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1609 Women Chose THIS Exercise As The Best Thigh Toning Exercise

By Holly / February 16, 2017

We have a number of articles on UpcomingHealth.com that outline various exercises to tone particular sections of the body. One of the most popular regions that visitors want to know about is the upper legs and thigh region. In fact, between our guide to losing inner thigh fat and our quirky article on how to get an inner thigh gap, over 260,000 people have shared the articles with their friends. Yikes, that’s a lot!

With thousands of women coming to the articles each week, we decided to run a poll on one of our articles which asked people to nominate which exercise they were most excited about trying to tone their inner thighs.

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The results?

At the time of writing this post, over 4100 women had submitted their answer….

Best exercises for thigh toning

The winner was Plie Squats with 39%, or 1609 total votes!!

In reality, All 4 exercises are fantastic for thigh toning but there can only be one winner!

Introducing the Plie Squat!

Plie Squat for thigh toning

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