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What is the Best (Legal) Energy Pill that Actually Works?

In today's fast paced world most people are scrambling just to keep up and there are dozens of products designed to help. Energy drinks, protein powders and dietary supplements all claim to help you function optimally on a little bit of sleep and accomplish whatever you need to get done.

The Best Legal Energy Pill is...

True Recovery's BIO Energy

Why we chose this product:

1. Provides smoother energy pump & clearer focus on fitness goals

2. Combines caffeine & L-Theanine

3. Mostly used by many customers

What should you look for in an energy pill?

The best energy pills that work use a combination of natural stimulants such as caffeine and nutrients like vitamin D. Some of the most commonly used stimulants are caffeine, ginseng, yerba mate and ephedra.

Many also contain some form of protein to help your energy boost last longer.

What ingredients you should be looking for depends on the effect you want. If you want something to take every day to give you just a little bit more energy and focus adding a multivitamin to your daily routine is a great idea. If you want something that will keep you focused through your work day even after an extremely late night you'll want a formula specifically designed to maximize your energy levels.

Avoid supplements that use only caffeine to give you an energy boost. What caffeine actually does is turn off the receptors in your brain that make you feel tired. This will help you stay awake, but(you might have noticed with your daily coffee) it doesn't really give you the energy boost you need to stay focused throughout the day.

Best Legal Energy Pills

Product Description
Customer Feedback
Price Level
We Rate It As
GNC Women’s Ultra Mega Energy and Metabolism Clinically studied multivitamin ideal for energy and metabolism; contains calorie-burning agents and antioxidants; 90 easy to swallow CapletsGoodAffordable4.0 / 5
Supernova Naturals Rhodiola Rosea Extract Premium source of Rhodiola Rosea imported from Siberia; potent formula standardized to include 3% Rosavin & 1% Salidroside; uses same balance as in many scientific studiesVery GoodAffordable4.3 / 5
True Recovery’s BIO ENERGY Contains caffeine with L-Theanine for more focused energy; recommended nootropic supplement that works for optimal brain function; certified non-Gmo & gluten freeExcellentAffordable4.2 / 5
Zoom The Ultimate Energy Pills Instantly provides, enhances mental focus & fights fatigue; can be stand alone or used to complement other stimulant free supplements; takes effect in 10 mins and lasts up to 4 hrsGoodAffordable4.0 / 5
Motivation!: Herbal Caffeine + Energy Vitamin Supplement Includes 200mg Guarana Seed Extract caffeine per serving (in two capsules); 100% RDA dose of B-Vitamin Complex; includes herbal energy from Rhodiola,Green Tea Extract, and GinsengVery GoodAffordable4. 4 / 5
So which supplement is the best?

If you're looking for a daily boost to both health and energy levels try Best D-Ribose by Doctor's Best. Unlike many supplement companies created by supposed "gurus", Doctor's Best creates supplements based on scientific research done by objective scientists. D-Ribose is actually a natural body sugar which boosts energy and promotes healing and growth in your muscle cells. Taking D-Ribose supplements is particularly good for your heart.

Best D-Ribose is best for people who are already leading an active lifestyle but if you've been struggling with low energy levels you should consider adding a single Best D-Ribose supplement to your daily routine for a daily energy boost. You may also heal from injuries as well as workouts faster.

If you want a powerful boost to survive sleepless nights you can try a bottle of Yellow Bullet Pills. These pills combine 300MG of caffeine with Ephedra, a stimulant and medicine extracted from the ancient Chinese herb Ma Huang. These and other carefully chosen ingredients work together to give you a solid boost of energy that will last throughout the entire day. Ephedra also doubles as an appetite suppressant, making this a powerful diet pill as well. Make sure you don't take more than one of these per day.

Image Source: www.a1supplements.com

There are many different energy boosting supplements and even a regular multivitamin can give you a noticeable energy boost if you're lacking key nutrients in your diet, but there are also many companies using pseudoscience to sell products. Read as many reviews as you can from different sources before you start using a new supplement. If you have any heart problems make sure you consult a doctor about using these stimulants before you purchase a bottle.

1. GNC Women’s Ultra Mega Energy and Metabolism

The Ultra Mega Energy and Metabolism pill from GNC Women is the perfect supplement, chock-full of vitamins and minerals, with the added benefit of raising your energy level. Providing health benefits for women’s skeletal and reproductive system, this supplement also increases your energy, burns calories and enhances mental alertness. Antioxidants are also included to strengthen immunity and protect against diseases.

2. Supernova Naturals Rhodiola Rosea Extract

Another supplement that gives excellent benefits is the Rhodiola Rosea Extract from Supernova Naturals. This extraordinary herb sourced from Asia and Siberia more than just elevates your energy level. You also enjoy a feeling of wellness from lower stress levels and lesser sensations of moodiness or melancholy. It supports the body as well in recovering more quickly from tiredness.

3. True Recovery’s BIO ENERGY

Using L-Theanine and caffeine, Bio Energy from True Recovery brings up your energy and improves mental alertness naturally and without any sudden changes in the body. The results have been likened to the surge in vigor and awareness you get from drinking coffee. L-theanine, meanwhile, is an amino acid and for this supplement, it’s extracted from the highly nutritious green tea.

4. Zoom The Ultimate Energy Pills

Loaded with vitamins and effective in boosting your energy, Zoom The Ultimate Energy Pills can be a healthy substitute for your coffee. Thanks to caffeine, and ginseng, your vitality and concentration are improved and sustained for several hours. Aside from these, it also contains nutrients from the B vitamins. In addition to that, it helps your body combat tiredness and weariness.

5. Motivation!: Herbal Caffeine + Energy Vitamin Supplement

Online reviews have praised the Motivation Herbal Caffeine + Energy Vitamin Supplement for being high performing but still affordable. Thanks to caffeine naturally obtained from the Guarana Seed extract, multiple B vitamins and herbal extracts from ginseng, green tea, and rhodiola, this supplement lifts your mood and revitalizes your body. Another benefit is that it helps defend your body against tiredness and weakness.

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