25 Food Bloggers to Follow in 2016

By Holly / April 5, 2016

It’s often said by fitness and nutrition professionals that weight loss is 70% attributed to diet and 30% to exercise and lifestyle. What that means is that many professionals place what you eat at significantly higher value than what you otherwise do to lose weight.

And of course, healthy eating is much more than just trying to lose weight. Want to live longer, with lower risk of disease and with more energy, anyone?

We know eating health is important. But where do you turn to for the right kind of advice?

Fortunately, there are some absolutely amazing bloggers in the food, diet and lifestyle space that regularly publish amazing, tasty and healthy food options. We’ve compiled them into a list of the top 25, so take a look and be sure to follow them on social media for regular updates!

Top 25 Food Bloggers To Follow in 2016

2016s Best Food Bloggers To Follow

healthy food blogger

1. The 9-5 Foodie

Lucie is a gluten and sugar free foodie that shares healthy living tips, pizza recipes and essential oil hacks. She is also a Holistic Nutritional Health Coach.


Petra Kravo

2. Be Healthy Now

Petra writes about healthy cooking, eating and living. She also shares product reviews and fitness tips so you’ll be sure to get much more than just food and nutrition info.


Jemma Andrew-Adiamah

3. Celery and Cupcakes

Jemma is a writer, recipe developer and health and fitness guru. You will find articles  about healthy eating, fitness and lifestyle so Celery and Cupcakes is another diverse health blog.


healthy food advocate

4.Britton Loves

Lauren writes about natural beauty, healthy eating, fashion, food and skincare. Her diploma in photography and her amazing writing skills makes this blog a must follow.


healthy food program

5. Eat Pray Cook

Kelly is the girl behind Eat Pray Cook. Her eating mantra is eating 80% whole unprocessed food and 20% is just going with the flow and creating fantastic recipes that you can read on her blog.


healthy food blogger

6. Eat Sleep Glow Repeat

Eat Sleep Glow Repeat is a relatively new website run by Karen, a full time mom. She runs an online store and a shopping blog. Her healthy recipes are an amazing treat for the senses.


vegan food

7. Essential Vegan

Vanessa is a vegan, author and chef who writes about eating vegan. The hardest part of following Essential Vegan is not having the time to try everything!


food blogger

8. Outside Beauty Inside Health

Cat says she is not an “expert”, but she is a fan of health and fitness and her content says otherwise! She has tons of articles about fitness, food, diet tips and plus her blog looks wonderful.


paleo diet

9. The Flexitarian

Annabelle talks about maintaining a healthy and sustainable plant-based diet including less meat, fish and dairy. You’ll find loads of new healthy recipes to try!


healthy food

10. Gluten Free Cuppa Tea

Becky is suffering from IBS and is gluten intolerant. She creates fantastic recipes that are gluten free, so certainly worth reading if you struggle with digestive issues yourself.


healthy blogger

11. Goodness is Gorgeous

Stacey has a passion for everything about good food, health and wellness. Her illness, Vascular Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, has led her to a regular exercise regimen and a plant-based diet.

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paleo blogger12. Green and Aquamarine

Eleanor wants to live her life as healthy, happy and sustainable as possible. She also wants her readers to do it with her as well so you’ll find no shortage of health tips at her blog.


dessert blogger

13. Chocolate Covered Katie

Katie promotes consuming healthy dessert on a daily basis. She has been featured in shows such as CNN, The Huffington Post, Today Show and ABC.


good food blogger

14. Eat Yourself Skinny

Kelly was tired of dealing with unsuccessful diets so she kept a record of her recipes online. In the process, her blog evolved into a clean healthy living lifestyle blog (and a good one at that!).


food blogger

15. Kath Eats Real Food

Kath is a dietitian and her husband runs a bakery. She blogs about nutritious and healthy recipes and given her professional background, you can imaging the quality of those recipes!


good food blogger16. Clean Eats Charlotte

Charlotte wants to inspire a healthy and happy lifestyle and make food as natural and tasty as possible. Her recipes are all whole foods and superfoods.


healthy dessert

17. Blueberry Boost

Ani is careful of what she eats due to her sensitive stomach. She eats clean, prefer wholesome foods and combines exercise with her daily regimen making her fitter and healthier.


healthy food

18. The Healthy Foodie

Sonia has been struggling all her life with weight loss. She made a resolution to be active for at least 30 minutes a day, 6 x a week. She shares paleo and non-paleo recipes to her readers.



19. Kim’s Cravings

Shares information about being healthy as well as mouth watering photos of her recipes. Look at her photos and recipes and be inspired to create yummy, clean and healthy food.


healthy food

20. Organize Yourself Skinny

Tammy posts about healthy eating, meal planning and recipes. She focuses on helping her readers lose weight and eating healthy, and she’s certainly achieving that goal!



21. The Model Foodie

Bailee is a working model who balances her busy day job and love for food. She shares recipes that are clean, healthy, delicious and easy to cook (sounds good, right?!).


vegetarian kitchen

22. Sprouted Kitchen

Sprouted Kitchen is a stylish food blog that emphasizes healthy produce. Most recipes here are vegetarian and easy to make, even for novice cooks.


paleo diet

23. Cave Girl in the City

Kenzie will show you how easy it is to be paleo and her fulfilling recipes. She often uses vegetable spiralizer so you might want to check that out.


foodie blogger

24. Hip Foodie Mom

Alice creates wonderful recipes that are great for parents who want to give their children healthy food at school. There is also an area dedicated for Asian Cuisines.


Russ Crandall25. The Domestic Man

Russ recipes are inspired by international and traditional cuisines. He offers a modern twist to paleo and gluten-free recipes. Well worth a read if you like some new ideas!


Did you find a new food blogger to follow?

There you have it, 25 fantastic food bloggers to follow. Be sure to click through to some that sound like they blog about your style of food, connect with them on social media and opt into their email or newsletter list to never miss their suggestions!

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