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    How to Make your Boobs Smaller

    By Holly / September 30, 2016

    Some women naturally have larger boobs than others. According to German newspaper Bild, Russia, Finland, Sweden, and Norway rank the highest regarding the biggest boob sizes in the world. Although Americans did not sweep the first spot, most of them have “larger than D cup” sizes together with Venezuela and Colombia. Africa, Asia, and East […]

    How To Lose 40 Pounds (12 Steps With Pictures)

    By Holly / September 28, 2016

    Is it possible to lose 40 pounds quite fast without resorting to crash diet? The U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention said that people who gradually lose weight are more likely to maintain their body than those with abrupt changes. A healthy weight loss plan should be holistic. It improves cholesterol and levels, blood […]

    Avocado Oil For Hair: 9 Surprising Hair Benefits Of Avocado

    By Holly / September 27, 2016

    Avocado is a true superfood. It is considered as one of the healthiest fruits on Earth and there are many reasons for that. Quite simply avocados are loaded with nutrients, various vitamins, and minerals that our bodies need. They contain more than 25 nutrients that are vital for our overall well being including the vitamins […]

    How to Get Rid of Love Handles for Men

    By Holly / September 24, 2016

    The accumulation of belly fats, fondly called “love handles”, are common among aging adults and people living a sedentary lifestyle. Both men and women develop love handles over the years of unburned calories, stress, and absence of physical activities. Fortunately, men can get rid of love handles faster than their counterparts because the hormone testosterone […]

    How to Get Wider Hips

    By Holly / September 21, 2016

    Most, if not all, people have become self-conscious about their looks at least once in their lifetime. The number of people who are becoming concerned about their physical appearance has been increasing. Today, a lot of women want to have a more define butt and wider hips. Unfortunately, many of these people have been doing […]

    How to Get a Flat Stomach in a Month

    By Holly / September 21, 2016

    Belly fat is annoying. This is caused by visceral fat, which is located deep within your stomach area. Losing belly fat will help you achieve a flatter stomach. If you only have a month to do so, then fret not as it is doable. Your approach to this goal should include diet changes and regular […]

    Lose 50 Pounds in 2 Months (11 Steps With Pictures)

    By Holly / September 21, 2016

    Your dream body is achievable with determination and discipline. Losing 50 pounds in two months is pretty challenging, but is definitely doable. The figures might overwhelm you, but there is nothing too big for a person who is committed. This article will teach you about safe weight loss through lifestyle and mindset change to help […]

    How to Get Thicker Thighs (10 Tips & 3 DIY Workouts)

    By Holly / September 21, 2016

    Strong and curvy is the new sexy. A lot of women want to have these two characteristics present on their bodies. Being curvy and strong provide the ladies with a strong sex appeal – not to mention that big booty. This type of body shape means having a big butt, and thick thighs. How To […]

    How to Get Rid of Side Fat (12 Steps To Lose It)

    By Holly / September 21, 2016

    Too much fat stored on the tummy increases your risk of getting heart disease. Outside of that, it’s a region of fat that many view as unsightly and want gone! Hip-bone fat and love handles are not only an aesthetic issue, but they also pose health risks. Fortunately, you can get rid of love handles and […]

    How to Get Rid of Armpit Fat (10 Steps With Pictures)

    By Holly / September 21, 2016

    The armpit is one of the most heavily-photoshopped area of a model’s body. The discoloration, and unwanted lines and bulges are a no-no for commercial photos. Most people believe that these models and celebrities are too perfect, but what they do not know is that these famous personalities are not exempted from physical imperfections. Unless […]

    How to Get Motivated and Stay Motivated to Lose Weight

    By Holly / September 7, 2016

    One of the challenges that people face when trying to lose weight is staying motivated. Going on a weight loss journey is by no means easy. Some see it as waging a battle with oneself. However, struggling won’t get you anywhere. Rather, you have to get into the right frame of mind in order to […]

    How to Lose 100 Pounds: 9 Sensible Steps For Achievable Weight Loss

    By Holly / September 7, 2016

    0 shares How To Lose 100 Pounds When you need to lose at least 100 pounds, it only means that you are obese or morbidly obese. If you are significantly overweight, you are at a high risk for serious medical conditions such as cardiovascular diseases, hypertension and diabetes. However, losing weight is never easy. It […]

    Shed 20 Pounds in a Couple of Months

    By Holly / September 7, 2016

    How To Lose 20 Pounds in 2 Months Shedding 20 pounds in two months seems like a tall order, but it can be done by strictly following a diet and exercise regimen. This feat requires a lot of determination and motivation. One of the main concerns that you may have is staying healthy while trying […]

    How to Lose 5 Pounds in a Week (3 DIY Workouts Included)

    By Holly / September 1, 2016

    0 shares How do I lose 5 pounds in a week? Losing weight is one of the most difficult ordeals in life because it affects not only your aesthetics but also your overall health. Despite that strict diet and strenuous exercise, you still would not achieve that ideal weight due to a variety of reasons. It could […]

    How to Lose 15 Pounds in 2 Weeks (12 Steps)

    By Holly / August 30, 2016

    0 shares Weight loss is a challenging journey. Losing 15 pounds in two weeks is not easy, and will require you to work double time in order to achieve such goal. Surgery and pills are among the “easy” options that many people choose just to drop a large amount of excess weight in a snap. […]

    How to Lose 10 Pounds in 3 Days (Meal Plan Included)

    By Holly / August 30, 2016

    0 shares How To Lose 10 Pounds in 3 Days Weight loss is pretty tough to achieve. It takes hard work, consistency, and discipline to achieve this. A healthy weight loss is said to be around 1 to 2 pounds a week, and losing all 10 pounds in just three days can be risky, but […]

    25 Home Remedies Bloggers To Follow

    By Holly / August 17, 2016

    We are big fans of natural, healthy living and home remedies play a huge part in living naturally. Unfortunately, finding the right information about home remedies can be a bit of a challenge, but fear not, we’ve found the best online resources for you! Below is a list of the 25 Best Home Remedies Blogs To […]

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