Bowflex Blaze Review

    The Bowflex Blaze is the perfect home-gym solution for individuals who want to stay fit and healthy, but do not find gym memberships feasible. Like most Bowflex exercise machines, the Blaze features a power rod technology that offers various types of workouts. This piece of gym equipment offers great results that will surely make you feel and look better in no time.

    Bowflex Blaze

    The Blaze is capable of providing more than 60 exercises that work every muscle group. The power rod technology has 210 pounds of resistance to give, which you can upgrade up to 410 pounds. This home-gym solution offers more strength training exercises than you can ever imagine. It has a squat and lower pulley station that effectively targets your glutes, quads, and hamstrings. The Lat Tower incorporates an angled bar to work your back and shoulder muscles, while the leg curl and leg extension attachments help you built stronger legs.

    Key Features

    The Bowflex Blaze has plenty of impressive features to offer:

    • You can perform more than 60 exercises that target the major muscles groups in your body.
    • The Power Rod Technology offers up to 210 pounds of resistance, which you can upgrade up to 410 pounds.
    • The Lat Tower has an angled bar to help you strengthen your back and shoulder muscles.
    • The sliding seat allows you to do aerobic rowing workouts and leg press.
    • The leg extension and curl attachment provide additional leg strengthening exercises.
    • The multiple pulley and cable system help you perform more workouts.
    • The lower pulley system and squat station let you improve your quads, glutes, and hamstrings.

     Upgradable Weights

    The Bowflex Blaze lets you witness massive gains in such a short time. You have the freedom to adjust the resistance, according to your preferences. This will help you keep on improving and avoid reaching a plateau. The more affordable Boxflex PR1000 is great for beginners, but lacks an upgrade option to cater to the stronger users.

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    You can start small at five pounds, and gradually increase the weight as you progress. Once the 210-pound resistance starts to feel easy for you, you can add 100 or 200 more pounds. The Blaze can accommodate up to 410 pounds of resistance. However, you need to remember that this is an entry-level machine. It is designed for people who are just starting out, and not for those who are training for competition.

    Numerous Exercises in One

    This model can make you do a wide variety of exercises without taking up too much room space. It has an angled lat bar for a more precise pulldowns; a squat and lower pulley station to work your glutes, hamstrings, and quads; a sliding seat for cardio rowing and leg extensions; and leg attachment for leg curls and extensions, as well as a pulley cable system. All of these workout stations work to let you do more than 60 exercises using only one machine.

    What to Watch Out For

    Like many home-gym solutions, the Blaze has a few drawbacks. This model has less intense cardio and leg exercises. Some customers reported that the resistance felt lighter than using free weights. Other users said the bar tends to fall out of place when the machine is being moved. There are also issues with the taller users as the cables and bench prevented them from properly performing certain exercises.


    The Bowflex Blaze is one of the best home-gyms for beginners. It can be upgraded up to 410 pounds for those who have already maximized the 210-pound resistance included in the package. It offers a wide range of exercises that result in an intense workout with impressive results.

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