3 of the Best Waterproof Fitness Watches for Less Than $130

By Holly / March 20, 2017

The great thing about fitness is that it is so diverse. For example, some people prefer to jog, whereas others may prefer to cycle or swimming. Some lift weights, whilst some perform cardio. You can even get in shape in the water nowadays, which is why waterproof fitness watches and trackers are so popular.

Top of the Line Fitness Watch

Fitbit Flex 2

Why we say so:

  1. Multi-tasking; tracks distance, steps, active minutes & calories burned.
  2. Comfortable to wear; tracker is removable & ultra-thin hidden in band.
  3. Automatically recognizes records, select workouts.

Fitness watches are designed to help improve your overall health and fitness levels in a variety of different ways. They can track calories, they track activity, and much more besides. Whilst they can get a little pricey, there are many models which are available for very reasonable prices. Here we’ll be looking at the top 3 fitness watches available for under $200.

Best Cheap Fitness Watches

User Experience
Price to Expect
Our Rate
Fitbit Flex 2 Fitness wristband with simple design; tracks active minutes & calories + steps; fully water-resistant ; LED lights and vibrations OutstandingModerate4.3 / 5
Swimovate Poolmate Live Designed specifically for use on water & out of it; tracks laps & strokes, distance, strokes/lap, etc; battery to last up to 2 years GoodModerate4.0 / 5
Garmin Swim Stylish & water resistant up to 50 meters; records & tracks strokes on water, speed & lengths swam + calories burned; battery lasts up to 12 months GoodExpensive4.0 / 5

Fitbit Flex 2

First up we have the Fitbit Flex 2. The Flex 2 is one of the most popular devices currently on the market, and for less than $98, it’s easy to understand why. This device has the appearance of a fitness wristband, but don’t let its simple design fool you, as it is loaded full of features. The Fitbit Flex 2 tracks active minutes, calories, and steps, and it is ideal for those of you who enjoy your watersports. The device is fully water-resistant so it can be used in the water as much as you like. Whether you choose to use it in your local pool, or the ocean, the band will function perfectly, without fail, every single time. For tracking swimming, the band is perfect, though it is ideal for many other sports and activities as well. It provides smart notifications in the form of LED lights and vibrations, plus it even tracks the duration and quality of your sleep. At just under 98 bucks, this fitness tracker really is a bargain.

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Swimovate Poolmate Live

Next up we have the Swimovate Poolmate Live. As you might have guessed, this tracker was designed primarily for use in the water, though it performs just as well out of it. In the style of a fitness watch, this tracker is available for a very reasonable $115. It tracks laps, strokes, distance covered, strokes per lap, speed in and out of the water, calories burnt, and much more besides. This unique waterproof fitness tracker watch has a pool alarm which vibrates to alert you of time intervals, laps, and distance swam, and what’s more, the battery to the watch lasts an astonishing 2 years. With alarms, multiple time zones, and other smart features, the poolmate live is perfect for those of you who enjoy getting your workouts in in the water.

Garmin Swim

Finally, last on our list we have the Garmin Swim. At just over $122, this is the priciest watch on our list, though it is still very affordable. Water resistant for depths of up to 50 metres, the watch will record and track strokes in the water, speed, lengths swam, calories burnt off, and much more besides. Packed full of useful features including logging drills and timed sets, for those of you who take your swimming seriously, the Garmin swim is ideal. The battery lasts 12 months, the watch is very stylish, and it even provides daily reminders for your fitness goals in the water. Whilst telling you the time, it will also display how far you have swam, which, if you have been slacking, will serve as a motivational tool to get your swimming gear on and to get in the water and get active.

There you have it, 3 of the latest and best waterproof fitness trackers for your consideration. For the swimmer who occasionally swims for general well-being, the Fitbit Flex 2 is one to consider. But if you are a swim junky who wants data and performance metrics, the Garmin Swim or the Swimovate are the better options. The bottom line, think of your lifestyle needs and the type of activity tracking and data needed for your training.


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