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The 30 Most Effective Non-Dieting Weight Loss Tips (That Work)

If you’d like to know the best ways to lose weight without relying on diet trends, take a look at the following tips that are proven to help you lose weight without driving yourself crazy on a fad diet!

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  1. If you’re sitting down most of the day, get up and walk every couple of hours.
  2. When buying foods, avoid those with any artificial sweetener listed as the top four ingredients.
  3. Find a weight loss partner online who can help keep you accountable.
  4. Use smaller plates and glasses and eat only what you put on your plate.
  5. Portion food ahead into your plates, instead of taking as much as you like and as many times as you like from platters.
  6. Keep yourself motivated by writing your target weight and a compelling reason for losing weight.
  7. Take a short walk before your meals as this can lower your appetite.
  8. Look in the mirror while you’re eating and this will likely remind you of your goals, motivating you to eat less.
  9. Limit eating with a lot of people so you can be more mindful of what and how you eat. When eating with your family, chat in between bites so you can eat slowly.
  10. When going out with friends or on a date, pick one physical or outdoor activity every week.
  11. When ordering, always select the smallest serving size.
  12. Make a food journal to take note of what you eat and drink every day.
  13. Look at anything colored blue as it’s proven to lessen your appetite and discourage eating.
  14. Avoid snacking after dinner or eating late at night.
  15. Think of positive statements to encourage you and repeat these to yourself throughout your day.
  16. Eat when you’re actually hungry and can feel your stomach rumbling, not just to satisfy cravings.
  17. Purchase a fitness tracker with a pedometer to count your steps and make it a goal to add more steps to your usual routine.
  18. If you’re counting your calories, calculate 10 percent of your total calories everyday. Then add this amount and alter your diet as needed.
  19. Eat more slowly by putting your spoon down after each bite or sipping some water. This gives your brain time to realize when you’re already satisfied.
  20. Choose more foods rich in water like cucumbers and watermelons, also, foods with water like soups and stews.
  21. Studies show that we tend to munch while watching TV so cut down on your TV time.
  22. Put more veggies in your meals for more fiber and water instead of grains and meat.
  23. Drink coffee or juice with your breakfast but choose calorie-free drinks like water for the rest of the day.
  24. Research recommends walking briskly for half an hour to avoid putting on weight and for 45 minutes to lose more weight.
  25. Take the stairs everyday instead of the elevator or escalator.
  26. It can be hard to choose healthy meals when eating out so prepare your own food and eat most of your meals at home instead.
  27. Clean something at home at least once a week like the windows, the bathroom, the floor or your car.
  28. Get rid of your old clothes that are too big for you. This will encourage you to keep the weight off so you can still fit in your clothes.
  29. One study’s results suggested that when you feel like eating, smelling your food first decreases sensations of hunger, making you eat less.
  30. Aim to consume less every day, whether it’s lesser portions of your meal or a couple of drinks less.

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