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5 Amazing Workouts That Sculpt The Inner Thighs (Fast)

By Holly / May 29, 2018

The thighs are one of the most common areas that women in particular want to tone up. Be it cellulite or just a little extra flab around the upper legs, you’re going to want a good workout plan to help get rid of inner thigh fat and today you are in luck because we have […]

The Sexy Shoulder Guide: 9 Free Weight Exercises For Toning Your Shoulders

By Holly / May 30, 2017

Well-sculpted shoulders are what make heads turn. If you are too conscious about showing them off, then it is time to work those upper body muscles. You can achieve the perfectly-sculpted shoulders by working on your upper back, arms, and chest muscles. Strengthen them through weight training several days a week, and you can achieve […]

Best Elliptical Under $500 (Some Under $450)

By Holly / March 1, 2017

Purchasing your own elliptical machine or trainer for home use is a great idea for those who want the convenience of being able to exercise any time they want to.  However, because of their features and the build quality required for this kind of equipment, it’s a challenge to find elliptical trainers that cost less […]

How Can Yoga Help You to Calm Anxiety

By Holly / February 2, 2017

It’s common knowledge that we live such busy lives these days, and it’s easy to feel stressed out, anxious, or even worried about the tiniest little thing. Competition, comparisons, work stress, family life, money; these are all reasons that we could possibly start to worry ourselves into early old age, and whilst that is a […]

Best Running Socks: Top 7 Options Revealed

By Holly / January 13, 2017

Our #1 Pick for the Lightest Pair of Running Socks Drymax Run Hyper Thin Why we like it: Made of 73% olefin,11% polyester,11% nylon,5% elastane materials. Super thin running sock. Highly-rated by many users.   7 Best Running Socks 2017 1. Balega Hidden Comfort These socks are perfect if you tend to have really sweaty feet […]

Best Triathlon Watch: 2017s Top 7 (Surprisingly Affordable Winner!)

By Holly / January 13, 2017

The Triathlon Watch Buying Guide – Top Features to Consider If you happen to be one onto triathlon, you probably know by now how hard or infuriating it can be to start guessing how many laps you did or how many miles you run because you lost the exact count. If you would like to […]

Best Yoga Mat: Top 7 In 2017 Reviewed For Price & Value

By Holly / January 5, 2017

Yoga Mat Buying Guide  Every exercise regime requires proper apparel, proper equipment, etc. It is the same with yoga as well. For yoga, it is best to practice various asanas with a yoga mat. There are many asanas or poses that will require you to pressurize various body parts. Some of these poses would be […]

Best Ab Roller: Roll Your Way To A 6 Pack With These Ab Rollers

By Holly / January 5, 2017

Ab Roller Buying Guide for a Flat Tummy If you want to have flat tummy and abs, then exercise is the only option for you. To get better results, you can surely take the help of various devices and ab roller is a good option for that. With the help of this simple equipment, you […]

Top 7 Best Waist Cinchers (Get A Slimmer Waist Without Dieting)

By Holly / July 29, 2016

A stunning curvy figure is now more attainable for women thanks to the waist trainer or waist cincher. While exercise and supplements help with weight loss, the waist trainer hones the body to your ideal shape. Most people typically think of wearing waist cinchers or corsets on occasions where you want to look more beautiful […]

The Perfect Pushup Review: Does It Work?

By Holly / July 13, 2016

Perfect Pushup Review The Perfect Pushup Elite is a popular chest training equipment that is currently among Amazon’s bestselling products. Its first version was introduced some years ago. The latest version, which was released in 2014, provides increased comfort and efficiency. Its design now comes with a rotated handle that makes it more comfortable for […]

10 Ways to Torch 100 Calories in 10 Minutes

By Holly / May 23, 2016

0 shares Pin0 Share0 Got 10 minutes spare and a desire to burn some calories? When it comes to losing weight, maintaining a healthy diet and regular exercise routine is the proven way to do it. However, often the difference between dropping weight very quickly and maintaining that weight is the ability to put small amounts of […]

Go Cleanse Diet Reviews

By Holly / February 17, 2016

There are a lot of diet programs available in the market today. A lot of these products come as herbal pills that promises to help you lose weight by either losing fluid, losing mass, or losing your appetite. Yet some diet programs ask you to confine yourself to juicing. Of course nothing beats a good […]

5 Explosive Exercises to Make You Sharper, Faster, and Stronger

By Holly / February 14, 2016

We all know that guy. He’s strong, lean, built like a machine, but above all…explosive. Explosiveness – defined as the ability to produce force at a rapid rate  – is the trademark of athletics. There’s nothing like it. Whether you practice martial arts, run track, or play for your college football team, every athlete could […]

How Bruce Lee Got in The Shape of His Life

By James Ruhle / January 28, 2016

Creating The Enter The Dragon Physique It’s been more than 40 years since Bruce Lee’s shocking death as the result of a cerebral edema. Four decades on, however, the physique that Bruce forged through his commitment and passion for excellence still astounds us. At just five feet, seven inches in height and a mere 135 […]

So You Want to Run a Half Marathon?

By Holly / January 18, 2016

7 shares Share7 Pin0 This article was kindly contributed by Christine Suter, (formerly was featured in our list of the Top Running Bloggers to Follow and we’re greatful to have Christine share her tips for beginners looking to get into distance running!   What was it exactly? The turn of the calendar? […]

Best Fitness Tracker for Cycling

By Activity TrackerWorld / January 5, 2016

Health enthusiasts nowadays are hard pressed in choosing the activity tracker that would suit their needs due to the dozens of trackers available in the market today. This happens despite the fact that all of these trackers based on the same core technology. The reason may lie on how the personality of each product present to […]

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