{Infographic} Best Foods For Losing Belly Fat


    Looking to lose belly fat? We found this cool infographic titled Flat Belly Little Helpers, which is very simple, but outlines some really cool tips on which foods to start eating if you’re looking to lose stomach fat.

    You definitely want to stay away from refined sugar, trans-fats and refined carbohydrates and you’ve probably heard that before. But if you’re not going to eat those types of foods, what are you going to eat? Answer = the 15 foods listed for you below. Take a look!

    Foods That Help Lose Belly Fat


    How Almonds Help You Lose Weight & Improve Your Skin



    Potassium helps with reducing water retention



    Flaxseed Oil

    Green Tea

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    Leafy Greens

    fiber can assist with losing stomach fat


    Olive Oil


    Peanut Butter

    Whole Grains

    Dark chocolate


    best foods for losing belly fat

    Source: caloriecalc.net

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