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Cruise Control Diet Review – Pros, Cons & If It Works!

The Cruise Control diet program is designed as a healthy eating plan for weight management. Developed by James Ward, the program claims to be one of the most flexible weight management plans today. Ward spent his time studying all the latest research in the field of weight loss before finally coming up with a sustainable and practical diet program that will impact the lives of many people.

This diet program does away with food diaries, calorie counting, and synthetic products that most weight management experts recommend. Whole foods are the top priority, and you are expected to respond to your hunger signs by consuming healthy foods, instead of ignoring or fighting them.

Cruise Control Diet Review

The diet program’s basic tenet is the Instinctual Eating Principle, which states that food is for satiating hunger and providing your body the necessary nutrition. Instead of overcoming hunger with artificial diet products or will power, this program recommends reacting to it by eating the right kind of whole foods.

It focuses on regulating hormones that are responsible for fat storage and appetite with the help of whole foods. Ward believes that consuming any form of sugar will increase the production of insulin, a type of hormone that promotes fat storage. Scientific research revealed that diets packed with protein and healthy fats will help fight cravings and hunger pangs.

Cruise Control Diet Snapshot

  1. Choose whole foods that will help the body burn stored fat. The list of recommended foods is provided.
  2. Avoid foods that promote the production of hunger hormones, such as those in high carbohydrates.
  3. Take out all processed foods from your diet, especially the sugary beverages.
  4. Avoid fruit juices and smoothies, regardless if they are packaged or fresh, sweetened or not.
  5. Always attend to your body’s hunger signals.
  6. Indulge once or twice a week by eating your favorite food or snacks, including unhealthy ones.
  7. Quit calorie counting, writing on a food journal, starvation, and frequent checking of weight.

Three phases of Cruise Control program

This diet program will take you through three phases:

Metabolic Reset Phase

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This phase covers the first two weeks of the program. It is mainly concerned with controlling your blood sugar levels. Your body will adjust to the absence of simple carbohydrates in your diet to prevent sugar crash and fat storage.

Cruise Control Phase

This phase helps you learn to eat whole foods to respond to your body’s nutritional and caloric needs. You will also learn to avoid binge eating and cheating. This is because you get to eat your favorite food, particularly unhealthy ones, once or twice a week.

Rapid Fat Burning Phase

The last phase is where you are expected to have learned to control hunger hormones, and provide your body the kind of foods it needs. This phase is dedicated for accelerated weight loss. You can lose the excess body fat by incorporating fat-burning foods into your meal plans.

Pros and Cons


  1. Cost: The diet book is reasonably priced, and there is no need for diet supplements. You can continue learning about the program through their website (www.cruisecontroldiet.com) at zero cost.
  2. Flexibility: This program lets you choose any kind of whole foods, and you get to cheat once in a while.
  3. No cravings or hunger pangs: Your body will slowly learn to control hunger hormones by avoiding the wrong foods.
  4. No plateau: This is not a starvation diet that lets you deprive yourself of food you need. The program focuses on providing you with the right nutrition at all times.
  5. Low chance of failure: This program recognizes food cravings and hunger pangs, which are the two most common causes of diet failure.


  1. Not adaptable to vegetarian and vegan diets because animal proteins are a mainstay in this program.
  2. Highly dependent on self-regulation, based on the Instinctual Eating Principle. Some people may prefer a more structured diet program.
  3. Lack of a comprehensive workout program, which can further help people manage their weight and health better.


The Cruise Control Diet program is a healthy eating plan that helps tackle life-threatening diseases caused by obesity and being overweight. It does not give you a quick fix, because it helps you adjust slowly to a healthy lifestyle.

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