Cellucor Huper HD Reviews

Cellucor Super HD is a weight management supplement that works by suppressing your appetite. It helps keep your hunger pangs at bay while providing you improved focus and metabolism for better performance and fat burning rate. This product contains a unique blend that encourages safe fat burn, including ingredients like Amla fruit and Yohimbe extract. It also has fatty acid synthase inhibitors that prevent your body from storing calories that you take it and convert them into energy. This article will give you a comprehensive review of the product and why you will want to try it out.

Important benefits

  • Increased mental focus and stimulation
  • Improved energy output
  • Metabolic stimulation
  • Thermogenesis
  • Negation of fat storage
  • Improved fat mobilization
  • And appetite suppression

Its unique blend, called the IFAS503, is responsible for reducing fat storage. The Yohimbe extract, meanwhile, serves as an androgenic receptor antagonist to improve blood flow, vasodilation, and lipolysis (fat burn). In addition, the niacinamide and B vitamins present will give you adequate support for your central nervous system, resulting in improved endurance, reduced fatigue, faster recovery, and better function.

What’s in it

This weight management supplement contains the following ingredients:

  • IFAS503, which is a blend of Camellia sinensis extract, Tuber Fleeceflower extract, and Chinese Mistletoe extract;
  • Capsimax, which is a unique compound containing capsicum extract
  • Rhodiola
  • Toothed Clubmoss
  • Rauwoliscine
  • N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine
  • Pausinystalia Yohimbe Extract
  • Caffeine
  • Dandelion Extract
  • Amla Fruit Extract
  • Niacinamide
  • Evodiamine
  • Vitamin B12
  • Pyridoxal Phosphate


You can purchase Cellucor Super HD in either powder or pill form. The availability of these two options will help users choose whichever is more convenient for them. Some people are not comfortable taking capsules, while others simply do not have the time to mix the powder.

Whether you go for the pill or powder, it is recommended that you do not take it for more than eight weeks straight. You will want to allow at least four weeks of non-usage to give your body the chance to adjust and rest. It is also strongly advised that you increase your water intake while taking the Super HD. The product contains diuretic ingredients, like caffeine and dandelion extract, and lack of water intake might cause dehydration.

Pill form

First-time users are advised to take a single pill in the morning on an empty stomach. They will take another capsule six hours later in the day. This will help them assess their tolerance. If no adverse side effects are seen, then you can increase your dosage to up to three capsules a day within the 24-hour period. Taking more than the maximum recommended dose might no longer be safe.

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Powder form

Those who wish to use the powder form can start with one scoop in the morning on an empty stomach. The powder is mixed with eight to ten ounces of water. Users may take another scoop six hours later in the day to test tolerance. The dosage can be increased gradually when no adverse side effect is seen. The maximum dosage is three scoops a day within the 24-hour period.

Flavors and serving sizes

The Super HD in pill form, of course, does not come with a flavor. The powder form, however, can be purchased in Strawberry Lemonade and Peach Mango flavors. You can buy the pill form in 10-, 60-, and 120-capsule containers. The smallest container is perfect for users who wish to try out the product. The powder form is only available in one size that provides 30 servings for a one-month supply.


The product should only be consumed for a maximum of eight consecutive weeks. You will have to discontinue the use for at least four weeks after hitting the maximum consumption period. It is strongly advised that you stop taking the product immediately when you see unpleasant side effects. It will be wise to consult your doctor before taking this supplement when you have pre-existing medical conditions or are taking any prescribed medications.

Furthermore, this supplement has potent stimulants. Some people might experience anxious or jittery sensations due to the product’s caffeine content. To test your tolerance, simply follow the recommended dosage for first timers above to prevent side effects.

What users think

The Super HD has received a generally positive feedback from customers online. The potent compounds present in it makes it an effective weight management product. Each serving contains 160 milligrams of caffeine. While it is already enough to cause jitters to caffeine-sensitive people, it is still much less than other supplements with 200 to 400 milligrams.

Ingredients like the dandelion root can cause dehydration because of their diuretic properties. Some users reported feeling dehydrated, but the company has recommended the increase is water intake to prevent this side effect. Many users, however, praised the decent number of plant-based ingredients in this product, including the Chinese Mistletoe and Amla Fruit extracts.

People who ordered the powder form loved the flavors. They also loved how the powder mixes well because of its fineness. It only takes a few seconds of stirring or shaking, and you can drink it up right away. This is perfect for users who are always in a hurry or those who simply got tired of hard-to-mix supplements.


Overall, the Cellucor Super HD is a safe and effective weight management supplement. The availability of the powder and pill forms allow users to choose which method suits them best. The product contains decent ingredients, with many of those derived from exotic plants. Customers were generally happy with the taste, as well as how the powder form mixes well.

The manufacturer, however, recommends at least a four-week non-usage window to give the body some rest. If you are first time user who wants to try out the product first, then you can simply purchase the 10-capsule container to test your body’s tolerance. With all of these superb features, the Super HD is definitely worth the money.

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