a number of treatments and programs to slow down or reverse aging. Aging, and the visible signs of aging, is an issue that many women are often searching for remedies to.

Many anti-aging measures are quite invasive and can also pose a number of risks to their physical well being. Recently, the FDA-approved Fraxel Laser Treatment, which is an unobtrusive cosmetic procedure, has become quite popular. Many have tried it; and in so far, they said it gave them back many years lost to the aging process.

Here is a guide for women who are looking into this particular form of treatment complete with facts, advantages and disadvantages.

Important Facts About Fraxel Laser Treatment

Why are people turning to fraxel laser treatment?

Although some of them use sunblock, women may not be knowledgeable of how to choose the right product. Sun block lotions come in different SPF levels and their effectiveness also depends on the duration of exposure. Sunrays, over a period of many years can have an accumulative effect of enhancing the aging process (not good!)

Air pollution, stress, alcohol consumption, smoking and fatigue also add up to environmental factors that trigger skin problems. Acne breakouts would be a normal facial feature and the scars they leave can be too irritating to look at.

Enter the dermatologists who may want to prick those zits—another problem. Young girls are prone to pimples so parents accompany them to dermatologists to put an end to this misery. However, acne is a devastating skin problem that leaves indentations that are totally awful. Once pimples are pricked, they can leave deep potholes on the skin surface.

Another problem that needs to be solved are unsightly surgical scars which are shameful for both young and old females. Scars that may have been obtained from previous operations or caused by accidents need to go. Fortyish or older women would also find it hard to regain a once smooth surface because the skin’s ability to produce collagen has already been reduced. These are just among the things that can be remedied by Fraxel laser treatment.

Fraxel Laser Treatment Results & Benefits

The treatment has endeared itself to a huge number of women as they do not need to go undergo invasive operations in order to improve their skin texture. Considered as a non-invasive method, it only needs topical anesthesia. It is said that this gentle procedure has the ability to cure various skin conditions common not only to middle-aged women but also for those who are not keen in avoiding environmental factors which help in premature aging.

Fraxel deals with fine lines, sagging skin, wrinkles as well as pigmentation, melasma, actinic keratosis and other skin discolorations. A lot of skin conditions may be caused by excessive sun exposure.  These problems go unnoticed as several women think that they are still young so they think that environmental factors will not take its toll on their skin until they age.

It stimulates natural production of collagen; acne scars are refined by a process which involves limited damage to the skin’s surrounding skin tissues. Healing time is lesser, after which a radiant-looking and smoother skin evolves.

But if the treatment was proven effective to other people, some people may not have the same benefits. There are many things that are important to note before undergoing this kind of treatment. Efficiency of this process depends on many factors. You have to be aware that treatments vary, number of treatments needed differ as well, and duration for each treatment are not the same.

There are three types to Fraxel treatments and all of these versions integrate fractional resurfacing, an innovative technology. It delivers small microscopic laser beams onto the skin as it applies adjustable doses of heat to target areas. It does not only promote collagen promotion and rejuvenates skin cells but also helps skin to heal naturally.

Each procedure involves around three to five treatments and usually done with intervals of 3-4 weeks. Each procedure vary in duration.

Different types of treatment

Fraxel Re:fine

This is the simplest form of treatment and the safest so far. But as we all know, simple forms are commonly not the best. Results are obviously not the same with the other two procedures.

Fraxel Re:store

Another simple form but more effective than the first type, this does not involve cutting into the skin. It stimulates more collagen production but there are some side effects. This involves lesser healing time.

Fraxel: Re:pair

This integrates the CO2 technology and cutting on the skin is needed to make it work. A professional working on this procedure drills small holes onto the skin. Treatment is done by utilizing a combination of skin vaporization technique and collagen remodeling to make it more effective. Downtime for healing of this more aggressive form is longer but the result is more long-lasting

The Treatment

The outpatient treatment procedure of Fraxel repair requires just a specific amount of time which will not eat up most of your day, week, or month. Procedures last only for about two hours; preparation and treatment included. Preparing the skin to undergo the process takes most of it but the laser treatment only takes up around 30 minutes.

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Treatment is not painful but needs to be repeated for a series of sessions for it to provide better results. The process utilizes laser that may hurt a bit while on the process so patients are given topical anesthesia beforehand to numb target areas and surrounding skin.

Fraxel Laser Treatment Before and Afters

Source: www.mdcosmedicalsolutions.com.au

Source: www.mdcosmedicalsolutions.com.au

Source: www.joannesskincare.com.au

Source: www.joannesskincare.com.au

Source: www.perfectskincenter.com

Source: www.perfectskincenter.com

Fraxel Laser Side Effects

A majority of patients who have undergone the method say that they experienced pain and discomfort during the treatment. These feelings are but natural for those who are not aware how the process would go. It is therefore imperative to ask the professional who will handle the treatment and learn how it is performed to avoid the feeling of panic. As we all know, ambiguity promotes fear.

Swelling and redness may come after the treatment itself. Understand that after treating a simple wound, these after effects are commonly observed. Peeling comes right after the wounds have healed. A little itchiness can be felt as well on areas surrounding the areas targeted for treatment. This means the wounds are starting to heal. It is advised not to peel it as it will do so by itself. Doing the peeling by yourself may cause another wound as a result of the anticipation.

As a suggestion, patients should take several days or weeks off to allow skin to completely heal. These side effects usually last for a few days time therefore, you don’t have to fret as you already know that every treatment has its own downtime.

Fraxel Laser Cost

On the average, this treatment costs somewhere between $800 and $2,000. Nevertheless, age, specific needs and medical issues, and expectations have to be considered before this treatment begins. Aside from these factors, doctor’s fees play a crucial role when it comes to cost. It is good idea to ask for a rundown of fees before confirming for the treatment.

Final Verdict

Overall performance of the Fraxel laser method, regardless of the desired treatment type, is excellent. Choose a professional when it comes to the person to perform the treatment. It is obviously much better to consult a certified physician to maximize the process’ real potential and to keep clear of possible side effects.

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