Best Meal Prep Containers (7 Best To Consider)

By Holly / January 13, 2017

Meal Prep Containers Buying Guide

Meal for prep should be stored in a clean and air tight container. There are various sizes and shapes of storage containers which can be used. Any kind of food can be stored in it, and there is assurance that it will stay fresh and clean.

Our Number 1 Choice

Pyrex Storage Plus

Why we like it:

  1. Made of nonporous odorless, warp-free, & stain-free glass
  2. Glass is preheated – oven, fridge/freezer, microwave & dishwasher-safe
  3. Lid is BPA free – top-rack dishwasher safe; 2 yr-warranty

There are some things which should be put into consideration when buying them. One of them is the material that has been used. Most of them are made from glass and plastic. Depending on what a person’s preferences are, making a choice would not be hard. There are some people who would go for both glass and plastic ones.


Another thing to consider is the size. It should be large enough to hold food. Since the container would be stored in the refrigerator, ensure you have that will fit well. In case it has handles, they should be fixed in such a way that storing would be done in an organized manner.


A lot of people would not mind about the color, but it should also be carefully picked. It is advisable to go for one that is transparent because it is easier to know what is inside without having to open it. By regularly opening the container, there is a high chance that the food would go bad within a few days. Go for transparent tins as they are more convenient.


There are metallic ones, and these are not as efficient as expected. This is because there are some food items which cannot be stored in them. The main reason for this is that they tend to react with a lot of things, making it unsafe to be used for food. They can’t be stored in a fridge as it may damage it. Once it has reacted with the food, and it is consumed, some health issues may start coming up.


Since the food has to stay fresh, the lid is what will determine this. When buying a tin, it is important that the top is put into a lot of consideration. It should be tight enough as this would ensure there is no air going in. This way, there is assurance that it would stay clean and fresh and there would not be any kind of health complications coming up.

Cleaning process

All the containers have different cleaning methods, and it is advisable to go through the instructions on how they are supposed to be cleaned. This way, it would stay in good condition for a long period and will also be safe for use. Go for one that does not need a lot of maintenance and is efficient. Such a tin can be easily found and will last for a long period while still in good condition.

Storage containers need to be carefully picked. They are quite efficient and durable when handled with care. There are different stores that are selling them. This makes it easier to find one that will meet the required needs. Their cost is affordable, and this makes it easier to have as many tins as possible.

Best Meal Prep Containers 2017

What Users Say
Price to Expect
Our Rate
Pyrex Storage Plus 18-pc set nonporous glass containers – no warp, no stain & odorless; preheated glass ideal for oven, fridge/freezer, microwave & dishwasher; BPA free lid & top-rack dishwasher safe + 2yr warrantyExcellentAffordable4.7 / 5
OXO Snap 16-pc set stackable food containers with interchangeable snap-on 4-lock tab lids; leak-proof & BPA-free; both lid & body safe for freezer, microwave, 7 dishwasherVery GoodAffordable4.2 / 5
Silicon Rectangle Collapse prep containers Dishwasher & microwave safe collapsible food storage containers up to 13 oz capacity; FDA compliant/BPA free; snap-on lid + vacuum sealGoodAffordable3.9 / 5

Effective meal preparation plan focuses on storage containers that keep the meals clean, healthy, and convenient to carry. A healthy lifestyle is embraced by many people who don’t fancy expensive and unhealthy meals prepared in many eateries and fast food. Achieving healthy lifestyle starts by preparing your own meals.

There is a wide range of meal prep containers in the market made of different sizes and materials to suit consumer needs. For storage of proteins, grains, and meals to be stored in the fridge, the following are effective prep meal containers.

1. Pyrex Storage Plus

Pyrex Storage Plus has colored lids and can store meat, greens, fish, and grains in different colors. The colors will enhance one’s organization and easy identification of meals.

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2. OXO Snap

This is made of a mixture of both plastic and glass. They are easy to close and open while keeping food warm and clean.

3. Silicon Rectangle Collapse prep containers

These are perfect for individuals using microwave or oven to warm food. They are designed with a ventilated lid to enhance effective reheating. Also, they have a collapsible function that makes it easy to store meals. These prep meal containers are effective for homes with a small kitchen with no or little space.

Oxo Good Grips POP Containers

The Oxo Good Grips POP Containers are very useful and can be utilized in many ways.  These containers have a decent airtight design, all you need to do is press the button on top to seal them closed and press again to open.  They also come in a variety of sizes and they can be stacked neatly one on top of the other.

Rubbermaid Premier Food Storage

A brand that’s been around for years, Rubbermaid is also known for the quality of their products.  These food containers come in many sizes and shapes so there’s plenty to choose from.  They’re proven to be leak-proof and very convenient to use.  You can safely place them in the microwave and clean them in the dishwasher.

California Home Goods 3 Compartment Reusable Food Storage Containers with Lids

With the California Home Goods 3 Compartment Reusable Food Storage Containers with Lids, you can easily organize your food into correct portions as each container is divided into three compartments.  These containers are safe for the dishwasher and you can also use them to heat food in the microwave.  Storage is easy as well since you can just pile the containers on top of each other.

Prepworks by Progressive Collapsible Produce Keeper

If you’re looking for something to store your vegetables and fruits and keep them fresh, the Prepworks by Progressive Collapsible Produce Keeper is ideal.  The vent at the top portion can be adjusted to regulate the airflow needed depending on the type of produce.  You can also collapse the container to a smaller size.

More buying information

For storage of veggies and green, one needs containers that can keep the vegetables crisp and fresh for longer. The effective container includes stasher bags as they are washable, easy to use and reusable bags. One needs to keep bags in the stacked fridge and placed inside a bowl of necessary. Also, the progressively collapsible produce keeper is essential since they will keep vegetables fresh and healthy. All one needs is cleaning the vegetables and rinsing them before packaging them into these prep meal containers.

For individuals who want to keep juice and smoothies fresh and last longer, using reusable, clean, and easy to use containers is inevitable. Start by portioning and pre-slicing greens and fruits into the reusable baggies. The best container includes Blue Avocado Reusable Sandwich Bags, which is effective compared to regular plastic bags.

Like the other containers, it is imperative to buy a pack of five or more to help packing meals effortlessly. The Silipint Silicone Pint Glass is a meal prepping and on the go snacking container that helps to keep smoothies ingredient frozen and fresh for long. One needs to pour the smoothie or juice inside the container, pop the lid and slurp it.

While on the go, careful prep meal containers are essential in keeping the meal warm and clean. The following vessels are imperative for individuals who don’t like to lug prep meal containers that are large into office. 3-compartment Bento lunch box is ideal for people who want well partitioned and leak-proof containers that make one look organized.

You need to scoop the meals into prep dishes and throw into a bag. Also, to keep yogurt, salads, and overnight oats one needs organized storage to keep them clean and protected; thus, selecting Ball Masson Wide Mouth Pint Jars is recommended.

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