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    What Every Woman Should Know About Chest Training

    By Holly / June 13, 2016

    Many women who begin working out at the gym are confused about whether to do chest exercise or not. They think that lifting weights will make them look less feminine and that working out the chest should be left to the men. After all, most of the women doesn’t like to look too masculine with a big chest and smaller breasts.

    If you are having doubts about whether to workout your chest area or not, here is a simple answer for you – this claim is a prevailing myth and yes, you need to start doing those chest exercises. Changing minds about fitness and weights lifting comes slowly for most of the women. But all of you girls out there should know that avoiding chest exercises is a bad idea.

    If you want to be entirely healthy and own a body you will be proud of you should remember that you need upper body strength and your fitness routine can never be complete without it. Doing bench pressing and pushups will workout your arms and triceps, not just your chest, so why avoid it?

    Building chest muscles won’t make your breasts smaller

    When women approach their trainers at the gym, they are hoping to do exercises that will slim down their thighs, shape their glutes and tighten their tummy. However, women at the gym nearly never dream about having a firmer chest. Here’s the thing – muscles don’t make the breasts smaller. The low body fat levels and extreme diet of the female bodybuilders are the reasons why they look more masculine than what women normally prefer.

    Breasts are made of fat tissue, so if your body fat levels go way down the healthy range, so will your breasts. As long as you sustain healthy body fat levels, you won’t have a problem. You should have at least 10-13% body fat for an overall health. Everything below 10% may bring health risks. So work out hard but eat healthy as well.

    Eating properly is as much important as the exercising, so try to find a diet plan that will work for you. I highly recommend the 3 week diet plan, because it is effective, it doesn’t require a lot of cooking and time management.

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    Chest exercise will make your breasts visually larger

    It is true that when you exercise, you sweat and therefore you lose fat in your entire body and in your breasts too. So, yes doing cardio exercises for example will slim down your breasts, but chest workout won’t.

    On the contrary, working out your chest area will make your pectoral muscles bigger and they will sit higher on the rib cage. This will make your breasts look bigger and sexier, not smaller. If you have smaller boobs they will become visually larger. If you have big and fatty breasts, you will probably shrink some fat if you are already losing body fat in your entire body with cardio.

    Bottom line, if you are doing chest exercises you can expect to get rounder, firmer breasts. On the other hand, if you do cardio you will probably lose some breast fat too.

    Chest exercise will give you more cleavage

    By doing these exercises your breasts will become rock hard and firm breasts are so hot. The bigger definition line will also create a deeper valley between them. I think these are enough reasons to never skip your chest training again.

    Doing chest exercise is essential for you upper body strength and by neglecting these muscles you will probably cause muscular imbalance and will be losing many health benefits as well. Like all strength training working your breasts will increase your metabolism and will help you burn those extra calories.

    Pectoral exercises improve posture and increase stamina

    Chest exercises build your upper body strength which leads to improved posture of your body. This means that this type of exercise is great for reducing the tension in the neck and back and will also create breast lift effect.
    Also, any strength training makes you feel more energetic, helps you handle stressful situations better and builds your stamina and self-esteem. So, why wait? Start your chest workouts right away.


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