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Best Yoga Mat: Top 7 In 2017 Reviewed For Price & Value

Yoga Mat Buying Guide 

Every exercise regime requires proper apparel, proper equipment, etc. It is the same with yoga as well. For yoga, it is best to practice various asanas with a yoga mat. There are many asanas or poses that will require you to pressurize various body parts. Some of these poses would be difficult to perform and could cause injury if practiced without a mat. Mats come in different price range, different fabrics, and different brands. You might think why should I spend money on buying one of these pieces of fabric.

Best Product 2017

Sivan Health and Fitness

Why we love it:

  1. Wide multi-purpose mat: Perfect for yoga, stretching, Pilates or toning workouts
  2. Non-skid ridges adds stability
  3. Features integrated carry strap; Easy to carry along anywhere

To understand this, you should consider the importance of yoga mat during your yoga practice. While practicing yoga at a yoga retreat or workshop, you tend to learn more advanced poses. The more advanced yoga require considerable flexibility and pressurize your hands, backbone, head, etc. If you lose balance while doing these poses and are practicing without a mat, you may fall on the floor and injure yourself. Having a yoga mat can lessen the chance of this. Also from the hygiene point of view, a mat helps ensure that your personal space, as well as the studio in general, remains clean.

Since yoga is popular world-wide, many companies have entered into the business of making these mats. They are made being of varying quality and size. Typically the cost of a mat depends upon the size, thickness, and quality of material or fabric used. As well, the brand associate with the mat can increase the price. The best way to judge a yoga mat is by considering what type of material you will be comfortable on, how much cushion you want between you and the ground, and how durable and long-lasting will it be.

These mats are now available in many stores all over the world. There are also special stores that supply goods only related to yoga. You can locate such a store in your vicinity in order compare and buy the one right for you. The big retail stores usually have yoga mats as well, keeping a good selection of different brands, sizes, and thickness. Be aware of the quality, though.

While modern technology isn’t really something often associated with Mat, once you attempt Yoga Mats you’ll never utilize anything else. With an open thought and a Yoga Mat, you could look ahead to enhanced health and wellness, relaxation, and minimized tension from it. Whether you go to a course or favor to do it in the comfort of your own residence, an economical mat is all you long for to get begin with.

To summarize, they are made to enhance and boost your technique, while additionally making it comfy and risk-free. It’s rarely a great suggestion to pass by a possibility to make your technique much better with something as basic as a mat.

Many online stores also sell yoga mats. Look at their catalog and then test similar mats in your vicinity stores. If you find one that is right for you, pick it up in your online shopping cart. Some online stores also allow customization of your mat as per your specific requirement. This is a great way to get a mat that form fits your needs and is uniquely identified with you, thus no more accidental confusion over whose mat is whose at the end of practice or after a rejuvenating week at your favorite yoga retreats.

Top Yoga Mats 2017

User Feedback
Price to Expect
Our Rate
The Spoga Premium Extra Thick Thick comfort high density 71 x 24 inch foam designed for knee and joint protection; moisture-resistant, non-slip surface; sturdy handle & straps Very Good4.4 / 5
The BalanceFrom GoYoga All-Purpose Mat 71” x 24” with 1/2” thick high density & tear-resistant foam; comfortable & durable; also comes with 100% BalanceFrom satisfaction guarantee + warranty Good4.0 / 5
Sivan Health and Fitness One of the thickest mats on the market with maximum comfort memory foam; non-skid ridges; comes in 2 different sides Outstanding4.8 / 5
YogaAccessories Deluxe Yoga Mat Slimmer mats with 1/4” thickness; comfortable high-quality foam; extremely durable Very Good4.4 / 5
HemingWeigh Exercise Yoga Mat Lightweight & portable; easy to carry, double-sided + 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty; 71” x 24” Very Good4.3 / 5
Gaiam Print Premium Yoga Mat Amazing yoga-inspired prints with non-slip surface for perfect traction; 68” x 24” x 5mm; comes with bonus yoga workout download Very Good4.2 / 5
The Reehut NBR Exercise Yoga Mat Multifunctional mat perfect for other forms of exercise; high-density NBR foam with 1/2” thickness + double-sided surface; eco-friendly & easy to carry Very Good4.3 / 5

1. The Spoga Premium Extra Thick

Extremely comfortable yoga mat made of thick comfort foam with very high density. With its 71-Inches length and 24 inches width, the Spoga Premium Extra Thick is perfect for everyone. The memory foam is designed to protect your knees and joints during all possible yoga positions and exercises but is still thick enough to provide perfect balance when standing up. That and the addition of the moisture-resistance, non-slip surface, and the sturdy handle and straps, makes the Spoga Premium Extra Thick an excellent choice for everyone.

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2. The BalanceFrom GoYoga All-Purpose Mat

Another great choice. With its 71” length and 24” width, it’s the perfect size for all yoga needs. It’s 1/2” thick and made of high density, tear-resistant foam. The mat provides both comfort in all positions, and longevity of the mat throughout the years. As all other BalanceFrom products, the GoYoga All-Purpose mat also comes with a 100% BalanceFrom satisfaction guarantee and warranty.

3. Sivan Health and Fitness

Another great option for both newcomers to yoga, and aficionados. It’s one of the thickest mats you can find on the market, and its memory foam provides maximum comfort and protection. It has non-skid ridges that make sure the mat stays where you’ve put it during yoga practice, and also comes with two different sides – one ribbed and one smooth for all possible purposes.

4. YogaAccessories Deluxe Yoga Mat

One of the slimmer mats on this list with its 1/4” thickness – for those that prefer their feet to be steady on the ground. Its high-quality foam, however, ensures that you still have all the comfort that other inferior 1/2” mats provide, coupled with its extreme durability and longevity.

5. HemingWeigh Exercise Yoga Mat

Lightweight and portable, this is easy to carry with the included strap and has a 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty. You can’t go wrong with this mat. It has the optimal size of 71”/24” like the other mats on this list and is double-sided for perfect balance and comfort.

6. Gaiam Print Premium Yoga Mat

This is a unique inclusion to this list, thanks to its amazing yoga-inspired prints. Not only beautiful, it also in no way impedes the non-slip surface of the mats, designed to provide perfect traction. With dimensions of 68”-24”-5mm, the Gaiam Print Premium Yoga Mat is great for anyone that wants to go deep in their yoga practice. It also come with a bonus free yoga workout download!

7. The Reehut NBR Exercise Yoga Mat

This is a great overall mat for not only yoga, but a lot of other forms of exercise, like Pilates, fitness, and others. Its high-density NBR foam and 1/2” thickness provide a comfortable experience, while its double-sided surface offers the ideal slip resistance. Approved by RoHS, PAHs, 6P and REACH, the Reehut NBR Exercise mat is eco-friendly and easy to carry with its customary strap, making it ideal for outdoors yoga.

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