Best Smart Scale: We Rate 8th Best To 1st Place For 2017

By Holly / January 6, 2017

Smart Scale Buying Guide

The smart scale can help revolutionize your life, health routine, and workout, and there are myriad of benefits of owning this useful gadget. However, there are many things you should consider before investing in smart scale, especially if you are into intense workouts and fitness regimes. Here are a couple of things you should deliberate before putting money into a smart scale.

Best For 2017…

Weight Gurus Bluetooth Smart Connected Body Fat Scale

Our reasons for choosing this item:

  1. Syncs data with Apple Health,  FitBit, Google Fit & other fitness apps
  2. No phone required – shows results, saves & syncs once phone is around
  3. Secure 1:1 connection with each user

Choices available

The first thing you should ask yourself when getting this useful gadget is how much variety is available. You don’t just want to go and buy the first smart scale you land your eyes on, judiciously consider the pros and cons of each and how they can fit seamlessly into your workout. For example, the WS-50 might be better suited for lifestyle junkies who are willing to spend countless dollars on fitness junk. However, for the more serious workout junkie, fitness aria may be a better choice as it provides specifications tailored for such people. Different varieties may appease different target markets, even if the goal is the same, and you should take the time out to view them all before making a choice.

Brands selling the same product

There might be many brands on the market that are investing in the same product that is tailored accordingly for the same niche. However, the quality and pricing may be very different for each brand. To find the smart scale that is not only superior in quality but also easy on the budget, you might need to view the list of brands that offer it. These could help you choose the best product and understand where to compromise. Sometimes, a careful brand search can often help you find the best product out there as per your needs.

Where can you find these products?

You will find that many online companies sell smart scales, some offering them more expensive than the others, some keeping only limited versions and some offering them all. While small online stores may be putting out that smart scale on a lower price, you can never be certain whether the material you ordered is exactly the same one that arrives. Such fears often dissipate when buying from renowned online stores such as Amazon and eBay which have sturdy return policies in case you get a defective piece.

Are there any shops you can buy from in the neighborhood?

Sometimes, the best product can be hounded by viewing it up close, which is why offline shops offer so much comfort. If you have a shop selling smart scales nearby, then it wouldn’t hurt to compare and contrast online and offline prices just to know you’re on the right track and getting the right deal.

Are you the target market?

As with the type of smart scale, it is very important to understand the type of niche the product was made for. While flashy smart scales for lifestyle fanatics might look great in your living room, it’s not going to offer you the number of specifications you need if you’re into hardcore fitness. One way of finding the right product as per your market need is by reading up online reviews from fellow fitness freaks. These products are often tried by people and offer a better examination of the actual product.

Top Smart Scales

Best Features
User Feedback
Price to Expect
Our Rate
A&D Medical Deluxe Connected Weight Scale Tracks weight, muscle & fat quotients; also tracks water weight; matches up to A&D for actual recordingGoodLow3.8 / 5
Garmin Index Smart Scale Measures weight, BMI, muscle & fat ratio ratios + hydration, bone mass & skeletal bulk - up to 16 users; simple setup & connects via Wi-Fi to Garmin Connect online wellness groupGoodMid-Range3.6 / 5
Fitbit Aria Caters to up to eight unique clients at one time; connects to Smartphone app & Fitbit dashboard; assesses weight & fat rate; WiFi-enabledGoodMid-Range3.7 / 5
Withings WS-50 Smart Body Analyzer Tracks from muscle, weight to fat ratio; also tracks present heart rate; connects via WiFi or Bluetooth.GoodMid-Range4.0 / 5
Weight Gurus Bluetooth Smart Connected Body Fat Scale Works perfectly with Fitbit, Google Fit 2 other wellness platforms; tracks weight + muscle to fat ratios; also tracks incline body & water weightsOutstandingMid-Range4.6 / 5
Withings WS-30 Wireless Scale More advanced model that tracks weight, muscle to fat ratios; syncs to Withings app; simple monitoringVery GoodHigh4.2 / 5
Archos Connected Scale Smart scale that works with its own wellness tracker but not with other different trackers; tracks muscle, weight to fat ratios and incline body GoodMid-Range3.6 / 5
Weight Gurus Digital Body Fat Scale Measures 6 key health metrics by syncing results to Smartphone; 0.01lbs accurate & transfers results to free app via phone camera; 2-yr warrantyVery GoodMid-Range4.4 / 5
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1. A&D Medical Deluxe Connected Weight Scale

The A&D Connected scale is a truly inexpensive and cheap to get. The scale, in the same way as other others on this list, can track your weight and also your muscle to fat quotient and water weight. It will then match up to the A&D application, which you can then impart to your specialist and family.

2. Garmin Index Smart Scale

The Garmin Index Smart Scale measures weight, BMI, muscle to fat ratio ratios, hydration, bone mass, and skeletal bulk for up to 16 individuals. It has brisk, simple setup and matches up consequently by means of Wi-Fi to the free Garmin Connect online wellness group, which will permit you to consistently keep tabs on your development. It has a major show with brilliant, expansive numbers, permitting simple visibility.

3. Fitbit Aria

Presently if you have a Fitbit, this scale is an easy decision. The Aria can perceive up to eight unique clients, and will adjust your numbers to the application on your smartphone and additionally the Fitbit dashboard. Does it quantify your weight, as well as your fat rate. This information is shared to Fitbit’s servers utilizing WiFi.

4. Withings WS-50 Smart Body Analyzer

Withings, likewise, has a smart scale here which fits flawlessly into their biological system of different wellness trackers and such. Like the Aria, it can track your muscle to fat ratio and also your weight. Notwithstanding your present heart rate. It likewise sends the information to its servers over WiFi or Bluetooth.

5. Weight Gurus Bluetooth Smart Connected Body Fat Scale

This scale here is perfect with Fitbit, Google Fit and a couple of different wellness following stages. The Weight Gurus scale can track your weight, as you’d expect, additionally your muscle to fat ratio ratios. So you can see what you have to do to lose some weight. On top of that, it can track your incline body weight and additionally your water weight.

6. Withings WS-30 Wireless Scale

This Withings scale here is a more seasoned model, and along these lines about a large portion of the cost. Yet, it does, in any case, give all of you of the immense elements of the fresher model. So with the Withings WS-30, you can always track your weight and additionally your muscle to fat ratio ratios and synchronize it to Withings application. Making things simple to monitor.

7. Archos Connected Scale

The Archos Connected scale works with a wellness tracker and lamentably doesn’t adjust with different trackers available. Be that as it may, it can likewise track your weight, muscle to fat ratio ratios and incline body numbers and match up it back to the Archos wellness tracker. Making for a quite smart scale.

8. Weight Gurus Digital Body Fat Scale

The Weight Gurus Digital Body Fat Scale measures weight, muscle to fat quotients, BMI, bulk, hydration, and bone mass. The high exactness sensors offer accuracy estimations and the scale adjusts itself naturally. It highlights auto-off and auto client location for up to eight unique clients. It is anything but difficult to utilize and includes worked in Bluetooth. It has an expansive 3.25-inch illuminated LCD show with oversize numbers, housed in a smooth, low profile body.

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