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How To Detox Your Body Naturally: The Best Way To Cleanse Your Body Today

By Holly / March 8, 2017

During the course of our day, we perform a lot of activities and ingest a lot of toxins. Over the years, these toxins keep on accumulating inside our body and as a result, pose a serious threat to our health.  One of the methods of overcoming this challenge and staying fit is detoxification or body detox. There are various health benefits of detoxification which include but are not limited to increased energy, strengthened immune system, controlled cravings, weight loss, clearer thinking and improved skin.

How to detox naturally

1. Say no to toxins

The toxins include smoking, drinking, processed food, refined sugar and anything that has the chemical. Smoking is one of the leading causes of cancer today.Ask yourself, do you really need to smoke? The cake or the soda can that you crave for, how does it benefit you apart from adding to your waistline? The alcohol that you are so crazy about, how does it help you except for blurring thinking and damaging your liver among other hazardous side effects. Processed food might look attractive, cheap and very convenient; but how convenient is it exactly if it means ending sick at the end of the day. Chemical based home care and personal care products are so common that we don’t even give the recognition that natural home and personal care products deserve. Say no to all the toxins while you still can and opt for their healthier counterparts.

2. Increase Physical Activity

It is a fact that we all are busy and as such, our physical activities have reduced and become so less that we prefer cars and cabs for traveling distances as small as a kilometer. Humans, when they found existence on earth, did everything manually. It meant cooking, cleaning, building their homes, hunting and travelling for miles on foot. But today, all we do is on the click of one button. It is time to get the physical activities back into our lifestyle because the human body is made to be active. The activity can be in the form of yoga, simple daily exercise routine, some sports activity or maybe an intense gym workout. If you do not have the time to go to a gym or practice some sport, you can make a mini gym at home. For the latter, look at various fitness equipment by Argos and other stores from Hot UK Savings if you’re based in the UK, of course you can also try Amazon in addition and you may end up saving both time and money.

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3. Drink water

Almost 65% of the human body is made up of water. Hence, we need adequate water to function properly. Fruit juices, tea and coffee are no substitute for water. Apart from the fact that water has 0 calories, it provides a number of health benefits which include flushing toxins, promoting weight loss, relieving fatigue, preventing headache and improving digestion. Not only this, water is also pocket-friendly as it is the cheapest drink that is available. Thirst is generally masked as hunger, so it is a good strategy to always drink a little water before munching up food. How much water a person needs depends on one person to another, but everyone must drink at least 8 glasses of water to continually flush toxins.

4. Increase fiber content in your diet

Diet rich in fibre or a high fibre diet is especially good for the digestive system as it cleanses the intestines as well as regulates the bowel movements. High fibre foods include fruits, vegetable, dry fruits, nuts and seeds. These foods will act as natural agents of digestion and help improve the overall diet of a person. Overtime, an added benefit is that you will get used to eating healthy food over junk food.

5. Sleep

Sleeping is extremely essential for us to function and get through our stressful day. It is suggested that a person should sleep at least seven to nine hours a night in order to be fully functional. Too much sleep isn’t good for help either. However, sleeping just right helps by making you more mindful, improves short term memory, reduces substance abuse, prevents headaches and helps with depression related issues.  Thus, sleeping is the most natural way of combating a number of issues all at the same time.

6. Natural detox drinks

If you cannot drink only water, you can try drinking water with lemon or mint in it. Green tea can act as a substitute for caffeine as caffeine is not good for health and green tea has natural antioxidants which can give greater health benefits. Some of the other detox water drinks can be made by infusing water with some fruits or herbs and storing them overnight or for over eight hours.

We have seen how detoxification helps us and is really simple to follow. All we need to do is imagine how our ancestors lived and learn a thing or two from them. Incorporating the best from the past while building the future is the only way we can create a sustainable life for us and for the future generations to come.

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