25 Home Remedies Bloggers To Follow

We are big fans of natural, healthy living and home remedies play a huge part in living naturally. Unfortunately, finding the right information about home remedies can be a bit of a challenge, but fear not, we’ve found the best online resources for you!

Below is a list of the 25 Best Home Remedies Blogs To Follow.

Just a note that the order below does not represent any particular rating from 1 to 25 – All these bloggers are fantastic! Let’s take a look at 25 of the best home remedies bloggers to follow today!

Best Home Remedies Blogs 2016

ayurvedic and herbal remedies1.  Ayurvedic and Herbal Remedies

Dr. Vikram practices Chandigarh for 15 years now and believes nature provided us colossal healing power. He is and expert ayurveda consultant for different Ayurvedic learning centers in Europe and in Asia. He can teach you how to balance your body systems via dieting, yogic breathing, and herbal treatment.

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Living Awareness2.  Living Awareness

Kami McBride teaches herbal medicine in several colleges in the U.S. and her work focuses on various sustainable wellness practices and teaches people how beneficial herbal medicines are. You too can be empowered to use alternative remedies and learn to respect what the earth offers to mankind.

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High on Clear Skin3.  High on Clear Skin

Fran helps people by helping them clear acne problems. She developed severe cystic acne years back which led to heal her own skin by means of conventional and natural means. Fran can take you through her journey towards natural healing using natural products.

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Margaret’s Natural Health Blog4.  Margaret’s Natural Health Blog

Margaret Durst trained with natural health practitioners and became involved in natural health for more than 20 years now.  This resulted from a medical condition that needed a lifetime of prescription drugs. Like her, you will discover that not all healing comes from prescription medicines; some are just there where you live.

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natures nurture5.  Nature’s Nurture Blog

This licensed school teacher is a home based web developer and a happy wife. Sarah’s mission is to rid the home of toxic, processed, and unsustainable products. She can guide on how to create simple changes on your life with just using baby steps that are surely more effective than hastening to cure something.

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Homeremedies4mom6.  Home Remedies 4 Mom

Christina is an educator and author, a certified health coach, and conducts health eWorkshops online. She develops health plans that work best for people she coaches with the aim to achieve health success. Christina shares her investigative research findings with her readers and you can be one of them.

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jillshomeremedies7.  Jill’s Home Remedies

This homeschooling mother of four is a passionate DIYer , family herbalist, a gardening aficionado,  and loves old things. Jill suffered from several health problems as a teen which caused her to use natural healing remedies. She can walk you through natural health learning and guide you to develop passion in such.

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the love vitamin8. The Love Vitamin

Tracy Raftl is a wife to Luke and shares her home with her two little dogs. Once covered with acne and lived a miserable, shameful and depressing life, she has since moved on. Tracy can show you how she has moved from feeling self-conscious to empowered and amazing because she’s been there and done it!

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fashion beauty acne9.  Fashion Beauty Acne

Julie started blogging to share her battle with acne.  All her posts are about her acne updates, treatments and skincare products she uses, and shares some of the feelings she had while trying to fight this challenge. You will no doubt be interested in her recipes and fashion posts as well.

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easy ayurveda10.  Easy Ayurveda

Dr. Janardhana V Hebbar is an Indian Ayurvedic doctor and a professional Ayurveda, health, as well as a lifestyle blogger. He has written five books on Ayurveda and co-authored two textbooks on Ayurvedic mineralogy. He is an authority on alternative healing and has a wide range of articles on his site which you may want to read.

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mary vance11.  Mary Vance NC 

Mary Vance, a holistic nutritionist practicing in the San Francisco bay area, is a certified Nutrition Consultant and worked with private clients. She conducts webinars and workshops to spread the benefits of eating real food and promoting holistic health. She believes that the best way to address the entire person and what causes health conditions is by eating simple foods.

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isha foundation12.  Isha Foundation isha foundation

Isha Foundation is an international non-profit organization run by volunteers around the world and founded by Sadhguru. Teachings are all based on the Isha Yoga, a customized system that empowers the people of today with peak mental, physical, and emotional well-being using inner strength. There is a great peaceful world that awaits you as it projects and support individual growth and revitalized human spirit, among others.

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planet herbs13. Planet Herbs

Alternative health pioneer Dr. Michael Tierra founded the American Herbalist Guild and rambles about health and herbal life in his blog. He provides a herbalist training course that teaches Planetary Herbology. You too can be a part of this unique approach to alternative healing integrated with plants and other diagnostic tools coming from three main worldwide healing traditions.

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natural holistic health14.  Natural Holistic Health 

Doctor of Reflexology Dee is the founder of Natural Holistic Health and the Alternative Healing Academy. She uses natural healing therapies in her work, for friends, and family for 20 years now and is so passionate in helping others to learn more about staying healthy. With advanced therapy certifications in Reiki, sound, color and crystal, aromatherapy, and flower remedies, as well as basic certifications in herbal medicine and homeopathy.

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healthy fellow15.  Healthy Fellow

A natural health consultant, researcher and writer, JP has been involved in the natural health community and in the film business for more than 20 years. He aims to pass honest, evidence-based natural health information for his readers’ personal use. He embodies a person with different fields and that you will find really interesting!

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16natural remedy site16.  Natural Remedy Site

Caitlin is a physical therapist and a Reiki Master as well as an herbalist. She states that she is not a blogger by profession but thinks that feedback coming from her readers adds fun to her site. Although she is not into replying to medical queries, she tells you sincerely what she knows and that’s what makes her click with her audience.

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whole new mom17.  Whole New Mom

Adrienne writes, does research, a mom, and likes whole food and characterizes herself as a healthy-minded being. She struggles to balance health issues at home and writes about healthy and no-toxic living. If you like to learn more about life without odd substances included, then, you will surely benefit from her site just like many others.

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annies remedy18.  Annie’s Remedies

Annie’s Remedies serves as a reference of what Annie has learned that either helped or hindered her search for healthy living. She says that her journey is far from over as she continues to dwell on things in a lot of places. Any reader will find something that can be useful in her blog because it’s filled with great information.

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vintage amanda19.  Vintage Amanda

Amanda has recommendations that can truly create crucial lifestyle changes. Together with her vast knowledge, her immense passion and drive with regards to health and natural beauty is a force to reckoned with. She is highly recommended by many of her readers who value their own well-being.

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natural papa20.  Natural Papa 

Derek started Natural Papa as a parenting and fatherhood blog but broadened its scope and dwelt into home birth, natural health, home schooling, as it also tackled topics on alternative lifestyle, natural foods, relationships, and also manliness. There’s more that appeals to men and even women on this blog than you can imagine!

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the herb guide21.  The Herb Guide

Liz has grown herbs for her personal use since (maybe around) 1979. She tells her readers how she passed the messy garden stage and transformed it into a useful and essential part of her life. She uses guides to provide help to those who are into herbal and home remedies and these guides are written so well.

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every home remedy22.  Every Home Remedy

This multi-author blog is lead by Olivia Johanson, who believes in self-sustaining, eco-friendly family life, and hopes to inspire others by sharing natural home remedies. being a multi-author blog, this is a fantastic resource with a wide range of of opinions and expert contributions.

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natural health trend23.  Natural Health Trend

Another multi-author blog, Natural Health Trend covers a broad range of the latest tips, news and information about natural and home remedies. The blog is ideally suited to individuals that like fresh information as opposed to some of the rehashed information sometimes found on popular blogs.

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 my essential healing 24.  My Essential Healing

Erin is a licensed acupuncturist graduated with a degree in Oriental Medicine, and a certified Ketllebell Coach.  She teaches private group classes for small businesses and is into recreational sports. She hopes to combine various therapies and exercise, as well as lifestyle coaching together and nutritional advice to help people understand their bodies well.

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you grow girl25.  YouGrowGirl

Gayla works as a writer, photographer, and was a former graphic designer and authored several books about planting organics in your backyard that aim to help people define what the body needs. Gayla presents a laid back approach to growing your herbs through organic gardening with some DIY tricks to boot.

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What a List!

There you have it, 25 amazing home remedies bloggers to follow. The only challenge you might feel at this point is picking which ones to click through to now – they’re all brilliant!

Good luck!

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