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Your feet are one of the most used body parts. You use them when you go to work, when you run to lose weight, when you drive, and more. This is perhaps one of the reasons why stress appears to build up the most in your feet, but a relaxing foot massage can offer significant relief. A proper foot massage allows you to replenish lost energy, release toxins, improve your mood and circulation, and alleviate pain.

Since going to the spa for a massage can be pricey, you can opt to purchase a foot massager that will allow you to relax in the comfort of your own home anytime.

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What to Consider When Buying a Foot Massager

Before making a purchasing decision, it is crucial to know the different factors to consider in a foot massager. Here are some important tips that might help you narrow down your choices:


There are various types of massagers out there, but which one should you choose? Shiatsu massage, for one, is a Japanese word that means “Finger Pressure.” It refers to the application of pressure to certain body areas using the palm and fingers to correct imbalance, and promote health. Shiatsu massagers have either flat squeering mechanisms or soft and pointed roller.

Acupressure massagers, meanwhile, is similar to Shiatsu as it also uses points to target acupressure points on the body. Infrared heat massagers become warm only when the object is focused on your target body area and will not raise the air temperature, so it will not get you sweaty. This type of massager is said to travel up to three inches deep into your body to promote circulation and treat damaged tissues.

Another type, the kneeding massagers, use either a padded or air mechanism to give you the feeling of a pair of hands squeezing or kneading you. This type of massager focuses more on enhancing circulation, giving you utmost relaxation than stimulation. It is perfect for those suffering from edema.

Vibrating massagers can give your muscles and tissues a workout. They have a strong motor to loosen you up and make you feel lighter, less stressed, and pampered. Rolling massagers, on the other hand, either produce a long, stroking movement, or look like round massagers covered in fabric. Another type, the thumping massagers, make you feel like a person was pounding you with a closed fist.

Your Health

If you have a pre-existing health condition, it will be wise to see your doctor first before using a massager. While massagers can help people relax, they can aggraviate your current health condition. Always seek medical attention if you feel that the pain worsened, instead of lessened, after using a massager.


The price of foot massagers can range from under $20 to over $300. It is important to note that the features and durability of a massager vary. The cheaper models can give you less power and fewer functions than the more expensive ones. If you are willing to invest more money on a foot massager, then you will have a wider variety of options.

Best Foot Massagers

Foot massagers can offer you a relaxing experience at home after a tough day or week. Here are some of the best foot massagers on the market that you should consider:


UComfy Foot Massager

This compact unit offers a professional grade massage, despite its small size. It has a tilt angle that will allow you to enjoy a foot massage while sitting on your favorite couch or chair. You need to place your legs into the machine’s slots to enjoy the massage from a seated position. The Ucomfy Foot Massager also has a wide range of motions that can alleviate discomfort on your feet, calves, or heels.

This foot massage offers shiatsu style and heated air massages to improve blood circulation. Massagers are both placed on both the top and bottom of your feet. The Ucomfy also has an adjustable tilt and auto shut off, and is easy to clean. Compared to most models out there, this unit is one of the most affordable. You can easily purchase the Ucomfy massager without breaking the bank, and give yourself a comfortable foot massage without worrying about the cost.

Kendal Foot Massager

The Kendal foot massager looks like moon boots, and you will be impressed by the amount of vibration that this product offers. Most models on the market targets the very bottom of your feet, but this unit can target your calves and the back of your leg, as well. This foot massager was designed based on a pair of boots to give you an all-around massage, with variable massage discis for a 360-degree coverage.

It also offers multiple massage speeds and settings for increased adjustability. The Kendal foot massage offers shiatsu, kneading, vibration, rolling, and other styles. This is due to its eight variable massage discs designed to target not only your feet, but also your legs.

MediMassager Foot Massager

The MediMassager is one of the most powerful devices in this segment. It is used by therapists and doctors to help improve a patient’s circulation. It is one of the most recommended foot massagers to day because it is made from high-end materials that will allow it to last for many years. The MediMassager also has a unique design for a more accurate massage pressure.

This professional grade foot massage is widely recommended by therapists and dcotors for people who need to stimulate the circulation in their feet and legs. If you have diabetes, or are experiencing circulator issues, then the MediMassager can keep you pain free.


Best Foot Massager for Plantar Fasciitis

Dual Foot Wooden Massage Roller

This wooden foot massager is sturdy and provides a comfortable experience. It can offer relief to people with Plantar Fasciitis and other conditions that cause sore and achy feet. It was designed to provide a foot massage for both feet at the same time, with 10 rows of wide, wooden rollers to accommodate any feet size. The last row of wooden rollers have large, protroduing pegs for a deeper stimulation of tissues.

It can, however, make you feel uncomfortable when you use it with bare feet. Most consumers opt to use it with socks on, but some prefer to condition their feet without it. This dual foot massager is made of natural wood grain material, giving you a classic design and durable structure to make it last for years.

Homedics Deep Massager

The Homedics deep shiatsu and kneading massager is both inexpensive and compact. It delivers a high-quality, professional grade deep shiatsu massage. This unit was designed by one of the most trusted brands in the industry, which means it should be on your list.

It also comes with six rotational heads to offer you a double massage experience, built-in heating elements to improve circulation and increase relaxation, and a toe-touch control system for a complete hands-free operation. The hands-free control module system offers you added relaxation as you no longer need to bend down or reach for a remote to adjust the settings. This way, you can achieve your desired foot massage using your toes.

MediMassager Foot and Body Combo Massager (MMB04B)

This MediMassager is a hand-held foot and body combo massager. This powerful electric massager delivers an invigorating and satisfying massage experience. This product provides a large massage coverage, allowing you to target your legs, neck, feet, back, arms, and hands. If you are looking for a massager that can also alleviate pain in other parts of the body, then this could be your best bet.

This combo massage is lightweight, compact, and has variable speed action for increased stimulation. It is called the most powerful electric massager as it can run from 400 to 4,000 RPM. Its oscillating head provides maximum circulation stimulation, as well. Medical professionals also use this unit to relax aching muscles and alleviate joint pains.

3Q Foot Massager with Heat

This shiatsu air pressure massager provides a professional grade massage that you can experience wherever you go – thanks to its portability. This unit also delivers a kneading foot massage with heat for an added variety. In addition, the 3Q foot massager targets every acupuncture point in your feet for optimum relaxation.

This device, unlike most foot massagers, allows you to easily adjust massage sensitivity, air pressure, as well as heat levels to achieve your desired massage. It is also possible to enjoy a relaxing foot massage in less than 30 seconds with this unit, which is why it is one of the most favorable models out there. If you are looking for a portable foot massager that has a wide range of settings, then this could be the perfect product for you.


Foot massagers are available in countless variations, and the models mentioned above are only some of the best. When purchasing a foot massage, it is important to consider your end-goal. A popular foot massager brand and/or model might be favorable for most, but may not deliver your desired massage style and setting. You should also consider your budget and your current health condition. At the end of the day, the choice is for you to make and you can choose among the list of models above based on your preference.

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